Me doing a classic PRS skillstage with my suppressed AR15.

Sorry for shit video of me in the shadow.

Tldr: good enough

Filmed after it happened September 2019.
Media reported this a lot in Sweden but never mentioned afterwards that the attorney dropped all charges of hunting crimes for the man defending himself by killing a bear in self defense. This is why the video is not up until now.

Still has 4G full connection on my phone ๐Ÿ˜‚
Filmed on my hunting trip 2019-09-25

If you do not want something painted, mask it with masking tape.


My Russian Ishmash tigr SVDS clone
Norinco NDM-86 SVD mil clone.

Me showing of a typical Swedish hunting cabin.

Testing armor from this place: https://www.tyrprotection.com/epages/tyrprotection.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=Categories
9x19 (m39b)
7.62x39 (m43 and m67)
5.56 mil surplus
7.62x51 NATO spec.

Actually Tigr civilian version converted as far as I can (everything except barrel) to milspec.
Ammo is 7.62x54r military ball surplus from 1977.
Distance: 500m / 547 yards.

Stage 4: Hยดs to the Hescoยดs. 8 shots, 3 minutes. 2 targets
1: 400 meters / 437 yards, 30cm / 11.8โ€
2: 700 meters / 765 yards, 50cm / 19โ€

Shooter must transition between 4 preselected positions on the hesco and the wooden barricade. 2 shots per position.
First 4 shots at 400m (Target 1), last 4 shots on 700m (target 2).

But mostly 2 beers ๐Ÿ˜‚

...or how to legally have large magazine shotguns in Sweden.
vildsvin dot se sells them in Sweden

Viking Rifle Series Coldbore SpearHead Challenge 2019
Stage 1: โ€œIs is a pig or is it a HOG?โ€

Shooter must be in a minimum sitting position and use the hog for this stage.
4 shots at 600m target and 4 shots at 800m target. All equipment allowed.

Target 1: Round 50cm / 19โ€ @ 600 meters / 656 yards
Target 2: Round 60cm / 23โ€ @ 800 meters / 874 yards


This is the SAS site for reporting flying with firearms. Go to this page immediately after booking your flight: https://www.sas.se/reseinfo/bagage/special/

Separate firearm into 2 cases.
1: Bolt or other vital part (99% it is the bolt) and ammo.
2: Rest of firearm.

Check in at airport and declare firearms. Pay for this there (do not buy room for 2 cases, this pays for that).

Go to "special luggage / specialbagage" counter and let the guard handla it from there.

Go through security etc as usual.

At destination get your special luggage at designated area. If in doubt, check with SAS employees.

Also, most of my hunting gear is at cabin. Like backpack, saw, thermos, food etc.

Rifle: Carl Gustav 1900 in 6.5x55
Scope: Vortex Viper PST Gen2 3-12 ffp mil-mil
Reflex suppressor
ColeTac suppressor cover ("vip10%" code for 10% off)
Hornady 140gr sst factory ammo
Magpul 30-06 mags that work "ok" for 6.5x55 in this rifle...


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