Is the word trinity in the Bible? This presentation is about the God of the Bible and examines and answers the question with solid scriptural teaching. This would make an excellent teaching tool for Sunday school or ministering in Bible study groups or as an aid in sermon preparation.

Current President Donald J Trump released a second term agenda in 2020. Some people have given up on our President having little patience. So they post their complaints unaware of what is going on already. They people want to SEE what is happening.. This video is to urge people to stop demanding what can't be given. Those working to restore America and free people globally don't advertise. Revealing what they are doing would could destroy the advantages they have achieved so far.

This is an epic poem of 20 verses celebrating a certain businessman who came to deliver America from those who deceived us for decades.

This video is not for the weak who can't deal with straight talk. I will speak my heart because of my love for this nation and people especially my immediate family. This video speaks of what this nation was intended to be and what it has become. It addresses current issues and challenges our national leaders, citizens and Christians in particular. It is a clarion call to everyone to decide what kind of nation they wish to live in and to act accordingly. We are one election away from becoming a socialist nation. It's time for the men of America to act like men. The women are taking a bold, verbal stand in many places. I am wondering when the men, who should be setting the example, will regain the courage and boldness the women are already displaying. We should be ashamed at our lack of courage. Our time is now. Our nation is in trouble like never before. For our own sakes, the sakes of our wives and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren we must answer the call.

By the way, the scripture concerning marriage is Genesis 2;24 - not 1:24

A Facebook video that I believe will bless those who love the Lord Jesus. This is a commentary on Isaiah 14:12-15 where Lucifer, filled with pride, gets the deranged idea he can take his creator down and exalt himself above God. The most foolish idea in universal history.

This is a detailed message examining whether or not Jesus is God incarnate or God come in the form of a man using many scriptures and sound reasoning concerning them. This video would be a great resource for any Christian to use in explaining the deity of Christ to anyone they wish.

The temptation of Jesus examined with my personal thoughts and some interesting information that probably isn't commonly known among believers about a significant theological term concerning the Lord.

This message started slow for me as I was trying something for the first time. Paul challenges the church in Corinth and speaks of his many trials and afflictions. He tells them that he loves them and takes responsibility for them while seeking no glory even though he, himself, is on an equal level with Peter and other apostles. A challenge is made at the end as always.

There is a big difference between enjoying the world we live in and loving it to the extent that we are willing to forget about God and pursue this life as if that is all there is. The Bible is very clear on this as the video will show and gives us a far better option than living for the world as opposed to living for God. Everyone needs to pay attention to what is contained in this video.

Back in the day when we spoke to one another we would say, "Let's call a spade a spade." Simply put this meant let's deal with truth and forget about excuses, lies, inuendo and every other fraudulent way of considering issues and just speak about the thing as it really was. This video, coming from a Christian world view and the world view of people who can still think critically and objectively, speaks of abortion for what it really is without apology and irrespective of what others might wish to believe. The video deals with the subject of truth and defies people to examine the evidence found at Klan Parenthood where undeniable visuals scream out that abortion is indeed murder of the most heinous type. People are told how God hates the shedding of innocent blood but also tells of the redemption available to all who sin irregardless of what sin they are guilty of. Hard hitting truth with forgiveness spelled out plainly so there is no mistake about it. A special page prepared for this issue is found at

This video is a point by point refutatiion of Catholicism along with the things Protestants and Catholics agree on. This is not apologetic in the sense that I speak what I believe to be true and let people deal with it in their own hearts and minds. I stand on Galatians 1:10 - "For do I now seek to please men or God; for if I yet seek to please men, I am no longer the servant of Christ."

We live in a time of compromise and spiritual declension in the body of Christ, and PC has infiltrated churches worldwide, but there is no room for compromise when it comes to the things of God. Jesus made it perfectly clear when he said; "You are either for me or against me." He did not leave any room for gray areas. With his example in mind I am doing a video explaining what I believe scripture is teaching and answering tenets/beliefs that oppose what I believe without being harsh but truthful. This video is not intended to be PC or man pleasing but shooting straight from the hip.

To learn more visit my ministry site -

A short poem encouraging everyone to honor and praise God and thank him for his great mercy and love toward us, and an invitation to visit the ministry site of C R Lord.

This video is prepared more particularly for Christians but is applicable to every person irrespective of their religion or ideology or lack thereof who loves America and want to see our nation remain as a free republic. It is to counter the lie of separation of church and state and expose names of our enemies, both domestic and foreign who are working to bring America down into the insidious and tyrannical rule of globalism. This is a call for Christians because I believe Christians have been avoiding confrontation with evil and especially what they falsely believe to be conspiracy theory.

This is a Facebook live video uploaded to Bitchute: The video shows a surprising parallel to the Old Testament God(s) and what is happening today and how they relate to one another. Perhaps we are not as "civilized" as we might have thought.

This is a call to Christians to quit playing church and take up the whole armor of God and live in uncompromising service to God and man bringing the truth with force into this generation.

This is a video to present who I am and what I believe without compromise and without regard to any person except God who I believe gave me this burden to share with believers and unbelievers alike. This video is both random and necessary for those who can receive it. I have carried this in my heart for years and have been careful about delivering it in the right spirit. I live to honor God and serve him who saved me from my spiritual ignorance so representing him is a sacred honor to me. I trust God helped me to produce this message and ran it past my most trusted critic - my wife. She is the peaceful half that I trust for honest evaluation of what I am writing, teaching and preaching. Those who love God will hear and evaluate this honestly. Others will label it and me too for various reasons. Only God knows the heart of any man. Judge this video according to the Word of God. If it matches with what is in that precious book then heed what is presented on it.

A look past the obvious human anatomy and considering the origin of that and more. Challenging everyone to understand where boasting is right and where the boasting should be rightly directed.

This is a message that declares everyone "must" be saved and the precise ramifications of rejecting Christ; a message everyone needs to hear and act on before the day of their death.

This video breaks down what it would take to destroy America. This is one of those "calling a spade a spade" videos, the way it used to be in America. It covers, families, military, God, drug and human trafficking, censorship and some enemies by name. This video also speaks on depression, doubt and fear and dealing with it and moving on.

A politically ignorant man (me) enters the political world. My ignorance of politics, my first interest starting with Barack "Hussein" Obama, and my daily political activities now on Part 2 of 2 videos

A politically ignorant man (me) enters the political world. My ignorance of politics, my first interest starting with Barack "Hussein" Obama, and my daily political activities now on Part 1 of 2 videos.

My views on important events especially the fake pandemic and covid 19.

You Tube banned this video and warned me that if I were to post another similar video I would lose account privileges for a week. Of course, that is the first step to closing me down, so I may or may not try there again.

This is a study on one chapter of the Bible from the gospel of Matthew and it begins with judging others and starts with five verses on that subject. Most people know the first verse by heart including unbelievers who love to quote it even though most don't know where it is found. Some Christians love to use this verse as a cover for refusing people who love them enough to point something out they need to deal with. There is also the words of Jesus concerning knowing a tree by its fruit and more. It is a tremendous chapter and this video only touches on what could be a great study carried out in more detail.

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This is a message challenging everyone to clearly understand our very real significance in relation to others, our world, the universe and God. For those who are willing to deal with honesty objectively this message will be a simple acknowledgement of reality. For others who are self-exalting this video will be an offense.

The video begins with Proverbs, Chapter 3 and centers in on "There is a time to speak and a time to be silent." I believe we have been silent far too long and it's time to speak up. This video was produced on January 4, 2019 and is still relevant because we, as a nation have been dealing with corruption on a higher level than ever in our history. In my 78 years on this planet I have never seen such a preponderance of evil as is present in America today. We must speak up or we will go down to defeat and into a government that will rule us and take away all our freedoms.


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