Part 9 of 10.

Part 8 of 10.

Part 7 of 10.

Part 6 of 10.

Part 5 of 10.

Part 4 of 10.

Part 3 of 10.

Part 2 of 10. Have you heard the other side of the story?

Part 1 of 10. As always, history is written by the victors.

For the power that controlled the allies, victory would be achieved at any cost..

Was he right? You decide. More videos of this kind on the channel.

Who are pulling the strings now? who were pulling the strings back then?

What were we fighting for?

Without morality, one is defenceless in the face of evil.

When you take in your current social environment, does this sound like a conspiracy theory?

A look at events from the past which continue to affect the present.

False flags and brutal murder.

Something to think about

Do you believe what you are told now? What was it like a century ago?


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