Cutting Holes to Release Our Souls

Experimental Abstract Animation. Created using images that I made for Print on Demand products, and using automorph combined with displacement mapping techniques.

Cat Attack! It's just a music video.

Another experiment in displacement mapping featuring Darya Lozhkina ASMR.

The Best Dance Moves. Filmed in the Summer of 2003

It's kinda like hell simulator lol.

Not actually a documentary it's just a quote from the video

Dances With Trains. A new recycling of old green screen footage from 2010.

An experiment with displacement mapping and layering.

Cancer From Pewdiepie Fans! Old Contest Entry

Chop Chop Chop

Breaking Jessie Pinkman. I was bored so I made this

Acid Trip Simulator - Driving While Tripping

Asking a Woman How to Get to the Adult Book Store lol. Filmed in the Summer of 2003.

A Rip in Your Dimension

Beauty Queen Eating a Burger While Tripping on Acid

Can't Control My Vehicle While Dreaming and Driving

Asking a Guy For a Bite of His Burger. Filmed in the Summer of 2003.

When Hoses Attack! Created using the glitches of Street View in Google Earth.


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My shit was too weird for youtube so I brought the madness over here to Bitchute. Basically, this is a channel for my "art films" where I experiment with mixing visual, and audio effects.