GS. Greene

GS. Greene



Funniest bit I've seen in a while... with that truthful sarcasm


Was it really a loss?

TRUCKERS vs. Trudeau Meme Fest & Rally

Dalia Kaddari - Italian Athlete

One by One all US cities are Falling...

Music Video from the 1980's


He's up there somewhere racing around with James Dean...

Tough Coach!

Wildlife in the African Savannah

The END GAME of Hatred - Because They know Their time is short...

Victoria ((Nuland)) says: "...destroy the Russian people" - There is evil in this world. There is evil who hate entire groups of people and then try and pin those people that They hate as being the hateful - Insidious Evil...

Merry Christmas

The ONLY person to report the facts in All of the corporate media. Never forget the Wisconsin Parade Terrorist attack...

Black Serial Killer Released by Black Juror who refused to render a Guilty verdict at the same time a jury of 11 white people, mostly women, and 1 black woman throw the "jogger" "murderers" in prison for the rest of their lives, they may even get the death penalty. Imagine how our enemies are delighted with glee about that...


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