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Star forts first started to appear in mass in the late 15th and early 16th century as defensive structures and now are in over 60 countries
There are no two stars that are exactly the same - all vary in size and shape. Usually multiple stars located in vicinity, water also usually present
Did they have an understanding of how to work with nature, rather than bend it to their will?
Star forts and cities could have been used for efficient farming, hydraulic engineering and water management, earth energy storage and amplification, and also defense.
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Chicago in the 1800’s is full of interesting stories culminating with the 1893 Worlds Fair/Exposition remnants going out in a blaze of glory!
1849 was the year of the great flood ; all the bridges were swept away, vessels and canal boats smashed by the ice and the wharves were ruined
1871 Chicago Fire 17,000 buildings destroyed, 300 killed & 2,000 acres destroyed
April 1892 Buildings Collapse During Wind Storm (possible Tornado),

The White City 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition
Open from May 1- October 31, 1893
690 acre fairground, 200 Buildings (Built in less than 2 years on swamp land)
Worlds Largest Ferris Wheel - 264 feet high
65 foot Columbia statue,
27.3M attendance (Chicago Day 10/8/1893 drew 751,026 people)
Questions: How did they build so fast?
Where did all materials come from?
How did materials get to the site?
Where are the blueprints for the buildings?
No Machines, trucks, or electricity?
Horse & Carriage & trains transported all materials?
How many workers were used?
Who fed them? Where are bathrooms? Where did they sleep?
Why are there very few construction photos?

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Clips are from Great Documentaries on YouTube: EXPO – Magic of the White City (Narrated by Gene Wilder)

This episode is a look into the Crystal Palaces of the 1800s to kick-off Old World November on The Great Deception Podcast. You can listen or watch this episode, to watch go to my YouTube page listed below.

The amazing structures we built in the 1800s and most were destroyed by fires. I will look at the grand daddy of them all the Crystal Palace of London 1851 for the Worlds Fair. Then I will show the palaces in New York, Germany, and Canada as well. Lastly I run thru some 'not-so' Crystal Palace, Crystal Palaces; found in Australia, Amsterdam, and more in Canada!

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