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Fake Gangster Fights Girls, Knocks out Security Guards Teeth and Spits on Officers

Taken to Jail on 11 Different charges including assault, assault on Police, and other.

La Crosse Police conduct a traffic stop after observing a vehicle driving with a flat tire. Police find the driver is a Priest, who had a few too many drinks downtown. Field sobriety tests are performed, and he has a really hard time with the alphabet. The Priest is arrested for operating while intoxicated.

officers responded to a domestic dispute. One of the officers knew the juvenile in question from previous encounters. Upon arriving at the location, they tried to contact her, but she was very uncooperative from the beginning. The girl continued to blame her mother for her situation and denied any wrongdoing on her part. The mother told the officers that she didn't want her daughter to stay with her because she had been continuously using drugs. She began crying and denying that she smoked fentanyl. The officers found the drugs that the girl had hidden. Somehow, the girl slipped out of her cuffs and began banging on the car's window. Shortly after, she was transported to jail. She was charged with battery upon a peace officer and resisting arrest.

New Jersey cops responding to a crash scene were shocked when they learned the driver was the son of the Salem County sheriff. Charles M. Miller IV allegedly drove while under the influence and crashed his pick-up full of drugs into a house, which he claimed was his. The suspect was arrested and hit with numerous charges. Miller IV awaits his day in court.

On November 18th, 2023, at approximately 1248, Troop A Communication initiated a BOLO on a stolen Silver/Toyota 4-Runner
displaying AR ABX45H. The BOLO advised that the vehicle was last seen getting onto I-530 North from Bingham Road (Exit
#9). Troop A Communication provided updated information that the owner(s) of the vehicle were following it on Baseline Road,
heading West. The owner(s) then advised that the vehicle made a right on Stagecoach Road, headed toward I-430.
I was on I-630 and proceeded South on I-430 to intercept the stolen vehicle. As information continued, I took the Col Glenn exit
to try to catch up/cut off the vehicle at South Shackleford Road & Stagecoach Road. I received updated information that the
vehicle had turned left onto Col Glenn from Stagecoach Road. As I doubled back toward South Shackleford & Col Glenn, I
spotted what appeared to be the stolen vehicle traveling North on Shackleford Road at a high rate of speed. I initiated a pursuit
of the vehicle. The vehicle showed no regard for public safety, as it crossed into on-coming traffic, recklessly passing vehicles
in a no-passing zone. The vehicle took a slight left turn onto Old Shackleford Road, which is a dead-end. Once the
driver/vehicle reached the end of the road, he ran the vehicle into the ditch, striking a group of small trees, and fled on foot,
crossing Brodie Creek, and headed Northeast into the wooded area just South of 36th Street and West of Shackleford Road.
With assistance from other ASP Troopers, Little Rock Police Officers, and Pulaski County Deputies, a perimeter was set-up to
contain the suspect. Deputy T. Browning, with the Pulask

On September 18th, 2023, officers were called to a home for a domestic dispute between a mother and daughter. The officers were already familiar with the residence and individuals involved due to a previous response to a stabbing incident at the same location. They noted that several children were living in the living room. This is footage of the events that followed.

On February 1st, 2023. Multiple officers were dispatched to the bank regarding a 23-year-old man who had been going to different banks trying to cash fraudulent checks in the name of different people. The final bank he went to got wind of this and immediately called police and he was arrested. The man acted clueless and pretended like he didn't know what was going on. It was discovered that when the man went to the second bank he successfully cashed one of the checks for $1940. It was also discovered that the man had an active warrant out for his arrest from Virginia for the same type of crime. Police called the two victims, however only one of them wanted to prosecute him. After he was transported back to jail, he started to confess to his crimes in the interview room with the detective. This is the body-cam footage of the events that followed.

New Mexico police were tipped off about an alleged hit-and-run when they encountered the suspected driver boxed in by her boyfriend — a sergeant at their police department. Thirty-year-old Desiree Ortega, whose child was in the back seat of the SUV, soon learned why dating a police officer doesn’t make her untouchable, even after throwing an angry tantrum. Ortega was arrested and received a slew of charges, including DWI, reckless driving, and battery on a peace officer. The case is currently pending.

Idiotic animal rights activists from Direct Action Everywhere stormed an industrial duck farm and slaughterhouse, locking their necks to the slaughter line to halt the killing of the animals in Petaluma, California on June 3rd, 2019.

After the slaughter line was stopped, Thomas Chiang along with other activists locked themselves to the slaughter line. The slaughter line restarted, strangling Thomas Chiang in the process.

One of the slaughterhouse workers rushed in, taking hold of the slaughter line in an attempt to stop it from advancing. The camera operator held Thomas Chiang up to take the pressure off his neck.

It is unknown how the line was stopped again, but Thomas Chiang was unlocked by activists.

an officer was on patrol, when he found a stolen suv in the parking lot of the department store.
However, when the officer drives to the vehicle, the driver then pressed on the gas and tried to flee.
The driver of the vehicle was later identified as Adalbert Robinson.He drove recklessly and broke many traffic laws

On March 20, 2023, at approximately 1540hrs, police officers in Florida responded to a disturbance.

Upon arrival, several subjects were outside, engaging in a disturbance, yelling back and forth at each other. The officers made contact with the property manager, who advised that she wanted two individuals trespassed from the property due to their involvement in a previous disturbance.

While talking to the subject and advising her to leave the property to prevent any further disturbance, a group of subjects started walking to the parking lot. The subject began walking towards the group of people in the parking lot.

On November 30, 2023, in Florida, a sheriff's deputy responded to a family feud in a quiet neighborhood. This is the body cam footage of the events that followed.

a man followed a 10-year-old girl through multiple aisles in Walmart and touched her inappropriately in Onalaska, WI. The mother learned of the incident and chased after the man who then fled the store. After police investigated surveillance footage, they were able to obtain the identification of the 30-year-old man. Months later, police pay an unexpected visit to his workplace.

In this eye-opening video, we delve into the gripping details of a recent shoplifting incident that took a startling turn. Follow along as we uncover the story of Ishionte Jackson, a 23-year-old suspect with a criminal history, as she faces a $10,000 bond in Magistrate Court. Discover the surprising twists and challenges faced by both the prosecution and defense in this compelling legal case. Don't miss this captivating look at a day in the life of the criminal justice system.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico - Bernalillo County Metropolitan court judge Yvette Gonzales ordered Steven Byers to remain in custody until trial on Monday, Feb. 12. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s office arrested Byers on Friday, Feb. 9.

Byers has been on law enforcement’s radar for decades. He was previously convicted of scamming people through home improvement fraud.

On Monday, KOAT spoke with a BCSO undercover detective following Byers attempt to escape hours after his arrest.

“We had him locked down hard enough to where he was looking at how many of us there were. He stopped immediately and immediately surrendered [on Friday],” an undercover detective with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s office told KOAT on Monday.

“So, unfortunately, it’s one of those persons that we’re going to have to take extra precautions on and have a heightened awareness of his ability to escape, not just his willingness, but he’s intelligent,” the undercover detective said. “He knows what we can and can’t do with regard to, you know, basic human rights.”

Byers was arrested less than 24 hours after Target 7 reported his criminal history of swindling New Mexicans out of tens of thousands of dollars for nearly 40 years, including three women who’ve recently come forward to share their story with KOAT.

Shortly after his arrest on Friday, BCSO deputies told KOAT he attempted to escape custody at a local hospital in Downtown New Mexico. He was handcuffed to a chair while waiting inside of the emergency room.

According to the criminal complaint, Byers stated he was having “stomach issues” and asked to use the restroom.

“Due to Steven’s comments about needing to use the restroom and even being handcuffed in front of his body, I did not believe Steven would be able to manage this and clean himself effectively. Steven has been compliant up until this point and had previously used the restroom to throw up from these stomach problems with no issues,” the BCSO deputy wrote in Friday’s criminal complaint.


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