Showing you a CHEAP, easy to make indoor airsoft BB trap that lets you shoot and train indoors.
You can do a BUNCH of different shooting drills with this- from 'Ready Ups" to room clearing, and even using a weapons light!
The basic rifle drill is called a "Ready...UP".. you hold the rifle at the ready position, and then the triner calss "UP!" amd you lift teh gun up, align the sights and squeeze teh trigger.
Go slow and then build up your speed after you learn to be accurate. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. And only hits count!
Start close to the traget when you are first trying this out. Then you can distance and speed as you improve.
Drill #2 is a ready up with a 'double tap (2 fast shots)
Drill # 3 is a 180 Ready UP... Still a ready UP- BUT you start out with your back to the target- so you have to turn, find/acquire the target, aim and then shoot- it's a LOT more difficult that just standing in place and shooting.
You can use multiple BB traps to add variety and excitement... have a buddy call out "left" or "right" and then you have to turn and shoot the target that in the direction he called out. Or put different targets on the different boxes and have them call "blue" or "red" or "square" or Circle" - depending on the shape or color of the target.The more targets, the more difficult and challenging it gets.
These are all standard rifle drills and examples videos can be found easily.

Step by step instructions for building a SUPER VERSATILE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE training tool. The tire can work you legs, your core AND your upper body.
The tire was FREE- I went by a tire shop and asked for an old worn out tire and they let me pick from a pile of them- and wouldn't even take money for it!
Bolts and hardware were less than $5- but you make do with some paracord for the loop/eye bolt, and some cheap rope instead of a tow strap. - But straps are cheap, strong and versatile .
I'll put up a few workout examples to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Showing some moves with the ultimate workout tool- the tire sled!
(OK, so this is in a nice park and not an urban area...BUT, I've done this same workout in a ghetto-ass park, and I promise- even hoodrats give you a wide berth when you're the crazy dude dragging a tire down the street.
It's good to be strong!
Get some!.

Just by replacing the short, cheap screws found in most home doors, you can significantly reduce the chance of burglary or home invasion. Or at least gain enough warning to avail yourself of a means of self defense. If you secure the door jamb lock plates as shown and also replace a screw in each hinge, then at that point, usually it's the door that will give out before the frame does. Use 3 inch or 3 and1/2 inch screw that fit the holes in the plates. You can buy the 2 screws for $2 at any hardware store. Or buy a bigger box of them if you have a lot of doors to do. Use the extras for your friends and neighbors.

Pics and vids from the 9/11 Memorial Tower Climb in 2015. A really interesting event. I'd urge everyone to check their local regions for similar events. It's am incredibly powerful event. Definitely not to be missed if you can find one to go to.


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