The reason for the development of fungus and mold is the high humidity in the room and insufficient ventilation. The air should freely carry all bacteria and infections out of the room and saturate it with oxygen. But with the development of new technologies, expensive metal-plastic windows do not give any chance to get air inside. Many people achieve this effect without knowing the consequences in the form of mold and mildew. But what to do when the first signs of these microorganisms have already appeared and is it necessary to call the service to eliminate mold and mildew?

Fighting mold and mildew

The process of destroying fungus and mold is always very difficult and time consuming. Fungus and mold spreads very quickly through a room by releasing spores into the air. If these microorganisms have appeared in closed corners, on the floor under furniture or on a closed wall, you must immediately begin to ventilate the room. After all, their spores will continue to concentrate in the room and the development of fungus and mold will accelerate many times. Before fighting fungus and mold it is necessary to eliminate the cause of their appearance:

- High % humidity (more than 60);
- Poor ventilation.

In order to protect against mold and mildew it is necessary to eliminate these two factors. And also it is necessary to do it in the process of fighting to remove fungus and mold were successful. Once these factors are eliminated, the development of microorganisms will stop for a while and give time to fight them. In general, if you divide the destruction of fungus and mold into stages, this was the first stage.

You should also not forget about the inspection of the place by specialists. It is recommended to use the services of an expert, who will exactly describe the problem and the order of combating it.

The second step can be called the treatment of the surface where the fungus and mold. This will help solidify the cleanup and make a fat point in the fight against microorganisms in your home. Mold and mildew antiseptic can also participate in this step.

And the third step is to clean the surface itself where these microorganisms have taken up residence. Initially, the surface is cleaned physically, and then chemical processes completely remove microbes and bacteria. This is done with the help of ozonation. This process is common in nature and consists in the release of ozone gas into the air. It oxidizes all living microorganisms and kills them. Treating walls for fungus and mold will take less than a day with this method. The surfaces of any room can be cleaned by Guru Restoration:

Residential, apartment, and home air ozonation

- Fungus and mold removal in the bathroom;
- Remover of fungus and mold in the basement and cellar;
- Removal of mold and mold from the wallpaper;
- Removal of mold and mold in the house and apartment;
- Removal of mold and mildew from the walls;
- Black mold removal;
- Removal of mold and mold from the ceiling;
- Removal of fungus and mold from the floor.

We recommend that you contact the Guru Restoration team of specialists who can handle your fungus and mold removal in a minimum amount of time. Reliable products and quality equipment are only part of the success of fungus and mold removal. Knowledge and experience add to the arsenal of Guru Restoration service and guarantee an accurate victory over fungus and mold.


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For fast home repair after a flood, mold, mildew and asbestos removal, contact Guru Restoration. We have been working throughout Toronto and the GTA since 2009. We have extensive experience in these matters. Fixing your home yourself can be difficult, but we know our business very well and our prices are very reasonable.

The need for mold eradication

When such a problem is detected, it is necessary to remove mold from the walls in the apartment immediately to prevent it from spreading. Attempting to do the treatment yourself can lead to the fact that the fungus to an even greater extent will spread throughout the room, so it is best to contact a specialized center. Here's what can happen if you don't act:

- Contamination from food that is in a room where the walls or floor are contaminated with mold;
- damage to furnishings, especially if they are made of wooden materials. Furniture falls into complete disrepair, as a result of which it can simply be thrown away;
- Destruction of finishing materials, including plaster and putty falling out.

Mold disinfection is extremely important in rooms where people with allergies live, as this type of microscopic parasites can lead to its amplification. The fact is that the immune system is unable to cope with harmful microorganisms, resulting in damage to the respiratory system and internal organs.

Mold Remediation in Toronto with a Guarantee

Mold sanitization is a way to protect those around you from infectious diseases. Mold sanitization of residential, industrial, industrial premises should be carried out according to a schedule approved by the head of the company. Comprehensive treatment allows you to keep the room clean from mold.

Mold spreads by spores through the air, therefore, the presence of mold means poor ventilation. Ozonizing the air and cleaning the ventilation system prevents the uncontrolled spread of mold.

The negative health effects of mold are so great that some types of mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and even death.

Our company uses state-of-the-art mold remedies. Dry mist generators do an excellent job. Mold penetrates the wall to a depth of several centimeters. Hot mist penetrates to a depth of ten centimeters into an iron and concrete wall. For this reason, destroying mold with household chemicals is impossible, don't even try.

Mold removal in Toronto at low cost

Toronto's rather humid climate is a favorable area for mold growth, so professional mold removal is not an uncommon service for our region.

Mold removal in Toronto is performed by our service at low prices with a written warranty for up to 5 years. After the mold removal services in Toronto are performed, our professional provides important tips to establish micro air circulation and ready solutions to protect walls from fungus during the renovation.

In conjunction with mold removal in Toronto, it is recommended to disinfect the room from mold spores. We only use professional cold fogging that generates special antiseptic agents with the air, thereby removing fungal spores that are hazardous to your health.

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At Bitchute, we want to publish quality content about mold and mildew control. We have a lot of experience with this, we've been around Toronto and the GTA since 2009. We hope our information is helpful to everyone.