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Meet two very special amazing characters: Aubrey Marcus and Brian Rose.

Psychedelic experiences are only possible with drugs?

Most people think so. Aubrey Marcus has had intensive DMT experiences in complete darkness with us at Darkness Retreat in Germany. In this ingenious interview with Brian Rose, the owner of LONDON REAL and Aubrey Marcus, the founder of ONNIT, you will learn all about the incredible power of darkness and how 7 days of complete darkness changed Aubrey Marcus.

From minute 0:19 it is all about the amazing experiences Aubrey has had.
But best watch the complete video and dive deep!

Experience your own Darkness Retreat

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After 49 days in the Dark with no Food, I made a video with Bharati to talk about my Pineal Gland Activation Experiences and also to ask Bharati about her Pineal Gland Experiences from more than 20 years of Practice.

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