It was very fun.

Leif, an old fudd, is smacktalking semi autos on TV in Sweden.
I give a running commentary.

Video in Swedish: https://www.tv4play.se/program/brottsjournalen/11036367

Actually got a good grouping :)

Watch me shake the dust of my trigger finger after my vacation to Belarus and Ukraine. Learn from my silly mistakes :)

Divide the size of the target (in millimeters) by the number of mil it measures on the reticle, and you will obtain the range in meters.
In this video: 120 mm/0.4 mil=300 meters.
(ignore my shitty app that gave 299meters, it is infected with american measurements and have ruleraids).

Spoiler: Does not cycle, but is quiet!

Just did deadlifts, ignore me when I say something stupid and wrong.
CM and MM is not the same for example...

Regarding the shitty handling of gun licencing in Sweden.
Spoiler: They do not give a shit that the police break the law.

Watch me try to shoot an open bolt machinegun accurately at 100 meters.
English Subs on YouTube

Watch me theorycraft a silly load to make a subsonic x39 round.

Me testing shooting from a tripod and some other stuff.

Made a load ladder for the subs this time around.
340, 325, 310 ms. And a control @ 500ms
They are still loud because of small volume of the suppressor.

In Swedish, English SUBS on YouTube

Or how I learn to get the speed of sound right...

Was just at the edge and above it apparently. Will load them weaker nest time :)

Me trying to make some subsonic 45-70
Using cast 405gr bullets and Norma 200 powder

Fiddling with my Sauer 200 STR, checking zero with new suppressor.

Works better on my AR15 than a regular suppresssor. Had some issues on the .308 due to shit corroded ammo.

357/45 Grizzly WinMag @ 650ms/2132fps with this load.
Take one .308 casing, shorten it and neck it down to .357 magnum (kind of).
Shoot stuff fast out of a 1911 with a 10" barrel.
Be bad ass. :D


From "BD Långhåll" competition in Sweden. Did not film that much. Finished in the middle.

Also testing the bluetooth functionality of the labradars latest patch.

Tldw: I do not like the SIG716, labradar works fine but is a little sensitive princess.

Worked as intended. At least more quiet than the unsuppressed shotguns :V

Started unthreading itself though and obscured the sights a bit. I did get better at it after some practice.

Suppressor is the A-Tec A12 from Norway.
Shotgun is a regular Remington 870


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