Religious chat

It’s over folks...
The Final Episode of Dragon Ball Super is in the history books.

MVP of the Season

In a Back Door way, YouTube has prevented my videos form being Titled anything other than “Untitled” thus BLOCKING my content and making my videos unable to be found.


What does Family mean?

A message from one generation to the next. The repeat of life.

Coming into the last episode, my final predictions on my favorite animation.

Was this a madman on the loose, or was this a DEEP STATE Distraction with a narrative? Will this be an authentic family member talking about the bomber, or will it be a CRISIS ACTOR?

Let’s exercise FREE SPEECH and ask the Questions.

A sad day in history...

Who is Q ANON and why should I care?
You should...
A introductory video to Q ANON

Andrew McCabe has been Fired!
Lying under oath
Leaking Information
Conflict of Interest

The Swamp is being drained!

What were they thinking?
That’s what most Star Wars fans are asking after watching Episode 8 The Last Jedi.

Where is Lucas Films now?
How will Solo be received?
What was so wrong with Episode 8?
What will happen in Episode 9?

Let’s try to tackle these questions.

Karen Mallard, running for Congress.
Scott-Dani Pappalardo, a gun owner in Florida.

What do these 2 people have in common?
They both, by the letter of the Gun Laws, committed a FELONY, and because they are both “well intentioned” WHITE LIBERALS, they will get away with it, with no repercussions.

Meanwhile very well intentioned SWAT Members that went in and STOPPED A SCHOOL SHOOTING, were suspended by the letter of the Law.

This is the upside down world we live in. This is the world of LIBERAL WHITE PRIVILEGE.

Ratings are down...
Is it Netflix?
Or is it so-called Celebrities calling half of America Bigoted, Racist, and Homophobic that’s causing the loss of interest?

A False Flag/Crisis Actor will be coming forward, with record of Payment, a Script to follow, AND they say that this Parkland False Flag came from possibly a Former President.

Watch the Establishment News, see how they twist the upcoming information!

Episode 129 and previous Review. How will the Series End??? We think we have the answers.

After another mindless, irrational attack by Antifa against Free Speech, this time attacking Sargon of Akkad, me and Zefire search the depths of how short sighted this war Antifa has declared really is.

Conversation on the YouTube Purge of non Social Justice Warrior people.

Seth Laxton is a Libertarian with a degree in Philosophy from Internet University.

My video to fellow Conservative Video Fans.


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