Special Guest - Former AUT Law Lecturer Amy Benjamin

Tonight we cover an example of the greatest assault on free speech by a 'private media corporation' ever in New Zealand history.
We ask some serious questions such as - Have Marxist Socialists taken over NZ media?
We ask serious questions about the behavior of the 'freedom movement leaders'.
We make an amazing announcement.
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Worlds Largest for HUMAN Cricket Factory
17 Doctors dead in 9 months in Ontario

Dr. Ariyana Love - Naturopathic Doctor & Investigative Journalist
Her elder son was vaccine injured at age two and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age 7.
She applied her knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine and designed a dietary
protocol that resulted in a near total reversal of her son’s debilitating symptoms.
In 2017, she was awarded the official title of Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine via the Palestinian Authorities.

About Covid-19 vaccine-patents: they're able to target and permanently delete
genetic codes on genetic lineages in humans, and also encode new genetic
sequences into the genome of targeted cells – about the role of gene-deletion in
Autism or AIDS.

Tonight we ask these questions and cover:

- A mother confronts her 11 year old child being sexualised at his school
- Who owns the world?
- Mental health is rapidly declining in NZ
- Are we controlled by media? If so how?
- One million Kiwis to leave NZ
- The pendulum is swinging - Labour to National
- The youth crime wave and bullies? In shapes, colours and sizes

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Tonight we cover some incredible articles and the following
topics in light of God's word;

- My personal experience of tyranny
- The global plan laid out
- Who do our politicians and Government system work for?

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More analysis of the day's news in light of what the bible says is coming quickly down the pipeline towards all of humanity.

Tonight we cover the following topics:
- A Kiwi's privacy is all but over. How so?
- International nurse recruitment is going great - NOT
- Surgery is given to a young boy against their wishes - in NZ
- NZ Politics - a sham?? Yep I'd say so!
- A clear example of being a lefty woke media shill
- Masks and more examples of C-vid tyranny in NZ but the rest of the world is moving on right?
- Global Governance is here in NZ

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Last Day Events News give you a perspective on news for New Zealanders and for all people from a Christian biblical view to show evidence that as the bible tells us, we are rapidly heading towards the return of Jesus and incredible ending of this world. Tonight we cover the following topics: - Taiwan, China and the USA - An unHoly trinity taking us to war? - Global Governance and the quiet take over of your life - Disinformation, keeping you 'safe' for wicked control! - Should politicians have the right to take your freedoms away? - Christopher Luxon - the other wing of the same bird? - NZ Politics - Do we really know what the issues are? - The World is moving on from covid but why aren't we? - Monkey Pox - Is the 'next' one that Gates said we will take seriously? This and more please share!

Tonight we ask - Is freedom dead in NZ and has our country descended into full tyranny?

A special interview with Mark Rasmussen, a salt of the Earth ordinary citizen who along with many

others is being persecuted for speaking up against this Government.

We look at data collection and potential evidence of the intelligence services of NZ working against

our citizens.

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Its genius really. By the time sh-it hits the fan and the truth is known and starts to spread the people will be too thick to understand it and too opinionated, proud and emotionally driven to accept and admit they have been fooled

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