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This is a game i got awhile back and gave up after the first few minutes of play time. Lets try again.

Iv decided to make an adventure game in Unity. I'm having to relearn everything about unity C# again but so far it has been fun. Here is the first update for that project.
Im wanting to make an adventure game with a similar spiret to the first Zelda, but the game style will probably be similer to Zelda 2/Metroid Vainia feel. The Overall scope of the project has yet to be made. So far im just working on the basic build and mechanics of the game to make it easyer to expand on my ideas later.

I made this song a few years ago after playing Fallout 4 for the first time.

Note: Sence I could not access the original videos on my dead computer, I downloaded them form YT... I love y'all.
Cindy's father has discovered some of her dubious accounts after a good day of parenting. After learning about some of her online activists he has confiscated all her devices that can connect to the internet, and has grounded her for a month. She is not happy about this new development. Voo however finds it funny. Maby she will FINALLY start using him for rituals again.

Some music by :Kevin MacLoed Comfortable Mystery 4

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This is a short animation depicting the relation ship between YouTube and its creators and community's as of the creation of this video. Notice the sudle nuances in YouTubes tonality and body posture. This well crafted pice is multi layered, and explores the deep depths of the general vibe and feel of the platform. Notice the syntheses of commentary, and sarcasm, blended nicely with truth. Truly this is a masterpiece of video content creation, and im totally not bloating the description bar with what can basically be boiled down to a hyperbolic fluff pice. No, this is truly a well of inspiration and a window of absolutes in our current times.
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Here is a short vid on how to import videos into CP so you can use them for refreshing in your animations.

Cindy, young girl and her daemon dall disagree on internet justice and the lack of magic in its execution. Cindy loves playing tricks on people. In the past Cindy would use Voo to play mean games with people. But ever seance she got her laptop she has ignored Voo. In a world of technology the old ways seem obsolete.


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Hello, welcome to the Half-Cracked channel. I'm primarily an animator/audio tech who likes to make abrasive content for you enjoyment. As a person who dose notbelieves in censorship my content wont pull punches when it comes to what is pushed out here. So sit back, relax and enjoy the madness.

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