One of the greatest terrible games of all time gets another compliation. Because why not?

None of us are prepared.

Soon. We will have our revenge.

Reconnect your fate.

Apparently if you buy release copy's of SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, you get a code to a ps4 port of MONOEYE GUNDAM FROM 2002!!!

Please be translated... PLEASE!!

Here's the badass roster for SD Gundam G Generation Monoeye Gundams!

Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Variations
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Gundam Sentinel
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
After War Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Monoeye Gundams (original storyline)

A prototype version of the Strike Gundam (from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)

The things I do for darkness.


I dont know when.... I dont know when.....

Theme: Hunter from Terminator Dark Fate.

Nothing makes me happy more.

That none of us are ready for the door.

Soon, There will be an awakening....

Soon... the truth will be unlocked.

In the eyes of a lawyer
The unsuspecting stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right

I take no credit for the inspired first 16 seconds. All the props go to short round here.

The Fate of Noctis and Versus must be changed. Whatever the cost.

Audio: Avengers Endgame trailer 2

Scenes: Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy Versus 13, The World Ends With You,

Bullying a lawyer is like bullying a dragon. Its not smart.

Its time to relax, grab a bowl of bolts and chow down.

I really really wish there was more of this wonderful series animated. I mean 2 seasons is nothing to scoff at, but dammm do I crave some more Bolt Crank adventures.

Thankfully we’ve got new ongoing manga series! EATMAN THE MAIN DISH! :D

I never thought it would get this bad. I thought any sane person and business involved in a debacle like this would just shut their mouths and stop what they were doing the moment legalities were involved. I sure as hell didn’t set out with the intention of making videos on this. I don’t get paid to do this shit!

I am doing this because if I stay silent I’m going to be angry for a lot longer then I should be and that’s not healthy. So I’m going to let it all out, right here, right now.

Here is the simple truth: Funimation, Google Play, iTunes. All of them took Vic Mignogna's credit listings off…..and when iTunes put it back after fan backlash guess what? They didn’t link it to his other work! They linked it to a fake page!

Then Funimation had the BALLS to say it was a glitch. Really? Twice in a row now? Right after the subscription “glitch” you say? How stupid do they think we are?! The way I see it, there are only three possibilities.

The Best case scenario for them is that they are grossly incompetent and everything just decided to break apart now.

The second more likely scenario is that an individual employee of the company went rogue and decided to erase Vic’s name from all works and accounts related to Funimation out of spite or targeted aggression. If this is true then this action in conjunction with the false swatting report by Samantha Inoue-Harte and the comments made by Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi that contradict Funimation's attitude on harassment
proves the company does not have a handle on its employees. Therefore any internal investigation made on Vic Mignogna may have been completely compromised by bias.

Or the third and simplest explanation is that they are lying about everything.

Either way, their credibility ..

The Kickvic Movement’s actions, words, and deeds have convinced me they were never sincere about their goals.

They ruin a man’s life for allegations he “may” have done when one of their biggest leaders has said things FAR FUCKING WORSE than the allegations themselves!
Not to mention the constant harassment, censuring of speech and illogical arguments the kickvic side has repeatedly demonstrated.

Seriously, I haven’t found a single goddam youtuber advocating for harassment of the other side and yet they have the balls to say the IStand crowd is the ones making life harder for everyone?

The kickvic movement is founded on nice sounding hypocrisy and lies. And I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt any further.

What ever happened to innocent before proven guilty? Why is it that a man’s lively hood can be destroyed by mere allegations and hearsay before his case is ever brought before a trial?

Now I must make myself clear, I don’t have a dog in this race. I do admit to having been a casual fan of some works he’s been in such as Full Metal Alchemist RWBY and Star Trek Continues, but I do not follow him on a regular basis. Up until today, I had looked at the articles posted about him and assumed without reading them that they were truthful. And hell maybe they still are to some degree. Maybe Vic did do some things he shouldn’t have, but when I started to look at details, the less those articles look like an honest appraisal of the situation and the more it looks like a calculated hit job on his career.

I just can’t trust Funimation on this anymore. It’s clear a lot of his coworkers had it in for him for a while ( and one of the people in charge of the Funimation investigation faked a fucking swatting and blamed it on his fans! ( Not to mention the photo shops of pictures ( and Video ( that I fell for hook line and sinker!

This is all further complicated by my feelings about double standards in the media industry and how we have been living in a culture of manufactured outrage, but I don’t want to go there.

This channel was started because I wanted to make fun random shit that would occasionally entertain people and I’m sorry I had to interrupt that. I just found it profoundly disturbing that this man’s life could be destroyed based on such circumstantial evidence.

I honestly cant decide whether I loved or hated this guy. Otherwise I had fun time at the movies!

Cant wait for em to redo Victory!

(SPOILERS) Its coming out a lot sooner then you think!

Sora's not going to be the main character for this one and its coming out later this year. You can take that to the bank.

(Sorry gundam fans, this is the last one I promise)

You sly fox....

Zeon is dead, but Mufti will rise to fill the void.

Theme: Infamy, Call of duty theme

Scenes: Hathaway's Flash fan animations, Unicorn Gundam, G-Generation Genesis. Gundam Extreme Vs opening. Hathaway's Flash movie trailer.


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