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I am some kind of idiot savant. There is no rhyme or reason for this. My life is full of irony, because God loves irony. I'm stupid and dumb and ugly, but yet, God smiles on me. He thinks its funny, and it really is hilarious!! God has an amazing sensei of humor!

Conference? CONCERT? What in the hell is he talking about? Don't forget, Pfizer's vaccine began shipping 911 weeks after the zombie flick 28 DAYS LATER. And Moderna was approved for emergency use by the FDA 911 weeks and 6 days after the same zombie film, and what this shows is PREMEDITATION.

These experimental vaccines have not yet been approved by the FDA for good reason.

This is everything nobody should ever do. It's reckless, risky, and just plain insane.

A federal advisory panel recommended Friday that the United States resume the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine for all adults without restrictions amid concerns about rare and severe blood clots.

Johnson & Johnson side effects now pouring in. But is it real?

So I got invited to a party, a dead man's party. Everyone is invited, and everyone is going, but nobody there is alive. I hope I DON'T see you there!!! Because I love you dudes, you are such amazing people!!! Thank you for being such amazing human beings. I am so honored and grateful for you.

I know you don't remember who you are, or where you came from, or why you're here... but I do. I remember who you are.

God Bless Doctor OZZZZ who just happened to be at the airport as someone was having a heart attack! The odds are millions to one. Thank goodness the evil doctor just happened to be there getting his ticket when someone collapsed. God BLESS DR Asshole!

This is my final video. To be clear, I am not religious. I am a luciferian psychedelic head tripper. But even the devil is offended by what man is doing~bad times are ahead kids. You know things are bad when the devil and God team up together to divert the future --HOLY SHIT! Hold on guys, this is going to get super ugly!!

These satanic NWO losers thought of everything... They're really good at mind-control and creating illusions, but that's what these losers do.. The way we know that the Covid virus and vaccines are planned and executed with precision is because of the spans of time between events. The Satanic NWO cult is obsessed with time, and they are precision mathematicians who adhere to a strict mathematical formula. They create artificial demand and compliance through endless MSM Propaganda. As a proud Native American Indian, I have a healthy mistrust of the government. And so should you. May God Bless You Always !!

I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. But I have been super lucky, as I bought stock in both Marathon Patent Group and RIOT Blockchain in last year, both are publicly traded companies on the stock exchange. These companies are on a run right now, not just because of Musk's 1.5 billion USD investment in Bitcoin. These companies have far outpaced Bitcoin, even before Musk's Bitcoin purchase. Still, there are many companies that mine Bitcoin that are potentially very good investments. It's unfortunate that so many YouTube grifters and scammers promoted Bitcoin, like David Seaman (Pizzagate Dude) that gave it a bad name.

My family is split, the older half are running for the vaccine, but the younger members believe the virus is fake. The family members who are getting the vaccine are reporting severe illness (vomiting, fever, chills, lethargy). Nobody questions the government or big Pharma, they just line up like cattle to get the vaccine. People are zombies. The Covid pandemic will never end. But your freedom will if you don't take a stand and push back and say NO! I will not be treated like cattle, I am not a monetized commodity, I am a human being!!!

This is a public service announcement. You are being manipulated to give up your freedom in order to be "free" again. They plan to keep the world locked down until everyone receives a vaccine passport. How insane is it, that everyone must give up their freedom and liberty in order to be free again? It's enslavement! It's extortion! It's blackmail! It's COMMUNISM!!!

I'm now ONLY on Bitchute

Vaccine Passports = Give up Your Freedom & Civil Liberties to Be Free Again! Can it get anymore insane? You bet it can! Johnson & Johnson admits their DNA-based vaccine enters the cell nucleus, but the articles omit the fact that it splices itself into the cell's genome. IF the vaccine is real. We still don't know if it is real, the Covid virus and pandemic aren't, so, the vaccine may also not be real, but we just don't know for sure what it is doing, if anything at all. Still, if you comply, you are willingly giving up your freedom.

So California halted the Moderna zombie vaccine 33 days after the FDA approved it, showing that the adverse reactions are probably contrived. This vaccine may be a placebo, an 11 billion dollar con job, used as the vehicle to bring in tracking/tracing/vaccine passports. Or it may be something much more sinister, but either way, it's diabolical and designed to destroy personal freedom and liberty from people worldwide. If the virus is fake, which is PROBABLY is, then what the hell is in the vaccine?

Despite being 12 months pregnant, bloated with swollen feet, troofer ReallyGraceful managed to track down an old friend of Jeff C on Christmas Day, in the same way that CNN managed to track down Osama Bin Laden when even the CIA couldn't. Jeff's family didn't try to find out why he ghosted them on Christmas, instead, it was ReallyGraceful who cracked the case! With 400K subs, she is now an "authoritative" News Source for truth lol.

The truth community is so toxic. Many truthers are "crisis actors" and proxy of the government. The truth community will hook you, until a patron with a bigger wallet (and agenda) pays them to spin the truth in another direction. Truthers strive to become social media "Influencers" where the truth is a product for sale to the highest bidder. LTV often talks about how he wants to be a social media "influencer." $$$

The most expensive troofer is Redsilverj @ $324/yr for the truth but it comes ad-free. Next is Lift the Veil, at $60 per year. Most troofers charge $60/yr at base price, with super fans paying much more. I support many people on YouTube, through Patreon, because I enjoy their content, but I do not support any truthers. Truth should not come with a price tag. Truthers who charge money are advertising themselves as "influencers" and can be bought, sold, traded, and who eventually become paid spokespeople for the Illuminati (think Pizzagate). Christmas is George Michael Time and Jeff C Conveniently died 3 weeks and 3 days after GM's song LAST CHRISTMAS lol.

There is no REAL truth community, it's all controlled opposition, profiteers, liberal socialists, communists, and ugly women forever pregnant. I love my psychedelic friends, I wish I never left you. And I can feel you pulling me back, I just love you guys so much. I am so sorry I left you all for this crap. My psychedelic friends are true real human beings. Troofers are monetized beasts who have no soul.

Don't believe the fakestream news. They couldn't tell you the truth if their livelihood depended upon it. All they know how to do is LIE. It's very disturbing how the government manufactured this pandemic in order to coerce everyone to get this murky Vaccine.


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