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The Hamlet of Wheatsheaf receives it's most prominent guest ever. Abraham and Sarah welcome Ben Franklin to the village. Jon learns more than he wanted about his neighbors while Sonja is his rock.

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In honor of Frank Thorn Writer and Illustrator of The Illustrated History of Union County whom recently passed away at age 90 we are releasing here on our FB page the first third of Jason Phillips and Phillip Szabo 's colorized and animated version of this Rahway N.J's work. We still will be releasing the internet short version in episode form. However, we now will be including additional content in the episode format for a nuanced experience.

In the few days before the launch of Minutemen Media The Wheatsheafers release episode.
Richard hunts the Frisboar, Pam is actually happy for a few seconds. Sonja eating eating eating!.

This Minutemen Media production is a Truth About Colonial Linden Extra Documenting the British 42nd foot. A Scottish Highlander unit formed after the Jacobite insurrection in the early 1700's. The Unit spent a considerable amount of time serving the crown across the pond from the islands to the frozen north. The Highlanders as an exception to Red Coat drew ranks from Scotch living in the colonies of New York and New Jersey.

Frank Thorne's "Illustrated History of Union County"

A new project I am starting for the The Truth About Colonial Linden.
Frank Thorn's "Illustrated History of Union County" was a multi part series of full page comic strips released in 1970 by The Elizabeth Daily Journal(now defunct). The team and I will be colorizing them then re-releasing them for educational purposes.

I will also be producing videos for some of the strips. There will be added information we have compiled from our research included in those presentations.

Dedicated to Gram (Grandmother of Contributor J. Laucious)
Who we all loved very much. She was a hoot. Gram saved these comics in a scrap book and would be pleased we are making the effort to save them for posterity.

Forage war series begins with the tactical duel at Spanktown, NJ (Rahway) between Brig. Gen. Maxwell (US) and Lt. Colonel Mawhood.

Jon's cousin Gibran sails down on a whaling voyage from Massachusetts and visits the Astors. Sonja has big news for Jon.

Minutemen Media launches early with the Pilot Episode of "The Wheatsheafers"

A story of a hyper sexual yet conservative colonial couple and their life in pre revolutionary Linden N.J

Frank Thorn
Jason Phillips
Phill Szabo

Story by
Phill Szabo

Blunt History (Pilot Episode)
Blunt History is:
Interesting rarely heard histories in short video format. Geared for entertaining adults whom enjoy histories but only has time for the cliff notes. The goal is to quickly tell wild stories with mild humor.
*For viewers over 16 due to rough language.
NY Gov. Edmond Andros attempts to taxed the Colony of East Jersey believing it under his jurisdiction.

This list was mainly taken from "The History of Union County" by Ricord "The history of Elizabeth" by Hatfield and "NJ Revolutionary Battles and Skirmishes." *citations below* This is the list of area battles which all occurred during The American Revolution. The only other conflict reaching this area after it's English founding happened over 100 years prior. That was known as the Third Dutch & Anglo War. There was no belligerent actions which took place. However the territory did change hands briefly.

"History of Elizabeth, New Jersey : including the early history of Union County" Hatfield, Edwin F. 1868,New York: Carlton &Lanahan

"History of Union County, New Jersey" Ricord, Frederic. 1897
Publisher Newark, N.J. : East Jersey History Co.


Blunt History (Pilot Episode)
Blunt History is:
Interesting rarely heard histories in short video format. Geared for entertaining adults whom enjoy histories but only has time for the cliff notes. The goal is to quickly tell wild stories with mild humor.
*For viewers over 16 due to rough language.
NY Gov. Edmond Andros attempts to taxed the Colony of East Jersey believing it under his jurisdiction.

Watch the Uproar when Sen. Johnson owns Sen Peter with reality!

Wackocore track for J Phillips's Firestarter a new cartoon coming soon on Minutemen Media.

H & I cross the Kill to join Patriots standing up against the selective lock downs, Constitutional violations, the evils of socialism and to stop the steal.

Mac's Public House 12/2/2020

This episode we discuss the Meeker Wood House. In the 18th century this house was an Inn in what is today's Linden, N.J. George Washington stopped here on his way to New York for a rest and lunch. Abraham Clark walk.- we give some details about the area of his farm. Included are three places to visit, Phill has an update!

Remix Club Music

Here is the early workings of the the new animated educational series. This is an adaption of Frank Thorns comic published in 1970 by The Elizabeth Daily Journal, The Illustrated History of Union County. This series will go along with the re-release of the strip newly colorized by the team. This project is for educational purposes and to save our history.

The following account is from Rivington's Gazette No 570 a newspaper published from the Bowery of lower Manhattan during The Revolutionary War.

On the night of the following Thursday Dec 14 1780 a party of royal horse thieves under command of the celebrated Lewis Robbins an incursion into Rahway They set out for to seize Sheriff Marsh but as the roads were bad and learning probably that the sheriff was not home they turned back and made their way to David Miller's capturing him some of his sons his horses Having paroled the old man because his infirmities they proceeded to Peter Trembly's whom they seized and robbed of all his money papers They took also a Peter Horn But at sudden discharge of a gun they paroled their prisoners and fled.

The Trembly family in the City of Linden have long removed and still the name of Trembly's Point is well known. Within a few years in laying the Long Branch Railroad track (now rerouted through midtown Linden) here they have named a station Trembly Depot situated on the old homestead.

Other colonial Linden videos with furthered information on some of this videos discussion.

Lady Lindenites

The Sack of Westfield

This is the last GHI S&M production of the year. A zany satire of a satire. With a vacant Supreme Court seat sparks division. A self appointed group of politicians take to questing to stop a legitimate appointment. Set in a medieval version of the United States things get even weirder.

The Pine Barrens of New Jersey are steeped in lore. During the American Revolution was no exception. Bloody John and his gang The Refugees were Loyalists but more so opportunist criminals who used the vast ancient forest as a base of operations during the conflict. Also known as the Pine Robbers this motley crew wrecked havoc on Patriots and Tories alike. This brief bio also highlights three action participated in by these enemies of the people.

The Devil Tires- Boxcar Hex Remixed by Flip Taylor

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aerial video taken from David Falo
for educational purposes.

Just had some fun and remixed a couple meme vids into something even greater. Enjoy

We are going to preview the rough edit of the first half of our latest B-Flick


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