JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,Inc" (9-3-19) HOUR 2 Is Trump in trouble???

JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,Inc" (9-3-19)1st Hr. Is Trump in trouble???

The Raw Deal (23 August 2019) with Jim and Mitchell where Rip calls in. Jim begins with an interesting story regarding false "anti-Semitism" charges against Trump being used to conceal his profound commitment to Israel--even to putting Israel first!

The Raw Deal (28 August 2019) on the G7, reports Trump has converted to Judaism, DNC sabotaging the candidacy of Tulsi Gabbard, latest from the Middle East and more.

The Raw Deal (18 August 2019) with Dennis Cimino by popular demand on the 2020 presidential campaign and the state of the union. Studio A and then Studio B were both cut off from broadcasting. Listen to the show to find out why.

The Raw Deal (21 August 2019): The New York Times openly declares its shifting from Russia! Russia! Russia! to Racism! Racism! Racism! to aid the Democratic party defeat Trump. Their platform of racism, immigration and gun control, does not appear likely to provide success in 2020.

The Raw Deal (16 August 2019) with Dennis Cimino on Trump’s betrayal of the American people and Israel’s domination of US foreign policy. Lots of excellent callers.

The Raw Deal (11 August 2019) with Alex Scott on the reported "suicide" of Jeffrey Epstein, the staged El Paso and Dayton shootings and other fake news (with multiple excellent callers).

HOUR 2: JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,INC" (8-5-19) Trump played by false flaggers?

The Raw Deal (7 August 2019): Sham shootings in El Paso and Dayton are intended to revive the Democrats prospects for 2020, but are unlikely to work. Trump’s seeming willingness to buckle on gun control, however, is highly disconcerting.

Jim Fetzer and Gary King review the history of the moon landing hoax,

from JFK declaration of our intention to put a man on the moon to the many proofs

that not only did it not happen but that, if we’d done it, we could not have come back.

The Real Deal: Dr. Katherine Horton interviews Jim Fetzer on the El Paso and Dayton shootings and why they appear to be staged. We are entering an era when even the President seems to be played by "fake news".

SECOND HOUR....JIM FETZER, SCOTT BENNETT,MICHAEL JAY AND PASTOR DON "Truth vs New$,Inc" (7-29-19) russian hoax implodes

The Raw Deal (28 July 2019) with PeeKay from AU on the staged New Zealand Christchurch shootings with calls from Bill in AU, Paul in CA, Brew in IL, Bill in NC and more. Very thorough and detailed.

JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,Inc" (7-29-19) russian hoax implodes

Peekay of AU interviews Jim Fetzer on the Sandy Hook "Pozner v. Fetzer" Lawsuit (29 July 2019). Description: The well-known student of false flags and staged events, Peekay of Australia, interviews Jim Fetzer on the latest developments in the lawsuit brought against him by "Lenny Pozner" for defamation, which, as Jim explains, was a logical absurdity from the beginning. Thorough and detailed explanation of where things now stand, where he and Mike Palecek confront a trail for as much as $1,000,000 damages over a death certificate they had never seen or commented upon prior to be served with Plaintiff's Complaint.

The Real Deal (27 July 2019) with Greg Hallett, my candidate for the most interesting man in the world, on the Royal Family, the Rothschild’s empire, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump. His comments here are of special interest.

College of Complexes: The Sandy Hook "Pozner v. Fetzer" Lawsuit and Why it Matters CENSORED BY YOUTUBE AS "HATE SPEECH", because YouTube hates the truth

JIM FETZER "Truth vs New$,Inc" (7-22-19) 2nd hour. U.S.All vs. ’squads’

TvNI show for July 22, 1st hour. U.S.All vs. ’squads’

The Raw Deal (19 July 2019): The Moon Landing Hoax (Part 1), with (Part 2) rebuttals on 21 July 2019. I will talk about the temperature argument, which appears to be interesting but wrong, during Part 2.

The Raw Deal (14 July 2019) with Kelley Watt, whom I regard as the Miss Marple of Sandy Hook

The Raw Deal (10 July 2019), Jeffrey Epstein and friends, deepening conflict in the Middle East, Trump steps into North Korea, and zoom is cut when begin talking about Israeli spies infesting our social medi.

The Raw Deal (5 July 2019) with Carl Herman discussing the Sandy Hook "Pozner v. Fetzer" lawsuit and its twists and turns in Dane County, WI

The Raw Deal (19 June 2019). Jim discusses his loss in Dane County Circuit Court when the evidence was overwhelmingly on his side. Several calls with excellent discussion.


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