Along the Mexican Border heading this way
The UN has set up camps to help the ten thousand plus to reach our border
Soon they will add even more as Mexicans join in to breech our border

Nailed it, Ice Cube has a long history of speaking truth
A few years back Ice went to the studio and produced one song
and this is it

Let Me Go Rock N Roll KISS
Like many out there, I grew up on KISS
Show some love, Visit the official Kiss Army site

Infowars has bypassed Apple for the time being, You can down load it
Direct to download

Show her some love by visiting her official website
What could someone really say about Stevie
But at one time the hottest women in rock
with a voice to match

Show some love and visit the official site

Show some love visit the official site
A song about the struggle of losing a Mom
If your lucky enough to still have a chance to hang or talk to your Mother
Take advantage of it and make time

Show some love visit Offspring's Official Site

Show some love and visit the official site

This song was remastered for the Appetite For Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition)
I personally love this remaster , Sounds so much better than the original
If you are a GNR fan I encourage you to buy the Album
You wont be disappointed in the sound quality or different recordings of your favorite songs

This video has been censored due to the mass flagging from the left
Yes the left will attack minorities and women to stay in power
Sorry for the cover shot, Just wanted to give the original poster the credit they deserve

The non politically correct version

This highlights the deceptive editing of media
The short version is what the media is using to trash Mr West
The longer version paints a totally different picture
I think TMZ realized he was being trashed by deceptive editing and released the longer version
So show TMZ some love and visit the channel. In many ways they even broke the narrative by showing the long version

Patriots we are winning, White Hats are now in the open
Show some love for OAN and JTF MAGA by subbing
Only promoting because of how important and historic this is
I hope Bitchute contacts them and asks they put a channel here
F#$%K Boobtube But sometimes one has to use the enemy to get the word out

This man is 100% right, I am sick of reading the Dems only answer to school shootings is banning a firearm(s),
City councils Politicians ect are meeting just too try and ban weapons while our children are left unprotected,
I have yet to see one chief of police or city council member , walk out and say Officers will be stationed at schools starting Monday permanently, People need to call city council and raise hell, Every child needs the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. School security will also help in keeping drugs out of schools, So call the city and threaten them by saying you will not vote for them in the next election if they do not secure our schools, Many cities will spend money on a useless project while our kids go unprotected
Tell them no more, Cut something out of the budget and and work on school security. No need to raise taxes to fund it.

I do not own this video, I captured this video and using it for educational purposes in hopes we can have a real open discussion about School security,
Feel free to link this video or capture for yourself, Should not even be an argument about what should come first.

HBO targeting kids to create division,

The late Kim Clement was blessed by God, Many of his prophetic interpretations has come to pass.
I encourage everyone to research Kim, Kim is the only one that has made me feel everything would be alright in America
Christians and others alike need to realize it was God who put Trump in the White house. Trump is a praying president
not a religious one, Trump like everyone else has made mistakes. No one is perfect. But if you are betting on Trump to fail
and you believe in God, You are not paying attention to what God is doing.
Trey Smith is the one who opened my eyes to Kim. I encourage you to visit his page as well
This is the video that completely changed my out look


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