Starline brass, Hornady eld-x 220gr bullet, S060 powder.
= subsonic and it feeds fine in my aero precision 8" AR.

Hornady ELD-X 220gr bullets
Starline brass.

The high volume sound is funky for some reason...
Aero Precision 8" 300blk
Oberland Arms 12" .223

Suppressor: http://www.a-tec.no/silencers/pistol-silencers/a-tec-pmm-6
Some first round pop, but kind of nice anyway. Hard to hear on the video though because that never sounds right when recording.

Supersonic ammo though. Next time I will bring some subs ;)

Suppressor is A-Tec, PMM-6

My old ase utra muzzle break for my Ase Utra suppressors broke in 2 pieces and fell into the suppressor while shooting. Ase Utra exchanged the broken one for a new one. This is me putting it on again.

The groupings are shit :(

Tldr: I finished last :V
Mostly because of shit ammo. The SVD is accurate enough for its intended use. Not precision rifle matches though.

I did have fun!


Tldr: taxes are silly and I will be working hard to pay them in the near future so perhaps less videos, we shall see. The patches were sweet though.

Feel free to laugh at my awkward process of removing the casing from the die :V

Backup channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/haggebanke/

Disclaimer: All info is given under the influence of alcohol ;) do not use it legal purposes.

How to save a bit of money zeroing your optics.

220gr Hornady ELD-X out of my 8" Aero Precision M4E1 rifle.

The rifle/upper: M4E1 Enhanced 8" .300 Blackout Complete Upper Receiver

Guess right and win nothing! Except imaginary nerd points :)

Footage from shooting range in Sweden.

Just some fun at the range.

Hear me ramble on about it. My version is called the T94.

It was very fun.

Leif, an old fudd, is smacktalking semi autos on TV in Sweden.
I give a running commentary.

Video in Swedish: https://www.tv4play.se/program/brottsjournalen/11036367

Actually got a good grouping :)


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