Tldr: Dependant on how good YOU are 😉

0:00 Drone intro
0:19 Me talking
1:29 Me shooting m45b
3:30 Me shooting MP5
4:55 Checking my targets
5:50 Friend shooting m45b
7:50 Friend shooting MP5
8:22 Checking his targets.

Me figuring out a load for a bag of cool bullets I got.
Bullet is most likely the tungsten cored m2 AP usually chambered in 30-06, what was used to define lvl4 bodyarmor.

Watch me flinch/blink because I am afraid of loud noises and getting my tinnitus to be even worse.

Sorry for sound (filmed at a shooting range so..). Also my shoulder getting in the way.

The hammer is also a reloading tool.
Press F to pay respects for my finger...

Should be the G17 bc longer barrel, but who can tell?
Both regular and subsonic ammo tested.

Stuff and candy. Happy easter! 👻

Who will win? Soviet API vs modern bodyarmor?

My dillon 550 setup while loading 300 blk with cast 230gr powdercoated bullets.

This rifle is awesome! Told the owner that he should make a single shot De Lisle carbine out of it in 45-70 with a reflex suppressor over the barrel ❤


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