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Arrêtez de vous raser ! C'est le moyen le plus simple d'épiler le visage, le corps et les zones intimes


Hii! In this video I'm giving y'all some beginner tips to enhance your own features with makeup so you can look like 'you but better'! Hope ya'll enjoy!

How To Remove Whiteheads And Blackheads From Chin At Home

Hey you guys, today i wanted to share with you guys my full experience with getting another curly perm done on my hair. My stylist walks us thru every detail and process that you need to know about this specific perm.

Thank you all so much for much for watching my video!

Today i bring to you all this super amazing hair growth product i made at home. hope you enjoy the video and please watch it to the end so you understand all the steps. thanks and don't forget to subscribe

make sure to watch every second of the video to ensure you don't miss any extra tips and tricks!

Salut Lindonas, aujourd'hui j'ai apporté un autre SUPER CONSEIL pour les cheveux, le bobosa (aloe vera) utilisé de cette manière a le pouvoir de lutter contre la chute des cheveux, de stimuler la croissance des cheveux, de combattre les pellicules et les irritations en laissant le cuir chevelu super sain, en plus de la longueur, il laisse les cheveux plus volumineux, plus forts, doux et brillants, idéal pour les cheveux cassants, secs et poreux. J'espère que la vidéo vous plaira, n'oubliez pas de laisser un like et d'activer la cloche. Je t'aime, reste avec Dieu.

Today's ASMR video is about scalp massaging and scalp-caling. The person who has become a hair model is Bbang who works with me. We decided on nicknames, honey, bread, and rice cake. I have cut the hair in bobbed hair before scalp scaling. The sound of the video is so ambiguous that I won't upload the video but upload it as a bonus to membership!
I hope today's video will be a good one for you.
Everybody have a good night, have a good dream, and have a good day.

make sure to watch every second of the video to ensure you don't miss any steps or extra tips!

i took you guys through the steps of my shaving routine, but more specifically how i keep my skin smooth without ingrowns. usually i hibernate and grow my hair out in the winter so now that it is summer i'm shaving every inch of my body lol. i hope you guys enjoyed:)

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😳 Silk Press on 4c Hair // Natural Hair Silk Press

💆🏽💁🏾‍♀️✂️ Welcome to K La Donna Hair Artisty.

In this video I will be doing a silk press on 4b - 4c hair. If you like what you see please like, comment and subscribe. I look forward to connecting with you in the comments.

Hey Naturals welcome to the channel , On today’s video i share an amazing hair growth spray to naturally darken hair, grow thick hair , reverse thinning hair , grow hair on bald spots , crown section , stop single strand knots and split ends from occurring . It combines ONLY 3 simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen which Includes : Moringa , Cloves and hibiscus flowers , you can add Optiphen as your preservatives which is optional , this makes this hair spray last up to a year and if you are to store in the refrigerator , you can store for only 5 days and after 5 days , discard and make a fresh batch . Use only 2-3 times a week to hydrate or moisturize hair , avoid contact with the eyes , do a patch test before use . Yes ! This can be left in hair without washing off . Use as your leave in spray . Do not wash out of you want to to work well for you ! You can on the other hand use as the final rinse on your wash day and rinse off after 30 minutes of application . Thanks for watching , please give this video a thumbs up , SUBSCRIBE and share with your family and friends🙏

In this video, I try out the latest hair trend from Korea - the Baby Hair Contour Perm and the results were mind-blowing! Don't be a stranger, hit the subscribe button

Hello everyone! Today's video is a relaxing scalp check with lots of sectioning and scratches with long nails, a comb, an ear pick and the classic tweezers and light.

3 years without combing hair. Watch the whole video to listen to her story and how it got this way.

I met this beautiful woman outside of Whole Foods and she told me that she needed immediate help with her hair!

Hiiiii guys, I'm back with another DIY silk press video! Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, . I'm so happy and grateful for all of you guys, thanks for watching!

Masque anti-âge, raffermit la peau et combat l'apparition des rides et ridules sur la peau

In this no music Asmr video we did a natural hair transformation, silk press with cut on textured medium density, medium porosity hair. You will hear some salon conversation, shampoo bubbles and scrubbing sound, monsoon shower sound, real blow- dryer white noise sound

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Removing Thousands Of Lice From Long Hair How To Remove It


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