Does Hanoi have powdered protein from the USA? Lets find out.

Can you get the food you want an need while living in Hanoi, Vietnam? I will give you the good or maybe bad news. Beef, its whats for dinner!

This is what Saturday night looks like in my apartment complex in Hanoi, Vietnam while the Chinese Virus is here.

After being closed down by the Wuhan Virus, Hanoi is now open and I am going back to work!

Vietnam is fully open after the Wuhan virus so now I am back to work. Is Hanoi busy as usual or is it a ghost town?

One of my most favorite fruits here in Hanoi. I will show you how I cut it nd eat it.

I think I found a coffee grinder in the grocery store down stairs. Lets see what happens.

A bad quality video but I do not do a lot of undercover work. Had to keep the phone hidden as much as possible because of the employees and security. Anyway just a look at the amount of goods available during the Wuhan virus in Hanoi.

What Vietnam coffee is and how to make it at home.

Showing the streets around my Apartment complex in Hanoi around 4pm on a week day during the Chinese Virus outbreak.

A little behind the scenes of a tv station filming me to make a show about the Chinese Corona virus.

A little tour of my apartment here in Hanoi, Vietnam

A tour of my apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam

Is Hanoi really shut down during the corona virus?

A view in my life in Hanoi with the corona virus going around.

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Videos about my life in Hanoi, Vietnam. I actually live and work in Hanoi and I will show you how I do it.