Recorded April 14th, 2020

I'm starting out with a discussion of ways of categorizing sex videos on the Internet a lot more comprehensively than is currently done on porn video websites. From this perhaps uncouth point of origin my discussion meanders into other, far more pungent topic areas, including the touted imminent release of the decentralized, 100% censorship-resistant SAFE Network, ending up with a discussion of how so-called "control files" will become untenable in their continued use by the world's hidden elites by this advent, and that a very possible outcome of this will be the very end of the Internet altogether.

To femtenårige svenske gutter, Elliot og Malte, som har oppdaget at nasjonalsosialismen slett ikke er det lærere og andre voksne har fortalt dem.

«Elliott» sin stemme er elektronisk forvrengt.


Naive Norge er en fjernsynsdokumentar av fotografen og filmskaperen Christofer Owe.


RAWs sensational lecture given at the Whole Life Expo. When? I don't know. By the recording quality probably in the early 1980s

"How International Zionism seized the Vatican and Catholicism during the House of Rothschild's Bankster instigated Marxist cultural revolution." The second Vatican Council lasted from 1962 to 1965 and ostensibly changed the course of the Roman Catholic Church.

Note the significance of this video is first apparent 25 minutes into the video where evidence is presented that both John XXIII and Paul VI, both the pope who called the council and the one who closed it, were elected in fraudulent conclaves both of which had initially elected two different cardinals to become popes, but through the outside intervention from at least the B'nai B'rith (Jewish Freemasonry), these two were instead elected, thus evidencing the usurpation of the Papacy by Talmudists.

The obvious significance of this information, should it be true, is staggering.

There's a "collateral" angle to this video relating to known anti-Jesuit activist, Craig Oxley, also known as The Unhived Mind, formerly associated with Eric Jon Phelps. As I presented this video at his forum website's "Ask The Unhived Mind" section for his opinion on the information in it, Oxley completely avoided addressing the information presented in it, instead making aggressive unrelated and to some extent even irrational accusations, while simultaneously clouding the issue in a "wall of words".

The Unhived Mind discussion: http://www.webcitation.org/6MCeOzAH5 [archived version, forum has since been deleted]

The article "jews control the jesuits" by Luis T. - https://luis40pr.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/jews-control-the-jesuits/

Except for about thirty seconds in English (about 2:10 into the video), the audio which is from Norwegian government-owned broadcaster NRK's P2 radio channel's morning news edition for June 7, 2012, is all in Norwegian (I might figure out how to subtitle the video at some time).

I originally made this video for YouTube adn uploaded it there in 2012. I used wget (Linux) to capture the audio stream, Audacity to crop the audio file, and an application called PhotoFilmStrip to make the video. I made it as a draft basically, so the image stream could have been edited better. I was, however, so impressed with the result that I've decided to publish the video.

Sometimes some really nice things can happen with a little help from your friends…
WARNING: Very loud volume at one point.

High school prank reveals the core nature of false flag attacks.


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