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This was shot on turkey day 2k22 on an unseasonably warm day here in central W.V. Water temps are still cold though, so dead sticking imitates the activity level of the forage. Got one lil, but beautiful Largemouth and one 2.5lb Golden Smallmouth. All on the baby z- too, a Hayabusa dropshot hook (#2) and a qtr oz Eagle Claw cylinder dropshot weight. Enjoy!!

Thank You to the Bitchute Team for allowing me to upload here and keep as a back up. I work 40 plus hrs / week so I cannot devote as much time as I would like to being a conscious Steward of The Shore Bound Anglers & my Local Enviornment ; but I try.

Despite our surface world cooling down & ( water temps as well ) these Bass seem to be in top shape. Some are still breaching the surface trying to throw hooks.

Been focused a lot on targeting largemouth ; but as we move into the cooler weather,you will see Smallies, Walleye, Saugeye, & Muskies being targeted as well.This was one FIRED UP BASS!!!

I'm that topwater angler who will throw it until its blatently obvious its time to put those boxes away until spring.These toads and the Owner twistlock hook to rig them with can be a deadly and natural topwater murderer of Bass still willing to play along.

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Bass - Wiki - Dink ( dy - nk ) is a bass that is 12 inches or less.Can be female or in a males' case, called a "buck " ..These bass however,are not being sued by Sharon Osbourne for $900K ; do not own Mansions , and look at us divided Humans as giant doofus'. Their tenacity and seeing them bulk up is admirable and a way to gauge the health of any fishery.

Thank You to the Admin here for allowing me to slowly import my 195 video library over . I do not worry about sub count or view count-not trying to be an e-fishing celeb(corny!!) - My channels mission statement is to share with you a system of fishing from shore that PROVES you can catch quality fish and show some beautiful parts of West Virginia through a different lense.
all the technique and gear are described in the video.

BassLegends.Net - use code (BRIAN10) FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!!free shipping for orders over $50.
Got the "Textbook Pattern " of one BIGGUN & one male buck on the tried and true Bomber Square A..Enjoy!!
I am slowly trying to back up my entire library over here and also become a creator on Rokfin;while working 40 plus hrs/week and dealing with unstable weather patterns due to Fall Transition.

Got a few on the lighter end of throwing a ned rig and got one cranking a Rapala BX Brat. Decent days' fishing from shore. I did get a LITTLE john boat but our weathers' been so unseasonably nautical here i just work on it when I can.

That exact bait in the thumbnail is the squarebill I tuaght myself shallow crankin on.Its missing an eyeball;covered in teeth marks and two different brand #6 hooks on it..tough crowd here and its Shill-ary Clintonville here;but serves as a back up

Its been the unseasonable mid summer heat here in the central Midwest. To me,that shortens the morning bite feed window. Plus I usually shoot footage before work so I'm on the water by 7 a.m. with an hour to fish comfortably.

In heavily stained water; obviously got to give them something they can find.Loud
colors and rattles in my cranks under those conditions. This is my approach from being on the back deck of a bass boat. Good Results!!

- Throwin weightless Biospawn Exostix & Yum Dingers' wacky rigged for Smallmouth.
Featured Gear : 7' 1" Ark Lancer Pro med/xtra fast spinning rod
Shimano Sedona 3000 size spinning reel
Berkley X5 #15 braided mainline (crystal white)
8lb Seaguar Basix flouro leader.
Hayabusa FPP 2/0 straight shank hook
GoPro Hero 7 white

For an almost 19 min video;its well -recieved on YT.I break down blade configs and why I throw certain ones this time of year;and back it up with NICE fish catch footage - enjoy!!

Lunchbreaks have been HOT fishin.This is getting uploaded here 1st;not YT.

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I think the key to that spot are a few factors.The constant presence of food(bait) & quick access to deep water.enjoy!!

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In this episode,I target some spring,pre-spawn suspended smallmouth with the ol' weightless wacky worm.I can't think of a more natural,inexpensive yet efficient technique for these fish - enjoy!

During spring thru fall I do these "Lunchbreak Sessions " every year.I have a unique oppurtunity of fishing Big Water right in town by work. - Enjoy!

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Featured Gear :
7ft3inch Lews' Med/Hvy SG1 casting rod - Diawa 7.1:1 Takara ReeL - ZMan Neon Pepper Fluke(old blend elaztech) 15lb P-Line flourocarbon - Fish Head 1/4oz Fish Head Spin underspin scroungerhead - #8 VMC doulock snap - GoPro hero 7 white

I throw tons of Rapala baits along side all the quality that comes out of Japan as well.
Theyre just flat out producers. One I love to throw as the water is warming up is the Shad Rap on a spinning rod. Maybe even braid to mono instead of flouro so its more bouyant.

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Just uploaded to my chan on YT on Tues,the 8th.Figured I would bring over here and see if Ray and Charlie W allow me another sub or two.

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This is always a good time with my friend,John,from JAB Bassin & custom baits.We usually get on the fish;& always have a great conversation out there.This was a mixed bag of Deep & Mid zone crankin',a tube bite and the dropshot.enjoy!!

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This was fun to shoot;being that you never know whats on the end of your line fishing big waters in the spring.The "Smallie Smasher" does not disappoint!!


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I'm just a hard working guy with an almost nerdy-type of passion for bass fishing.I'll also fish for walleye in the colder months.I primarily fish from shore;&my goal is to share my techniques with y'all to show you CAN catch quality fish from the shore.I will be out on bass boats from time to time,but I do not own a watercraft.I'm just trying to find my little corner of the internet and bring to y'all my fishing experience.
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**NOTE** - This platform is a back up in a sense that YT is unfortunately still my main channel;even though I would love for this one to be & always speak highly of and have a redirect text in each episode showing I'm here.Its either a tough crowd here or Nobody is an outdoor enthusiast.I mean "whats that guy doin?" was the only other fishing show here and his sub count was crap as well so I dunno...