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Quick test of capturing video from my AV Famicom on a Pinnacle 500-PCI with upscaling to FullHD in OBS Studio. The sound is all wrong since it's a Line-In which is (I think) a driver bug that appears when you have more than 2GB of RAM. Will investigate further...


It seems that the driver bug can be removed by reinstalling the driver after each change of the settings (as that causes the huge lag). After disabling almost everything I found out that you can run the device without almost any input lag (it's so subtle that the average retro gamer without a CRT won't notice it]. Problem is that you get a bunch of on-screen glitches like the missing numbers on power-ups in Gun-Nac.


Also sucks at configuring OBS so this video is without any sound. But it was extremely out of sync anyway...


Seems like the delay is around 500ms. Offseting the sound in OBS Studio helped. All seems well now. I will post a new video with proper gameplay and how to set it all up when my new cables arrive.

A few minutes of my pathetic gameplay of various games and some 240p test suite on this second-model Famicom (HVC-101) connected to the ultra-short-throw Hitachi projector (ED-A111) over the composite cables without any mods with just minor adjustments on the projector side (color correction etc.). Running on a HUGE 96" screen.
First off the Hitachi ED-A111 is ideal for 3rd to like 7th generation console gaming due to its 4:3 aspect ratio and ALL THE INPUTS. It may also be suitable for PC gaming BUT this is not the way to go if you want to mainly just consume modern movies or TV shows.
Now for the technical stuff that isn't written anywhere.
The projector has approximately 20ms inputlag and can without problems accept 15khz 320x240 VGA video. Even tho the manual states that both PAL and NTSC signals are supported I STRONGLY recommend to use NTSC since the postproccesing is very different (at least from what I tested). Overall the upscaler in this thing looks amazing considering how old it is and when you count in the extremely low input lag then it's easily 10/10.
Also you don't need Japanese power converter in order to play the Famicom. The Famicom runs on 10V not on 100V and so you just need to change the AC/DC adapter. DO NOT USE THE NES ADAPTER!
BTW I'm usually sitting around 10 feet / 3 meters away from the screen and it's probably way too close.


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