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There Ain't No Skeleton in Jesus Closet Song - Sang and written by Carl Klang.


The Deity of Jesus: Part 2
This is a series of messages concerning the Deity and Kingship of our Lord, King, and Savior Jesus the Christ.

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Hermeneutics, Exegesis, and Eisegesis are all words Christians should be familiar with. In this short video I just briefly discuss what those words mean and give an example in Galatians on how we can look at the context of a passage to practice Exegesis in our daily Bible study.

The mentioned article can be read here:

#Exegesis #Eisegesis #Hermeneutics

Please check out our playlist Bible Studies Concerning the Israelites & our website

Please check out our playlist Bible Studies Concerning the Israelites & our website

Short: Who were the people who were not a people? - 1 Peter 2:9-10

Short: Greeks were Israelites - John 7:35

Short: Passover not Easter - Acts 12:4

Short: Was Simon a Canaanite? - Matthew 10:4

Short: Who is the Eternal Father & Mighty God? - Isaiah 9:6

Short: Mighty God not speaking of the Father??? - Isaiah 10:21

The Ferrar Fenton Translation of the Bible
This video is a small history of the Ferrar Fenton translation of the Bible. It is often considered the Anglo-Israel Bible because Fenton was a believer in the Anglo-Israel truth. In this video we look a little more into it...

If you want to read online (I am not affiliated with these sites):

If you would like to order a copy:

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AIM #18 - The Deity of Jesus & The Trinity

J.S. Lowther's website:

#deityofchrist #thetrinity #yahweh

The Deity of Jesus: Part 1
This is a series of messages concerning the Deity and Kingship of our Lord, King, and Savior Jesus the Christ. In part 1 I use the King James translations and the New American Standard translations.

#deityofchrist #jesuschrist #yahweh

Short: Who was John the Baptist clearing the way for? Mark 1:2-3

#deityofChrist #Jesus #yhwh

Short: Who is the Alpha & Omega?

#deityofChrist #Jesus #yhwh

Short: Is Jesus God? Philippians 2:10

08 - Happy Is He If...

#Godslaw #ecclesia #Godslove

07 - We Need Brotherly Love
We cannot obey God's Law without first loving Him, we can't love Him without first loving our brother. We are commanded to advance the Kingdom of God, which makes up those same brethren, yet we see very little brotherly love today within the Kingdom. This is a big issue! We need more brotherly love!

#brotherlylove #Godslaw #Biblelaw

Does Queen Elizabeth Sit on David’s Throne?
Some believe that the British Monarch it is sitting and acting as a "keeper" of the Davidic throne for a future King Jesus to come claim it. If this is true, can one truly say Jesus Christ is King right now?

#britishisraelism #queenelizabeth #britishmonarchy

AIM #17 - Bible Prophecy & Historicism
In this episode Pastor Charles Jennings and I discuss Bible Prophecy and the prophetic interpretation of Historicism.

#Historicism #Bible #Prophecy

06 - The Two Greatest Commandments
What are the TWO greatest commandments of God? Did Jesus sum them up in a few verses? How do we love God in a biblical way?

Anglo-Israel Truth: In A Nutshell
A video explaining the Anglo-Israel message in a nutshell.

Tri-Fold Tracts by Matthew Dyer

The Gospel: A Love Story – Tract

Who Are the Israelites? – Tract

Anglo-Israel: Is It a New Doctrine? – Tract

What About the Woman of Samaria? - Tract

More study material concerning "Who is Israel Today?" by various authors

Dr. Lawrence Blanchard's Covenant Heritage Series of Books
I highly recommend books 1-4. These books are some of the best material on the subject of the covenants and who is Israel.

Dr. Blanchard also has a Bible study course called the Bible Mastery Boot Camp which is based on his books. They are very well put together videos that you follow along with a class room style workbook. I highly recommend this as well.


Below are two studies into the word Gentile. This word Gentile is often very misused and misunderstood in the Churches of today. Very important subject.

A study of the word Gentile - Read for Free
by Pastor Curtis Clair Ewing

The Mystery of the Gentiles - Read for Free
by Pastor Ted Weiland


Below is a boo written by Biblical Archaeologist M.A., A.I.A.,..

Short: We're the Judeans afraid of the Romans taking their "non-Jews"?

Gentile DOES NOT Mean "Non-Jew"


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