He should not have closed his eyes

He is just talking about thing you might come up in your life

Itodorer burown the fucko outo

He changed his mind i guess

Beware the boogeyman or boogeymen

there was once a emplemon impersonator on vidlii.
he once uploaded this. fortunately i had download this video so i now reuploaded this master piece here where everyone can enjoy

100 likes and i will make a no stealth run of this game

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I am a contrarian, what can i say?

He should have tried something else
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i managed to express joke in less than 10 seconds

It had to be done.
i made it inspired by a cover by Jon Sudano

You will never forgive me for what i did

The best you can get

Re up from my old channel.
i dont think this is that good to be brought back, but at the same time i dont think i should have erased my history

This video is better enjoined with headphones and maxed volume
Kenshiro is the last master of the hokuto shinken. an martial arts style that consists on screaming loudly to ear rape their enemys. they can scream so loud that their victims head explode. its the one hundred decibes fist.

He kent do anything

this moment touched the hearths of everyone child and adult.

He said she was 1000 years old. the cops did not buy it

Re up from my old channel
This cutscene shows us the past of zero and how he fought, almost destroyed, and infected sigma with the maverick virus. it turns out ligma is what turns people in mavericks and its a STD

Re up from my old channel
In this touching moment of bounding. Tohru show how she care for kobayashi by giving her a especial item that can cure her pains. this moment is special because it shows that Tohru know what troubles Kobayashi and that she will go to big lenghts in order to help her

Re up from my old channel
EmpLemon makes another normie rant disguised as an YTP just like ascended 4

Re up from my old channel
I like alpaka hawk


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