Sargon of Akkad

Everyone else is wrong and I am right.

Let's talk about two interconnected concepts.

UK Census Data article:

Examining the arguments *for* the Chaos Gods with Arch:

Support the stream: Make sure to watch the woke Amazon Lord of the Rings.

You just hate black people, don't you?

I'm sure next year will be just peachy.

We all need more diversity, don't we, David?

Society is most definitely collapsing:

Everyone really wants you to be the hateful monster that you're not.

Just plug me back in.

In fact, his video Vaush is Unironically Evil is excellent and you should watch it:

Doing the right thing is necessary.

Sympathy stream.

Relationships collapsing is all men's fault.

Great fun.

If you understand the thumbnail reference, you get +1 wounds per model.

Seriously, what is their purpose?

We care now it affects the left.


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