Guy with a GoPro Fishing Show

Theres a misconception that these baits are only for Smallmouth Bass.I'm here to show ya Largemouth love em,too!!

Early 2021 West Virginia Big Water System Fishing
dropshot and mid depth cranking techniques, with success!

In this episode;I show ya how deadly some of the Bass soft plastIcs are for Walleye,& an also rare appearance from a Kanawha River Spotted Bass.

With minimal daylight left by the time I punch out;join me in "curing the fishing itch"..

Since we've only got about a half an hour of recording light left by the time I get to any fishing spot after work; thought I'd start these sub - series.

In this episode,Feb of 2k21,I had to head to Florida to tend to a family member who was dealing with health issues.low and Behold,one of my mates I grew up Bass Fishing with lived 45 minutes away from where I was;so this is He and I out on his boat after not seeing 1 another for 20plus years-enjoy!!

In this episode I'm crankin the KVD 1.o squarebills on 6lb flourocarbon;using the 6ft8inch Favorite White Bird Med/light spinning rod and the Pflueger Monarch 5speed spinning reel.And then I've had enough re:us shorebound anglers littering(not I-I'm the one who picks up after these slobs)& I go off..

In cold water downsizing your presentation and forage base matching are key to getting bites with a moving bait;along with slowing WAY down.

If I recall correctly;it was just the turn of the New Year.Air temp was 35 degrees F and water temp was same;if not close.I am a decent cold water fisherman;as long as its' open water-(i don't do the ice thing due to a fall through a few years back)..

In this episode I re-brand the YT Channel "BassFishinBrian';to "Guy with a GoPro Fishing Show".Lay out the mission statement,show some catches and housecleaning,and do my 1st ever giveaway!


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I'm just a hard working guy with an almost nerdy-type of passion for bass fishing.I'll also fish for walleye in the colder months.I primarily fish from shore;&my goal is to share my techniques with y'all to show you CAN catch quality fish from the shore.I will be out on bass boats from time to time,but I do not own a watercraft.I'm just trying to find my little corner of the internet and bring to y'all my fishing experience.
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