This is a political satire called "Let Me Text You That You're Fired"

Here are more jazz guitar solo ideas for Celia.

Here are some jazz solo ideas over the changes for Celia by Bud Powell.
I play it at tempo and then slow it down.

This is a quick instructional video on the melody line at tempo and then I slowed it down
If you are trying to learn this jazz standard the video might help with the fingering.
I will post some examples of what to solo over the backing track I made on the next video

This is a new song called "Dragons In The Mind" my first song of a new project
called 'Sons of Shemyaza'. Hope you enjoy the audio. By the way if there are
any bass players and drummers out there who would like to be part of the project
I have the Protools tracks and the current bass and drums are from my Dr. Rhythm 770
and will be edited and your tracks will be published with compensation of corse.

I was improvising over a track I made and the camera ran out of power
Here was all I captured ... I'll try and make a new one ...

This is a quick track I created to try and improvise over. I try and keep it around one minute and see where my mind takes me.
This was the second attempt and so I decided to save it. Here is what happened.

This is just experimenting with the Lydian Dominant and Harmonic Minor scales
I will try and work out an entire song and perfect the solo ideas later. Here is the
basic idea for the new motif

Hi friends ... here is a little rock riff
composed and played by GuitarLots

Here is a new guitar riff I hope you enjoy.
Composed and played by GuitarLots

An important guitar solo from President Ronald Reagan

This is my guitar cover of "Linus and Lucy" using a nylon string acoustic guitar and Dr. Rhythm 770 for the drums and bass
performed and arranged by GuitarLots

We are rapidly approaching another economic breakdown and most americans are totally clueless about the multiple bubbles ready to burst.Please be prepared and stock up because it is going to be a hell of a ride.Trillion dollar subprime auto bubble, trillion dollar student loan bubble, trillion dollar credit card bubble, 20 trillion debt bubble, 4.5 trillion dollar FR balance sheet bubble, bond bubble, 2 quadrillion derivative bubble, which equals Dodd Frank bail in's and a total collapse and reset.http://www.doctorhousingbubble.comhttp://www.x22report.comhttp://www.goldmoney.comhttp://www.sdbullion.com

If JFK was alive today I would imagine he might just el kabong every world leader
out of respect for their lunacy. We can only wish ... thanks for watching ...
All the best from GuitarLots

This is a song called "Beer Weed & Wine"
Composed and performed by GuitarLots

"Conspiracy Theory Blues"
composed and performed by GuitarLots

This is an original song called "Acoustic Guitar For Humanity - Intervals Of Time"composed and played by GuitarLots ... enjoy life and much love and peace to you all

In this video I demonstrate how to defend against multiple attackers using an old acoustic guitar.
Guitar Karate basics and the El Kabong technique.

This is my version of The Munsters theme song. I recorded the backing track using a Dr. Rhythm 770 for the bass and drums and put the harmony parts on another track and then I play the melody over my tracks ... Hope you enjoy the song and thanks for watching. Please subscribe if you like

This original song is called "Counterpoint Blues"
composed and played by GuitarLots


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