This is an going case that has gone on for 3 yrs of targeting, terrorizing, stalking, menacing and swatting a woman and her family. It's well documented even by Fox Atlanta, since it's airing the offending accounts bused social media platforms to increase these offenses and to this date some are under full federal criminal investigation. Although, we cannot show those offenses being investigated we have released ones that do not interfere with that ongoing investigation.

This video is a first launch video that shows how offending accounts hide under political and popular hashtags in their BIO as their actions prove the opposite. Some of these offenders are currently under investigation by several depts of the justice system from local to federal, according their offenses. We redact private info out of respect of law and legal matters. We do not redact the offenses or offending accounts as to provide public awareness of these offenses. We do not engage in hate speech, harassment nor any form of bullying. Our mission is public awareness to all people.


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We are a group that brings public awareness to all social media platforms about accounts that have only one purpose. Stalk, Harass and Menace. These actions are all 100% prosecutable by all states in the U.S. We vigorously redact private information but present legal evidence of such criminal activity committed on social media platforms. We only show accounts who commit these offenses and present the evidence of their offenses. We're not associated with political agendas, we are associated in educating the public of these offenses and provide resources to laws in your state that protect you and bring to the legal system these offenders.