I mentioned in the video i have a new computer so should be getting back to business as usual, unfortunately after a few hours the computer has started lagging badly and freezing, also the last owner was still logged into her social medias, so looks like the computers either been stolen for a quick sale or first choice computers don't check the computers before selling them, will have to go abit longer before i can properly edit videos. At least i have a new internet provider. Thank you all for your patients

Just a quick spontaneous video on my new surplus sleeping bag.

I know i could have just shown the ponchos worn, but i wanted to show the process of putting them on to show how long it takes to fasten everything up.

Accidentally deleted the un-boxing part of the video

A few short clips in 4k, just testing my new phone. Don't think i will upload my videos in 4k as it took over 3 hours to upload this short video.

I sting myself with nettles to test man made and natural sting relief's

Juts a spontaneous video i made in the woods.


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