Grotesque Subhuman

Dedicated to a counselor with master's in psychology, employed in Derby, New York that look like Katy Perry when she had short, black hair whom despise me and will torture me until the day I finally die.

Grotesque's fan fiction about his therapists turns into the 123444y12323124132th reminder that he's the most hideous, subhuman, grotesque, ugly, deformed, creepy slime on Earth and needs to be slain right now.

Please find me and kill me.

New exciting video with new original content!!

She's on fire. She can't deny her... deepest desire.

Which is Chad and never Grotesque.

Today, Grotesque shares some negative feelings about his counselors and the sex they are having with their boyfriends, while Ugly Deformed Forever Alone Grotesque continues the long road of dying alone.


Of course, she won't do so because it is law that a female will never acknowledge me unless it's to have me arrested or murdered.

Youtube - Sardonyx Studios. She's cute.


In the trash they go. (((Oy Vey)))

Because I'm ugly.


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