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On today's laid-back stream of random we go for a walk with Mike in the park. We talked about the podcast and give a recap of some of our ideas and in general are getting ready for what's coming next

When the Party tells you to install this AI on your server to automatically censor your users,
it is a form of Mind Control and you must do it or you'll be shot down.
There's no due process, there is no freedom of speech, there is no right to an attorney, there is no jury of peers, you just do what you're told.
Just like when the party tells you to protest, you will protest
and if the party tells you not to protest then you will not protest or the party will destroy your protest.

Google’s public policy and government affairs vice president testified during the first part of the hearing. Witnesses in the second panel included Andy Parker, father of Alison Parker, who was killed during a live TV broadcast, and Dennis Prager, a conservative commentator, who claimed that Google and YouTube sought to restrict or remove his video content.

Listen to :
Marsha Blackburn
U.S. Senator (Class 1)
[R] Tennessee

Richard Blumenthal
U.S. Senator (Class 3)
[D] Connecticut

Ted Cruz
U.S. Senator (Class 1)
[R] Texas

Josh Hawley
U.S. Senator (Class 1)
[R] Missouri

Clips from https://www.c-span.org/video/?462661-1/senate-judiciary-hearing-google-censorship

Senator Blumenthal:
From the hearing but also possibly from the comments made prior to the hearing for myself and colleagues from both sides of the aisle.
The hourglass has run out on antitrust, on privacy, on moral imperative.
Google is in the midst of a perfect storm.
It will require a restructuring and repurpose thing of what you do and I hope that you are thinking radically,
If I may use that term, not radically politically but radically in terms of the role and responsibility you have for the modern american society.
My complaint about facebook what we know of it right now is not the in adequate amount of proposed penalties,
$5 billion is not even a slap on the wrist.
But the apparent lack of any structural behavior or leadership performed that will be required.
So we know precisely what the outcome will be, I mean we don't know precisely what the outcome will
Be but what a forsaken obligation it is if there is no radical order to restructure and change facebook.

Those have no place on any of our platforms. They need to address this seriously. We need to amend our policies early this year. We are constantly trying to improve things.

I respectfully suggest whatever your machines are, do you agree. We believe the hoax videos are the kind you reference.
These platitudes are no substitute for effective enforcement.
If I've said it once I've said 100 times the best policy we make is effectively enforced.
I have to conclude given what I saw before today and then what senator hirono showed you,
That the machines are not working.
And that you are dependent on the victims coming to you and often not heated.
So I guess I'm looking for a commitment that you will get better machines or a different way of detecting or enforcing.
Again not just guidelines and policies but they need to be made real.

We will continue to invest in the space. We don't want those types of videos up.
It certainly not conducive to the type of community we are looking to build with you to.
Given the sheer quantity of video, it is a tough computer science challenge.

You have a provision of law from the inception of the internet that gives you in my view a very excessively broad shield.
We can debate section 230 at another time but you cannot simply unleash the monster and say it's too big.
It's too big to control.
You have a moral responsibility even if you have the legal protection.
And again with all due respect, I think there is a moral imperative here and the hourglass ran out.

We agree that that is a responsibility that we in all platforms have to make sure that videos like that don't appear on our system.

READ FULL HTML here https://streamofrandompodcast.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/stres1e214-the-printing-press-sstv/ ThePrintingPress
The Printing Press project.

As Announced on this episode of the stream of random podcast https://anchor.fm/stre/episodes/STREs1e112-the-printing-press–cosmology–biosemiotics–and-of-course-the-fungus-eoo48o

The project has the goal of creating a self hosted infrastructure to take back your compute and storage from big tech. We will share plans and code here on how to do it. https://gitlab.com/jmikedupont2/theprintingpress

All modules will have code to configure and set them up.

Imagine the internet goes down, or even worse it is up but malicious AI, controlled by foreign agents, is at work to spread disinformation and prevent truth from being shared. If you only can trust a few people that you know, why not network with them?

Each tech saavy person will create an installation of ThePrintingPress and it will be installed at a secure location on premisis protected by the 4th amendment in the United states. We call this a root node.

Other people who are in that persons network will setup distribution nodes as they are able. These nodes will be attached to the root node and exchange data as possible. CPU, Memory and storage will be shared in the collective and coin will be earned or consumed to track resource usage. An inventory of hardware is made and each person donating will be credited with the initial bootstrap.

Apps will be deployed across the network, distributed and secured. Data will be stored encrypted on different devices and mirrored for redundancy and availability as needed.

You will own the encryption keys for your data and each data item will be able to be shared with different users. Publishing data to another user will involve allowing that user to decypt the data.

This guy is using some Illuminati neuro-linguistic programming.
House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is waving his hands strangely.
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Nassim Haramein
The Nassim Haramein podcast can be found here.

Goedel number as a fractal.
Given the right encoding system, a number or a text can come to life as an executable program with the key to interpret it.

You can of course take a fractal program and encode it into a number using the Goedel numbering scheme, you can also compile it to a binary and convert the binary to assembly language as well.

Brainfuck is a programming langauge that is very close to a turning machine or goedelnumber.

It has the following operations,

0 > Move Right
1 < Move left
2 + Increment
3 – Decrement
6 [ While true
7 ] End while
4 , Input
5 . Output
8 Skip
Here is a mandelbrot fractal implement in brainfuck.

Here is a video of it rendering

PI is a language that implements code in a number, so this is what hello world looks like


ternary is anthor language based on number.

Fractals in number
So you can see that we can encode a fractal generating program inside a number.

We can imagine that ever more complex things can be created using code not just fractals. Machine learning algorithms are again things that can be represented as just numbers as well as search engines.

We can use code to create ever more complex numbers or things that inspire imagination. The celluar automatons of wolfram he claims are a new kind of Science.

Fractals in imagination
The fractals create quite the emotional and imaginative reaction in people. The Holofractal group on reddit is quite interesting. We can see that presented with some fractals people imagination is trigged. We can see that a creative response is forthcoming. We covered this topic on the introspector model episodes where we define meaning as instructions that direct the mind to imagine things. Items that create a sensory response

Given enough memory and space it can continue forever, this is however the large problem. We want to limit and be careful about what programs are allowed to execute.

Once activated a program can also never terminate or act in a way that is malicious. It is not generally possible to determine what the true nature of a given program is. The forms that life can express themselves in are varied.

The essential Turing: seminal writings in computing, logic, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and artificial life, plus the secrets of Enigma

The turing halting problem
The Halting Problem Link2 and termination problem The website Goedel Universe has some great information.

Unknowable Information
This is like the question of what is at the eye of providence? Who is behind the curtain. We dont know some things and we may never know them. This is the essence of the goedel incompletness theory.

We can also take the entire system of systems and turn that into a new goedel number, and array of them.

If we imagine that each point in the system is another number that references a different system, this can stretch out for a long time. It is possible to embed all the system into one number, all the numbers into one larger number. We can keep on folding them up.

The human mind itself may be an like a computational device in the Computational Theory of Mind, but we wont be able to express it as a number so easily, yet we can express the entire universe as a number or math.

I always thought of the name of god theorectially as an endless number of letters that encoded the entire universe.

If we were to clone or teleport or copy ourselves, even split into parallel universes does not mean we can describe everything as a number or symbol. Yet Terrance Mckenna claims that Phillip K Dick said in Valis that there existed a life in pure information, in logos.

Dr. Stone said. "The Logos would be living information, capable of replicating." Source1 Source2

There is the difference between a gene and a meme system.

The genes are physically expressed as life (unless we consider genetic computation etc)

and memes are expressed as physically encoded and represented yet copyable. They live h



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