Holy Stone Winter Resilience and crash test. Lots of snow and 2 recoveries.

Live stream test.

Its been a long cold winter so far. Finally a decent day to go for a rip with my GT110. I also chase a sled around with my Bugs3

My Gear:
MJX Bugs3:

What an amazing tiny whoop. I am very happy with my Happy Model Mobula 7 (standard Flysky version) A quick rundown with indoor flight footage and a quick outside winter flight at -10 C

Ev100 Goggles:
FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter:

Winter has set in and I send my Bugs up for some early December Flights,. Featuring a brief moose encounter and fresh fallen snow.

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Its been a chilly November here. I explore a Lake house, tall pines and I encounter a deer with my Bugs3

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Snow-Motion and November Chill. Relaxing flights through the snow covered forest of Canada.

MJX Bugs3 Link:

Late winter drone footage with my MJX Bugs3 of the Canadian hardwood forest.

The day after an Ice storm I fly my Bugs3 (B3R3) for some sights

Snowy flights with the MJX Bugs3 drone.

First snow flights with my Bugs3

Forest flights with my MJX Bugs 3

Mjx bugs3 drone flights

First flights over water with my Bugs 3

A quick overview of the MJX Bugs3, Specs, functions and MJX Upgrades. C4000 and C4020 Camera footage. The MJX cameras are Inexpensive and poor quality. Infected with the jello effect, pixelization, latency and freezes. The quad itself is awesome. Speed, power and performance. Good quality and durable. Its versatility and multiple loadouts make this an exceptional multi role quadcopter. Parts and upgrades are available
Get the Bugs3 Here:

This little tiny whoop packs a good punch and great fun.


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