Sleepy chat out loud. I saw a few videos of people who got the jab and then rally against it, and it reminded me of the stakes, which is despite any personal or individual bias.

My family is cognizant of the issues of disallowing someone to be at the celebration, yet they cannot change course. It is fair enough, in my mind. I'm not upset, but I am disallowed. Strange situation. I am always grateful for them though. I hope and pray that you out there, who is feeling or being literally shunned, can appreciate the value of your better self rising above your newfound leprosy.

With the nano technology being injected into the masses, will our friends, families and communities become mindless hive-mind hordes of threats? Time will tell. In the meantime, I have a titanium bat ready.

Coronavirus narrative has fallen apart and now and more people are realising they were duped. The controllers of our world have a sizeable uprising on their hands and their plans cannot work the way they wanted them to, yet the worst depths of this current situation is yet to come. Darkest before the dawn, but it's a long night.

Humanity will prevail over the shitheads that planted this iceberg but the cost will most likely be dear. For some people, they will have to bury their child before it gets through their heads. This is a very sad and desperate crisis and I get a bit heated in this one.

Just watch and listen and don't have a conniption - particularly if you are jabbed. Seriously, we were doomed to become the most locked down state (Victoria) and one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. We have been sleeping lambs on a conveyor belt rolling towards the furnace.

Believing the government at this point is like going back for thirds at the buffet that gave you food poisoning twice already. Enough is enough! You either wake up and save yourself from dark and depressing alarm, or you forfeit your sovereignty and, in a way, your soul.

I am a gay man, I am a Christian, I am a human with questions!!! Life is tough.

Terrible news and terrifying futures ahead for us, an obedient slave population. Where is your line in the sand?

Just a broad overview of my relationship with conspiracies and conspiracy-deniers, and my own deep desire to remain here on earth for as long as possible. This is one of thse videos where I demand you to hear me - I would never kill myself! Life is far too interesting.

If old Queen A-Lizard-Bath is already dead, then why/what/how/when/who does this matter? Well, these are just some thoughts on the matter. Do your own research, and look inside your own soul!

Solar Eclipse on 4/12/21 was going to be a moment for me to connect with the oneness of our creator and have a spiritual experience. It turned out to be very different experience than what I expected. A furry four-legged friend joins me.

Larger perspective, I am not homophobic, nor do I think homophobia is an adequate response or diagnosis of the issue of drag queens reading stories to children. It is a sign of loose morals and a lack on insight into what is possibly going to harm the psychology of children.

A half hour discussing Riccardo Bosi and the arena of one his most important talking points - eradicating the world of satanic elite pedophiles. They have clawed their way into all major systemic orders, including Hollywood and Freemasonry. What is happening behind the scenes is undeniably mysterious and confusing, but the upcoming trial of Ghislaine Maxwell may provide some clarity on who and what is the sickness on this earth.

Those who have had the vaccine are at risk of lower immune response to fight common cold - impossible? Prove it is impossible. We have people dying from heart attacks and all sorts within hours, days, weeks or months of jabs - and we are barely one year into this vaccine program. The adverse reactions will keep rolling in, and I will continue to never support the stupidity.

For the record, I have never been with a woman, but I sincerely despise the cult of LGBTXYZ. They are bullies and are massively over-represented these days.

Gustav here. I'm speaking for 10-20 minutes at a time, I don't really mind if no one likes or watches me, I simply need to speak. I mention my Nanna who passed away in 2020 in isolation. I mention some of the flaws in the covid narrative, but I begin with the conspiracy that opened my mind up: 9/11.

Forgot to point out the third building that fell! I didn't go this far into conspiracy without learning about building 7 ;)

Song is called "Dracula!", one of my favourite compositions. Just a piano mix, but huge potential. Definitely a vampiric quality to it.

Halloween is coming and I make a trip to Office Works for the printing of clouds, catching a couple of interesting freshies on the way out. Very lazy effort, hardly worth watching. Enjoy.

Song is titled "Smoking Section".

A mishmash of shots taken on different days. Hence, this entry is a hoax, a lie, none of the clips having taken place on December Twenty-Ninth. However the mathematics of my Cloud Series would be fudged without an entry at this point in the December month, and I really wanted to keep the next and last video exactly how I planned, specifically the song of choice. Every Ninth video has been of a song I did not make myself, and the last, #63, will be the conclusion and keep with the pattern. Enjoy the false penultimate episode!

Song is titled "Melt Your Heart". Having lost my iPhone 5s to gravity's cruel and unyielding logic (paired with my careless fingers), I filmed this on the old iPone 4, which itself was a replacement phone earlier this year and survived falling into the toilet not long ago. Well done el fone.

Riding the train to my Uncle's birthday, a great man with a beautiful family and always so welcoming to me. Afterwards, I played Secret Hitler, a deliciously cheeky game, with five wonderful humans.

Song is titled "Reign Storm", a quickie edit. Christmas is coming, work is overloading, hence I am awake at 6AM capturing such a wonderful array. Followed by a time lapse caught from atop a fence, during a cricket and drinks night with some excellent people. This was the last shot to be taken on this particular phone. One day later, it would fall off a high rise balcony and smash on a dark patio halfway down the building. No one injured, none the wiser, especially yours truly.

Song is titled "Head in the Clouds", which is a vamped up version of my spontaneous piece used for the April 26 video.

All these shots took place in one day, which gives you some idea about the nature of Melbourne weather. Ridiculous and hard to plan outfits for.

Colourful skies, shapely clouds, time-turning good fun.

Song is titled "Madame Hustle"

Song is called "Dracula!", one of my favourite compositions. Just a piano mix, but huge potential. Definitely a vampiric quality to it.

Halloween is coming and I make a trip to Office Works for the printing of clouds, catching a couple of interesting freshies on the way out. Very lazy effort, hardly worth watching. Enjoy.

Like a "Snake Through Grass", we weave and wend our way through the thicket, towards the next satisfaction.


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