So we had been seeing these little guys running around but could not get a good look at any of them. I did notice that they really seemed to like to hang around my tent for whatever reason. I was able to get my video camera and zoom in so I didn't have to scare them. I think once I looked it up they are ground squirrels. I don't have these where I live so I was rather happy to see them.

This is just a quick video I took in the early morning hours (around 6 am) of the campground in the Badlands National Park. It's very quiet and peaceful.

Some more footage of Badlands from the same area and here you can see the family coming down the trail.

One of the main areas of Badlands where you can climb to one of the peaks.

I think this may be the same overlook but I'm not positive. It's still a beautiful overlook and it may be a bit further down.

This will be the final video in this series, you will see the massive wall of rock formations that the road hugs. It's truly amazing how this road winds in and around these huge formations.

Here is the second video going further down the road where more of the large rock formations.

This is a long road in and out of Arches National Park. I am going to break it up into several videos much like the Bison of SD videos. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my video camera in the car once we got into the park so I am going to see about creating a video with the pictures that we took.

This is the end of the bison videos; however, at the very end you will see how quickly they can move around a car and the importance of driving very slowly and staying alert.

More of the Bison to see while driving through. This drive on the small stretch of road actually took a little over 12 minutes to get through all the bison since they roam openly and freely (as they should).

This will be a first of a few videos of the bison that roam South Dakota. Watching the video you will notice that everyone is whispering, this is because my two nieces were previously screaming when the bison came into view, so I told them that if they screamed the bison may come over to the car so they were then whispering. Small lie to save my hearing. Two 10 year old girls screaming in one car is very, very loud!

This video shows the night lighting of Mount Rushmore. The video moves off of frame a couple times because I was also trying to keep track of my 2, then 10 year old, nieces in the darkness. I am also talking with them as they ask questions. However, the live music and lighting is really something to see. I would recommend going to see Mount Rushmore just before dusk so you can see it in the light and then at night with the lighting.

This is one of the main overlooks at Canyonlands National Park. It was a bit of a hazy day but the vastness of the park is amazing.

This is a second video of driving into Arches getting closer to the Balanced Rock area of the park. A short test video.

Driving the road into Arches National Park. (Test video)


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