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Interesting lighting on the sign. This is a clip from a gig with Min-y-Llan in Carmarthen some years ago.

A lovely part of the country that is falling apart due to lack of maintenance. I was out on a walk and came across a dodgy hand rail on some steps. Very dangerous for anyone who relies on the hand rail to get down the them.

Candy gets angry with a ball that makes sounds as she struggles to get hold of it, and chases it around the place. Then she does a couple of zoomies and flops down knackered!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, or happy holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas. The octopus was at the local Ocean Labs in Goodwick, and is one of my favourite creatures.

I bought copper tape to repel slugs from my pot plants but slugs were still getting to them, so I put this strip of copper tape in front of a slug to see what happened. It seems that either the tape I bought isn't real copper, or the copper repelling slug idea is a myth. At least with the slugs around me. I did think of the possibility of there being a coating over the copper on the tape which is the main reason I decided to measure its resistance. It also discoloured under a drop of vinegar (you can see the results from the drops in the clip where I measure the resistance), so my calculated guess would be that this is indeed copper but the slugs just don't care. Maybe there will some use for the copper tape in a future electronics project but I'm not wasting any more on the slugs!

Candy chasing a piece of chew stick all around the lounge. These chew sticks last her for ages before she eventually breaks them down enough to eat but she loves throwing and chasing them about!

New basket for Christmas, Candy? Probably not! ;-) This is Vlogmas day 23. Just one more than I have done it! Not all on time but I will be able to sleep after Vlogmas day 24 is completed, then I plan another video for later on Christmas day.

Candy having a good snore and a little shaking from a dream. I wonder what dogs dream about. I wonder if they dream like we do.

If you're in Pembrokeshire be sure to support the local businesses. This clay house was made by the Creative Cafe in Haveforwest ( and painted by my daughter and myself. They then fire it and it is ready to collect in a couple of days.

Just a short clip of apple blossom from earlier this year. Four apples were produced but they never properly grew to ripeness due to the dry weather, so the birds had them this winter.

Welsh Daffodils will be flowering around here towards the end of January, usually the first signs of spring on its way. The cold months are still coming but this is a reminder that they will be over quickly.

It's getting late and I'm getting tired yet determined to get this Vlogmas series complete! Enjoy a view of Goodwick beach with a bit of mist in the valley to Lower Fishguard.

I'm just highlighting some of the difficulties in trying to see a GP in a rural area after the lock downs of 2020/2021, and with the on-going NHS defunding by the government that promised the NHS £350 million of extra funding thanks to Brexit.

The next milestone will be the 1000 subscriber mark when I will bee able to monetise the channel once more. I was monetised in the past but it was cancelled when Youtube brought in the rule of needing a minimum number of subscribers. I was earning about £30 per year back then! So rich, I was :-D

I also had another email from Youtube... I'll tell you later, in another video ;-)

Who needs Africa? Just come to Pembrokeshire :-)

This flower spends most of the year blooming in my front garden. Not sure what it is, perhaps you could let me know in the comments if you know what it is called. It's very pretty, especially when a number of them flower at the same time.

Candy lying on my lap, snoring and dreaming.

Vlogmas 5, I'm catching up a little :-) This is Candy with a goody from B&M. Not sure what it is but it contains cheese amongst other stuff. She goes nuts with it! The scratched off wallpaper in the hall is her doing! She gets distracted a couple of times by a pair of (stinky?) shoes. After this she will lay down for a rest or have a sleep.

Please excuse the skips in the music track, I'm not sure what happened there but it is in the original audio.

Pictures are from my garden in Pembrokeshire, I didn't do much with it this year so these flowers are the ones that pop up every year without needing my help. I'm hoping to have the time to do a bit more with it next year, plus I have a pack of seeds from 38 Degrees to plant to help feed the bees.

Candy is thought to be a cross between a Jack Russell and a Springer Spaniel. She's a rescue dog from Greenacres in Pembrokeshire, and joined our family as a puppy.

I thought beer was supposed to drown slugs. This one is too clever! Looks like it has had a good time around the beer but still managed to hide before morning.

There seems to be a bit of a slug theme at the moment. We have tonnes of them around here, I am surrounded by fields.

I found this little parcel lying in my front garden. It must have been left at the front door and either blown away or washed away in the rain. Lucky I spotted it before it was too far gone. Slugs have been at it so I guess it was outside a few days. This is a limited edition collector's car. I would rather the box wasn't damaged but I hope to glue that back somehow. TWC is now all dried out :-)

What is TWC?-
Who is Hub Nut? -

Vlogmas 2023 - First frost of 2023 on 1st December in Pembrokeshire with the sounds of the birds in the background.

Sorry for the late upload, this was filmed on 1st December 2023, and edited (took most of the day!) on 7th December 2023, so I have some catching up to do! I will explain more in one of the videos.

I'm not so good at this vlogmas lark, it's day 14 and I am on video 2! Time goes so quickly and I am so short of ideas. My Xmas is very different to the norm and I am hesitant to share my own experiences. Here I am repairing my daughter's TV which died suddenly.

This repair should only be attempted if you have knowledge and experience in electronics & electricity because I don't go into enough detail for you to carry this out safely, plus you need to know the dangers involved, which I also don't cover here.

One diode (SB5100) of three connected in parallel was shorted, so I cut the lead and the TV powered up fine. I replaced all three diodes in case the remaining two were weakened in some way (they will probably end up in some project, so not wasted) with UF5402 diodes, which were recommended by someone who repaired a TV with the same issue in the past, and have a similar specifications.

The PSU in this TV is used in many makes of TV's, and you can identify it with the model number on the PCB - Vestel 17PW80 V2, so check these diodes on a dead TV before scrapping it!

Only half hour until Storm Ciaran hits Pembrokeshire, according to the Met. Office. Still waiting for the trees to twitch...


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