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Fahrenheit 62.2 - Hottest Summer Ever - Rain Today, August 29, 2023.

Discipular Focus - Toe Touching and Snare Drum

Reverberative Marination - Crunchy Guitar

Intentionally Cymbal-ic - Splash, Crash, Ride, & Chime To Drum. A spontaneous improvisation intentionally Cymbal-ic. A chiming in, if you will.

Arachno-Cide Spied - A Video on the nature of Nature.

And in a reversal of roles for the sound track, Drove Olympus - Featuring G. Willi - Guitar & J. Madli - Bass.

Peaking Summer Saturday Aug 5, 2023 -
w/ Electric guitar play.

Fir's Fifeen Minso Fame - Olympus Drive, featuring J Madli - Guitar, G Willi - Bass, and an Eli sat in for percussion. (Thanks Eli!) Recorded live July 28, 2023 from back of stage at Open Mic at The Manette Saloon, hosted by Jack Parker.

SkyWatcher time lapse cloud gazing video accompaniment.

Sky Watcher Edition - Time lapsed skies provided to watch if you don't have any handy for observation while listening to the long play included.

Olympus Drive - Featuring J Madli - Guitar & G Willi - Bass

Hornet's Homage - Intelligence Designed.
Olympus Drive audio clip ft. J Madli Guitar & G Willi Bass.

OzzO Perspectives-
Am I being who you seem to perceive to be Me? My will bends to your belief of what is? I may be Shadow, I may be Light, I may react to how you would see fit, be certain the proper fuse is lit. The Perspective Directive: Reflect symmetric inversion-able color, shade, and intensity.

Major one's, four's, & five's in G.

Dabbling around the Locrian modal scale.

Twelve cards, re-act, re-create, and lead to the house of the Thirteenth card. Step into Order. Synchronized, learned and re-circulated. Edified to contemplate. The Path of Post Awareness is fundamental.

My hand at the art of the live audio snippet. And video hatchet splicing. Enjoy the ride, live from Olympus Drive.

On 07/10/2023 - Cm with some i III VII progressions.

J Madli on Guitar & G Willi on Bass, Olympus Drive July 1, 2023.

Audio clip made possible by J and his remarkable ability to start and stop the recorder while playing, to keep the file small enough to e-mail.

Artwork by G Willi from the Post Awareness Collection.

Bass goes hand in hand with a wandering visual journey. And it just so happens my video editing savvy leveled up a notch today. The 'Getting Acquainted' video has been enhanced. Bonus material includes picture in picture viewing of 'Nature of Ghi' (pron. GEE).

Relic emerge from the past. Back to bass just like that, just as spring passes and summer begins. Stranger than old friends returned. I remember thee, I call now my BG Sled-Tone 45. Acquired second hand by the tip of a friend. Time to get acquainted with a first round play. Somehow I knew this day would come to pass. Somewhere arrived, to be where it may.

Cracking dawn, in dorian mode.

A bird's reflection, outdoorian mode. A moment for stillness.

Shortest night of summer closing.

That feeling when you sit down one last time for the season and try to break a string before swapping them out for a fresh set.

Squeaking, tweaking, refining, re-defining, rhythms and cycles, to square a balance with the wheel.

Place is here. Time is Now. The most important places and times to be. Here and Now. Hear and Know. The state of Me temporarily being a me.

General foot alignment and training exercises. A monkey see, monkey do production. No Audio.


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4/2/2023vlog - A Cycle of Understanding - A series of sixteen posts. A primer on twelve fundamental perspectives, words woven into the pursuit of personal discovery, learning, growing, maturing, falling, and cyclically, beginning again in the coming season.

Cycle of Understanding. A personal understanding of the human process.

i - Beginning (First Hour After Midnight -Begin Again)
ii - Inertia
iii - Consideration
iv - Respect
v - Reflection
vi - Outlook
vii - Integrity
viii - Dignity
ix - Clarity
x - Decade
xi - Reality
xi.i - Reality (Unabridged / Condensed)
xii - Understanding
xii.i - is Order
xii.ii - is Chaos (Unabridged / Condensed)
xii-iii - is Reconciliation to Begin Again (see; i - Beginning)

Further notes are found on the title's respective description page.

3/21/2023 - 3/23/2023vlog First five videos of a video production re-boot:

---'SixT' was the first of an impulse to publish some videos. Winter ending, season of new beginning. And in the spirit of st patty, natural light ran out on the set by the time I was ready to sit and shoot.

---'-ySeven' was a second take of the pressing question on my mind. Could I do this again, and work-out the prior short-comings of the first video produced? In honor of the Spring Equinox, take two.

---'Ninet-' Take three, 'Cause Things Happen In Threes'.

---'-enthOne' is take number four, since it was 322 day, and being I had just finished a third video, and two twos follow the three in 322, and two and two add up to four, it seemed appropriate.

---'enOhtne', the fifth, is because three and two added up to five. And I discovered I could now do all this from before and do it backwards and just wanted to show how I could.

So, what has changed in the world since 3/22. In two parts; 'Square Circles' and 'Circle Squares'. Currently.

5/8/2022-6/6/2022vlog- Post Awareness 2020 series- First six videos produced and posted. A New Beginning into light, sound action, and production.

I am exactly as You need me to be. And, You are exactly as I need you to be. We are exactly as HE needs us to be. And here I shall present my thesis for understanding these hidden energetic forces at play, and to explore that, which I call Post Awareness.

The video titled Post Awareness 2020, in the description, there is a table of contents of the slides in the show. Each illustration a lesson relating to the overall theme of this project... 'The Post Awareness Project; Diamonds and Hearts. A Gateway to Significance.'