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hi my name is harem king reviews i come from youtube bc of the coppa act on youtube. soo i thought it would be best off if i quit doing youtube and do a full time on bitchute. i am greatful that i am on this platform and i wanna contince my dreams and passions for anime and manga and disney reviews here on my channel. if you like what you see plz sub too and plz leave comment or two and a like on my video's that all i ask. again i am greatful to be on a platform that supports freedom of speech and i hope stays that way and i hope bitchute doesnt become like youtube. im going to have lots of fun on this platform and my goal is to reach 1k subs on this platform and maybe one day i will reach 10k subs that would be a dream come true and i hope disney notice me and welcome me with some business deals on my platform. i wanna say thank you to everyone watching my videos it means the world to me thank you and god bless