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Why are liberals on the side of the bugs?

CRT explained:

Perhaps the New Atheists attacking Christianity so relentlessly wasn't a brilliant idea, actually.

Join the crusade:

The Politics of Warhammer 40,000:


What is the legitimacy of the government of the United States based upon, if not from the consent of the governed?

You cannot draw blood from a stone.

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The zoomers need to start asking the hard questions.

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Why does anyone want a "day of recognition"?

These political systems are actually not the same.

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These are my thoughts.

Where woke comes from and what it wants:

Let's take a look at the narrative of Paul Atreides in the recent Dune and Dune Part Two movies. - promo code SARGON
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Good luck for the new year, folks.

Everyone else is wrong and I am right.

Let's talk about two interconnected concepts.

UK Census Data article:

Examining the arguments *for* the Chaos Gods with Arch:

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