this is the only way forward

Play this for your family members and friends who still don't get it. If they can't figure it out after three years of this shit they will never wake up. And it becomes a waste of time dealing with them, move on because they will drag you down with them.

In the next 16 months a massive transfer of homes and land and capital will transfer from non Jews to Jews. Unless we can stop this transfer from happening.

The Jewish Virus (Covid 19) and the virus that the Jewish intelligence with their American traitor accomplices will be releasing in the next few months is about power. Its about killing off the goyim, stealing their land and homes and tightening the Jewish grip around the institutions of the Western world.

At the core of this power grab is biological terrorism and child sex blackmail rings like Jeffery Epstein's Israeli Mossad operation called Lolita Island and Lolita Express and the mansions full of underaged girls and pinhole cameras to record our "leaders' having sex with children. Once the Jews lure the "leader" into the sexually compromising act with a child and capture it on video - they own that "leader" and by default everything that leader does for the rest of their lives.

This is how they transformed Bill Gates from a computer company asshole into the world's most serious bioterror threat to humankind. They got him on video fucking a child at Epstein's place in the early 1990s. And now he does what he's told to do.

But Epstein's operation was just one of hundreds of such operations. This video describes how this process works.

Jews hate the Russians because the Russians are far more superior in every way to Jews. And Russians don't particularly like having this Jewish mentality in their midst. So the Jews are having the US expend its entire wealth to settle their score with the Russian people.

LINK FOR SHOW: https://odysee.com/@Harry-Vox:d/AI---The-Truth-or-The-Lie:0
In a few weeks, unless we liberate ourselves from the coming Jewish enslavement of our people, we will be rent slaves to Jewish banking cartels. The clock is running, we either use AI to protect ourselves from enslavement or we are dead. The truth is that we have a thousand times more skills and talent than these Jewish banking cartel rats, so we need to get serious right this week and build systems immediately to free ourselves from the Jewish parasites who are sucking the blood from our society. We only have a few weeks left and its all over, so get smart, get busy and take over control of AI. We can do it. We are smarter than these slimeballs with the money. All these greasy Jewish bankers know is MONEY MONEY MONEY and NOTHING ELSE. So that actually gives us an advantage. Get smart, this is war.


Link to Show: https://odysee.com/@Harry-Vox:d/BioTerror-Industrial-Complex-and-the-Secret-Deal-Between-the-Jews-and-China:9

Nothing makes any sense until you view the events of today with the understanding that Jewish banking cartels control all of the instruments and agencies of power and are using the entire US establishment as an engine to advance and consolidate the Jewish grip on our economies and societies. This show is a MUST SEE for every single journalist and man or woman in uniform or in the intelligence agencies because this video describes the mechanism by which these Jewish bankers have tightened their grip around the necks or every man women and child in the West.
This show is not going to get in front of the eyes of those who need this information and can act on this information unless you all work to place this video in front of the eyes of our military, police, investigators, and journalists.

We are running out of time and unless we have the courage to confront this enemy, your lives are in danger.

The Zionist/Jewish financial cartels and their army of bribed and blackmailed officials in Congress, the State Department, the Department of Justice, IRS, Treasury, the Federal Reserve and in the office of the Director of the FBI are accelerating the theft of all assets, moneys and real estate from the American people into the Jewish controlled Hedge Funds, Asset Management corps and Private Equity groups (basically the old European Jewish banking mafia)

They are accelerating their takeover at light speed and no one is stopping them. By the time these Jewish criminals and their accomplices get through printing money to replace the money they stole to buy themselves our assets, the remaining Jewish paper called dollars will be worthless, so take care of how you store your "Store of value". At this point Metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, and other minerals and real commodities are the only game in town.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention - SOUP!

Its right in our face. They don't even hide it any more. They come right out and say it. Here is yet another Jewish "simulation" - This time "simulating" "What if evil hackers (they will claim to be Russian or Iranian) steal all the money from your bank account?

The asset stripping of the American people has gone into the latest phase.
The controlled transfer of deposits from the American people to the Jewish banking mafia has shifted into high gear.
Things are moving very fast. Protect yourself and your money.

They had a rally in Washington today - RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE.
If they ever actually expressed "rage" against the fundamental enemy who controls all the peripheral subordinate enemies, they would lose everything. So everyone quivers at the thought and attacks phantoms instead. They will even go so far as attack anyone who does have the courage to confront the real enemy. And they will fight to demonstrate to this real enemy that they can be trusted to play nice and never once offend this real enemy who can crush these people in a second. Everyone has to play nice with the real enemy, while that enemy eviscerates every hope for the future.

As a near total blackout in Jewish banking mafia (who owns and controls the mainstream media) is underway regarding the catastrophic environmental toxic event in the Northeast United States by the BlackRock and Vanguard (Jewish) owned Norfolk Southern rail disaster - the Jewish media offer only distractions about balloons they are calling UFOs.

I believe that there are not many people left that are so gullible that they are still falling for these Jewish lies but omissions are more powerful. Many people are unaware that this disaster is underway because there is a near total Jewish blackout on all media controlled by Jews or owned by Jews on this Jewish owned company who just permanently destroyed a massive section of the United States.

The Billionaires and the Jewish banking cartels are quickly buying up all available land. Soon there will be nothing left. Without owning some land you are fucked.

Completely totally fucked!

I am organizing a group buy of land.

I have no idea who this person is but quite obviously there is a big effort to stop them and falsely lower view count and probably cull subscribers. Lets make sure we sent a message to these scumbags who are suppressing quality work that they will never win. The only way is to spread it around! Post this channel everywhere and link and subscribe.

Subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/@theboatrawker

When I watch informative shows which contain truths that can convince people to change their view of the world, I am constantly aware that since the more important mind changing parts arrive too late that most Americans that need this information most will never make it to the important parts. Americans have the attention span of a flea. Unless you can sneak up on them and ambush them with mind changing information the flea will flee and move on to something more exciting like Tik Toc.

This is a show for producers - you have under two seconds to hold the attention of the average American, if you do not place your most electrifying, explosive, revealing or controversial ideas in the first two seconds and hook them to continue on for another three seconds where you can then hook them more, you will lose their minuscule attention and your message will not get through.
It's challenging to create content for some of the dumbest people on earth but unless we can wake these dummies up, our lives are in jeopardy.

He took it well I think

Join us tonight - 8PM eastern on our Odysee stream- while we tear into the rotting corpse of 2022 and lunge our daggers into the soft underbelly of what is sure to be monster 2033

This story exposes the fraud that is the American political system. This is the story of a guy who lied his way into the pantheon of liar - the US Congress.

Gee, I wonder if Sam Bankman Feind is Jewish?
That is of course a joke, we all know that this scumbag could only pull this kind of shit and get away with it if he was a Jew. If a non Jew ripped off $26 billion from Goyim - that non Jew would be in a prison cell immediately. But since this putz is a Jew, the entire infrastructure of mainstream media (all of which is in the IRON GRIP OF JEW MONEY POWER) and the entire political establishment (all of which is in the IRON GRIP OF JEW MONEY POWER) is circling their Jewish wagons around this kid, giving him safe passage and comfort and not only is this fucking scumbag kid walking free, but he is being hailed as a"misunderstood, altruist who wanted to "save the world"!"

Only in JewWorld can such a criminal piece of shit get away with what this kid did. So when Jews wonder why antisemitic feelings are on the rise - Jews need look no further than that shrill shrieking fraud called the Jew media who is so insulting to any thinking person when they push their Jewish lie about how this dork was a saint. What scumbags they are. Jew's throughout history have always gotten what they deserve - disdain, resentment, resistance and ultimately rejection for their insult and assault on our basic human dignity.

This show from June 3rd of this year was lost in the flow of time and the rush of events and just discovered tonight and uploaded. There are hundreds of these that never see the light but as time goes by I will hope to get a lot of them up.

It's Left Wing Jewish money - vs - Right Wing Jewish Money!
Either way its going to be a great day for the old Jewish banking cartels who quite clearly control BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans.

This video explains how the Jewish banking mafia completely took over the institutions of the US government, media, military and now medicine.

By appealing to to the natural greed of politicians with messages of patriotism and security for America yet nesting within the policies that the Jews implement for the government they have infiltrated, a purely Jewish supremacist agenda masquerading as a agenda that supports the host nation they are able to enlist the entire infrastructure of power for their own secret agenda at the expense of the host nation they are parasitizing.

This one is weird


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Join us as we deconstruct this hideous mutated monster that our political and social worlds have become. It's too perfect. Several generations now have suffered the growing onslaught of humorless self righteous The right wing's plans of sabotaging and dismantling the left and liberal class by pushing their proxy warriors with fake crusades of justice is executed flawlessly - effortlessly creating legions of easily gulled people who genuinely believe they are fighting for justice - these diversions from the very real institutional threats of Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, the corporatization of our minds in a surveillance state are precisely the intended effect of this new pseudo activist posing called the SJW.

The SJW Imposters and their moronic political correctness are the saboteurs of the true values of a liberal mind that our society was heading towards. They work directly for the ruling power structure and most are totally unaware who they are ultimately serving - the ruling power structure. They are in service to the very worst most dangerous threats to a free life and a free mind and most are eagerly cheering these ominous threats.

Rather than stew in our stomach acids we vent this spleen unto your ears and eyes and share a cozy moment of good old fashion hate, for the Hillary Clintons, George Bushes, John Brennans and all the rest of the utter pigs of this world. That right - the "H" word. But its OK - we're equal opportunity haters. :)

We're not here to tell you how lovely things are. We're just here to tear the head of this fucking glistening beast and shit down its neck stump.

And if we can have an occasional laugh, all that much better.