Failed attempts and some dialogue that was cut from earlier in the LP.

What better way to kick off the new year than to visit the aftergame's more annoying dungeon?

We go into Solar Cave with Magnemite to get a few items.

Thought I'd have a Christmas special this year. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

We went up Sky Tower, got the meteor destroyed and even came back to tell the tale. What's next?

This video just details the new stuff that comes with the aftergame. I plan to cover all the story related stuff that will happen. As for legendary sidequests or other dungeons? That's going to be a definite 'maybe". I can already tell you I'm probably not going to finish Wish Cave all the way through. And if I did I don't think I could commentate over it with anything original.

Other than that, enjoy!

And I do mean "worst".

I must've found some kind of beta for Mega Man 11. Figures it'd be rough.

We delve deeper into Wily's castle. What awaits us there?

The first of a spinoff series for the game boy.


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