A full length original documentary going in depth into the Notre Dame Cathedral roof fire and the strange esoteric connections surrounding it.
From Zion Knights to Sol Pais, are they coincidence or is it ritual?

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Music credits:
Briefing - Harry Gregson Williams
Marketplace _ Michael McCann
Omen - Ryan Amon
Spectre Realm - Kurt Harland Jim Hedges
The Bureau - Jesper Kyd
Silent Heaven - Akira Yamaoka
The Reverse Will - Akira Yamaoka

Full length documentary detailing Crowley's life, his magical beliefs, ritual practices, and his influence on modern culture.
Some see him as a holy prophet, others saw him as a madman. Find out in this documentary; who really was the wickedest man in the world?

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Norihiko Hibano - Vamp
Harry Gregson Williams - Title theme
Ulver - Silence Teaches You How To Sing
Tetsuya Shibata - Mission Start/Conspiracy/The Lost Woods
Eric Brosius - Clocktower
Nobuyoshi Sano - Save
Akira Yamaoka - Innocent Moon/The Reverse Will

Excerpt from my documentary "So About Aleister Crowley"

No infringement intended
Music used:
Tetsuya Shibata - Holy Guardian

First documentary I've made covering a brief history of #pizzagate #pedogate and new connections to recent child "drag" sensation #DesmondisAmazing


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Crushing globalism while high on memes.
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