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“Deir Yassin massacre was not only necessary;
but without it the state of Israel could not have
emerged.” – Manahem Begin

Keep this in mind when it comes to the current Israeli genocide in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in October-November 2023. The Jews won't stop; they'll kill every last Palestinian to get their Jewish world government out of Jerusalem in Israel. They need Gaza's oil and gas fields; they need East Jerusalem in order to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque and replace it with their "third temple" of Solomon, the centre of the Jewish "nation" ruling over all nations, just as they occupied and ruled Palestine for nearly 80 years of uninterrupted massacres, contempt and horror.

The Nakba isn't over for the Palestinians.
And it may be just beginning for the rest of us unless we stand firm with Palestine and force Israel out of the occupied territories.
- - -
This film was pitch dark and has been lightened up by adjusting brightness, gamma, contrast, etc. in order to make the figures visible.

"Woke" is the same word and the same tactic as used in Mao's Red China to implement the Communist "cultural revolution". So is "cancel culture": pulling down statues, destroying churches, and more that you will recognize. It's all pure Communist. And wait till you hear about "struggle" sessions. Keep in mind the mass church-burnings in Canada, the statute of Sir John A. Macdonald removed from Victoria, BC communist city hall.

Xi Van Fleet, who grew up in Mao’s “cultural revolution” in the 1960s, explains what it is, how it works, what it's meant to achieve. She warns us that the same thing is happening right now in America – make that North America. It is a communist revolution.

This is an outstanding interview with a knowledgeable author and an excellent commentator, David Knight. Both are to be thanked and congratulated.

Canadians, pay attention. Time to take action.

POST: https://wordpress.com/post/downwithhate.wordpress.com/4027

Palestine was a “barren ruin” with almost no occupants. The Jews arrived to “build it up” and that’s why they “own” it today.

Palestine was a thriving young nation with cities, ports, railroads, shipping, international trade, schools, colleges, mosques, car dealerships, theaters... orchards, farms, factories... until the Jewish terrorists arrived who brutally expelled the Palestinians and moved in.

For the TRUTH, see the documentary "PALESTINE 1920" by Al Jazeera.

To read a transcript of this video entitled "New Zealand is a “Crime Scene” with “Clusters” of Deaths at Vaccination Sites and Tens of Thousands of People Vaccinated to Death (New Zealand Loyal Party)", visit: https://thereisnopandemic.net/

I signed up to paid Protonmail in late 2018 for the first time. I acquired a total of three paid accounts, and they're not cheap. When Protonmail.com switched to being Proton.me in the past couple of years, on new servers, with a new design, they added LAZYLOAD to the inbox. LAZYLOAD is not required on text. It was designed to slow-load images that otherwise break up while loading and may appear unattractive. But Proton.me has FORCED lazyload onto the whole inbox and every single email within it. Every single time you move around in your inbox to access anything, lazyload is triggered and you find yourself sitting there watching your hair fall out waiting for the grey pulsing blobs to stop so you can see your inbox, and then so you can read EACH individual email. I could not take the madness any more. I purchased four new encrypted accounts elsewhere, where normal designers do not impose lazyload.

By the way, did you know that not everything in an encrypted email account is encrypted? META-DATA is not encrypted. Your email host can see who wrote to you, because the TO, FROM, CC, BCC, SUBJECT LINE, date and likely other data are all VISIBLE to your email provider. It therefore doesn't matter too much if the content of an email is "encrypted", because if a malign government, for example, gets in touch with your email provider, they can collect the META DATA likely without even a court order ... even if one was required. Your correspondents can thus be identified, along with their email address, and your personal and business affairs quickly interfered with.

Some of us "white" people are tired of being defamed and slandered by those accomplished nothing in 10,000+ years and are now living off our backs. However, the liars may eventually kill the goose that laid the golden eggs, and the mass-migrated third-world foreigners will feel no need to hand over any more freebies to the lying Indians who will not be able to guilt-trip them.

Read more: "Canada 150: Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples are NOT Victims of Genocide: on the Contrary, their Populations are Exploding: Statistics Canada"


WORDPRESS.COM DESTROYED THE WHOLE BLOG WHILE I WAS JUST SITTING HERE ADDING THIS VIDEO TO IT. Therefore, you can read the post in question as a pdf in my file-share:

Dr. David Martin & Stew Peters call to overthrow USA 1776-style as remedy for tyranny. They put out this call during the Canaidan Freedom Convoys, declaring that if courrts on both sides of the border won't listen, won't stand up to tyranny, the remedy is to destroy the Constitution and start over. NO, that is not the remedy. You do NOT destroy the only legal framework that protects you. You protec it, by enforcing it. Peters and Martin are dangerous men, engaging in subversion.

Martin and Peters both spread the LIE that the "remedy" of overthrowing the US Constitution as a remedy for tyranny is "written" into the US Constitution. NO, IT IS NOT. The propaganda they are parroting likely comes from a trio of movements, notably the Oath Keepers led by seditionist Stewart Rhodes, and his pals the Tenth Amendment Center and the Nullifiers led by Tom Woods. Nullification is not constitutional, it is not law, it is political posturing from the early days of the US Constitution. And it is manifestly NOT "written" into the US Constitution. Moreover, of Stewart Rhodes's "Ten Orders We Will Not Obey", which he claims it is unconstitutional to obey, it is in fact unconstitutional to NOT obey ONE of them, Order no. 5, which is a deception by Rhodes to trick the loyal American troops into standing down when the Governors of the States declare UDI to destroy the federal government of the USA by "seceding" en masse. The federal government is required by the US Constitution to protect the States from "invasion". Any Governor who declares UDI is not doing so "under" the US Constitution, but outside it, and thus constitutes an "invasion" which the federal government is required to put down by entering the State with troops to take back control, in order to fulfill the constitutional guarantee of a "republican form" of government. Governors declaring UDI are rogues and usurpers outside the law. Read more here, and download a free PDF booklet on Nullification as treason: https://nosnowinmoscow.wordpress.com/1776-an-american-coup/

Video full source here: https://zeeemedia.com/interview/breaking-criminal-canadian-monopoly-dr-david-martin-exposes-why-trudeau-wont-back-down/

The US and Canadian "separatist" movements put into position are conveniently dove-tailing with the big final strike on humanity by the globalists using their Covid scamdemic.
And oddly, instead of calling to defend the Constitution by ousting the tyrants, which can be done in both USA and Canada using i.e., Quo Warranto, the "heroes" are calling to destroy the Constitution. This clears the way for the globalists, who would no longer have any barriers. Our Constitutions can be enforced against WHO control and "pandemic treaties" and "vaxx passes" and other tyrannical nonsense.
Moreover, overthrowing the US Constitution and the Canadian Constitution clears the way for the UN and Chapter VIII to move in with foreign troops to "stabilize" any "region" (North American region) that might be in chaos.

So, this is not 1776 any more; there was no UN or Red China pseudo-Soviet Union, or Russia-China pact when King George was around. And the consequences today of imitating 1776 will be devastating and you won't want to celebrate with fireworks.

Catherine Austen Fitts has pointed out on film that mass secession of the States would benefit "Mr. Global" by destroying the framework of the US Constitution under which they have robbed the American people of trillions, making it impossible to ever get the trillions back. Which simply points to the fact that enforcement is available "under" the lawful, existing US Constitution. So, why would you want to destroy the legal framework that allows you to get trillions back from crooks who have robbed your treasury? And what guarantee do you have that crooks would not be in charge of the new system you set up that you say "works"? You have no control of that at all. There is no guarantee except the constitutional guarantee, so enforce it.

All the institutions will be tossed up in the air if the USA and Canada and any other federal state or any other nation can be conned into destroying itself.

This intriguing short clip was found online on 6 June 2023. Wondering where the rest of it is, it seems to be an excerpt.&nbsp; It is being connected with a book entitled <strong>GAME OVER</strong>.
Rumour has it that the book, though written in German, has plenty of documented evidence in the English language about the plan for the fake pandemic.

John O'Looney updates Gareth Icke on discoveries in the bodies of the dead vaxxed people and on John's escape from hospital.

Peter F. Trent on “The Merger Delusion,” Introduced by Bilderberger, Lord Conrad Black

Alberta Passes Sovereignty Act, Strips Out Sweeping Powers for Cabinet (CBC) (Excerpt)
Bookmark this: https://modernfathers1867.com/

Danielle Smith to Jordan Peterson in "Showdown with Ottawa: Alberta's New Premier | Danielle Smith":
"We need to be prepared to move to a more European style of system." Full source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uui-E6xdr-Q 1,244,538 views. Uploaded Nov 17, 2022 The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast. TRANSCRIPT BELOW.



What happens is, they over-tax us at the federal level. This is sorta thuh, thee, one of the flaws of our
constitutional arrangement that we set up, is that the federal government can tax us into oblivion. And then they hoard a pot of money. And then they sort of dribble it back to us saying, "Oh, if you run your programs our way, then we'll transfer you some of the dollars back." So, they, thee, the real problem with the, with the way the country operates is that the federal government is taxing and taking more money than they need, and then they're using that federal spending power to essentially dictate to the provinces.

And that's a real problem.

That's part of the reason why, when you look at what Quebec has done, they start taking back more
authority over their provincial powers. So, they, um, they collect their own, their own income taxes. And
the reason why I think they ultimately want to do that is one day I think they want to move to a more
European style of system. Where each of the sub-natonal governments collect [sic] all their own taxes, and then they pay to the central authority only those dollars that go to support the federal areas of jurisdiction.

And that, I think, is, is -- when Quebec moves in that direction, we need to be prepared to move in that
direction, too. But, I think that's the evolution of where we're going.

[Note: there is no Darwinism of the Constitution; constitutions don't evolve, they are made, or they are
broken by treason. With a statement like that, Smith is guiding the future "negotiations" to comply with the framework invented by the Supreme Court of Canada sitting as a non-judicial federal advisory board in the non-binding 1998 Quebec "secession" opinion.]


Is Quebec farther ahead on that road than Alberta? And, is your plan to bring Alberta down that route,
and, uh, and, are -- is Saskatchewan on board?


We are going to take as uh, as uh, as much action in our areas of jurisdiction as Quebec.

- 30 -

I met this girl, she's just great, this girl I just adore...
By Ray Jessel, Age 84.

BREAKING: Swiss President Berset named in lawsuit filed by British Swiss Banker Pascal Najadi vs Pfizer Inc. & FDA with Supreme Court NY, USA

This is a mirror of https://rumble.com/v2c2ut4-breaking-swiss-president-berset-named-in-us-supreme-court-law-suit-along-wi.html because the images can't be seen on Rumble if you are running Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine.

The Department of Energy and Republicans in Congress working so that you don't see what there is to see.
Mirrored from youtube (as a backup): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMSz209wV8g
Streamed live on 27 Feb 2023
34,994 views as of 7 March 2023.

There Is No “Novel” Virus. Listen to Dr. David Martin Explain the History of the Creation of the Sars-Cov-2 Manufactured Virus and Vaccine….

For more on the Scamdemic: https://thereisnopandemic.net/2023/02/24/there-is-no-novel-virus-listen-to-dr-david-martin-explain-the-history-of-the-creation-of-the-sars-cov-2-manufactured-virus-and-vaccine/

Mirrored from YouTube - because I can't believe it's still online, and just in case... 14,894 views 17 May 2022

Aired via zoom on May 17, 2022. Thank you for watching!
Uploader's description:

We are an independent and nonpartisan volunteer organization that confronts deep-rooted challenges in Canadian democracy while defending against new threats. We champion the leaders and organizations who defend democracy.


This is another one I can't believe is still on YouTube, so this is a preemptive rescue.

Mirrored. Uploader's description:

274,573 views 27 Oct 2021 #TheJimmyDoreShow
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UK MP Andrew Bridgen calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab in extraordinary British Parliament
Also view this video at: https://thereisnopandemic.net/

The "virus" is very selective. It will attack you on a plane or a train, but not on a bus. If there was any "science" behind Trudeau's travel ban, it would include all forms of group travel, both local and inter-provincial.

Frankly, it's not a virus that's attacking, it's Trudeau and his boss, Klaus Schwab, who need the fake pandemic to advance Davos' demands for a world government under their direction, in the form of a tyranny, a health dictatorship, where viruses can be imagined at any time, and people's QR codes remotely turned on to prohibit their actions and movements. In particular to prevent them from meeting to discuss the situation.

However, China is currently leading the way, as the people are revolting against Xi Ping and his "Covid-19" measures.

Moreover, Trudeau is so breathtakingly stupid that he says non-vaxxed people put vaxxed people "at risk". That statement proves either that Trudeau is a moron, or that the vaxx he has called "safe and effective" DOES NOT WORK.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX3pV_jyy4E

Allegations in this video reveal that Pierre Poilievre had a personal page at the web site of the World Economic Forum, and his true allegiance is in question.

This is the description under the original video:

"This video sets out to prove that Canada's conservative party candidate for Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre, works for the World Economic Forum.

The clips used were from The Luke Sharp Show episodes 1 https://youtu.be/AXQsl9e9Tvw and 2 (coming soon), as well as featuring a video of NHL legend Theo Fleury.

Pierre Poilievre's deleted but saved and archived World Economic Forum page: https://web.archive.org/web/20210401060525/https://www.weforum.org/people/Pierre-poilievre

DeniseInCanada's video showing how Pierre's campaign heads all work for the World Economic Forum: https://twitter.com/DeniseInCanada/status/1518413756799365122?t=S9Kw-43EACx_Ox_59w6bvQ&s=19

NHL legend Theo Fleury proving Pierre Poilievre works for the Forum: https://fb.watch/cIjlSYOgWy/

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Zionist Jacques Attali, former adviser to French President Mitterand, wrote in 1981 (summarized) that euthanasia must become a social tool aimed at the elderly, the weak, the useless, especially at the stupid, cloaked as a "treatment" for a "pandemic" to "reduce population".

Reuploaded from RAIR Foundation USA, Rumble: https://rumble.com/vwvdje-did-globalist-jacques-attali-say-the-stupid-will-believe-it-and-ask-to-be-t.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=RAIRFoundationUSA&ep=1

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=z4ro4jT5eRA&feature=youtu.be