The US government is being eaten alive by Jewish parasites in the State Department, Congress, Administration, Think Tanks, and Foundations. The Jewish NeoConservative movement is an infiltration effort to take over the mechanisms of state of the United States. They accomplished this goal over 20 year ago and its been a bloodsucking operation ever since. Now these Jewish supremacists are bringing the world to the brink of nuclear armageddon.

We know the routine. Each time a new scumbag politician appears in our newsfeed with a plan to take our freedoms, diminish our hopes and kill off our dreams, we type in "Is (enter name of scumbag liar politician here) Jewish" only to have our fears confirmed, yes (enter name of political scumbag here) did indeed "grow up in a Jewish family". We have ALL done this "Jew check"!

But lots of Jews are hiding the question, lots of speculation in teh air... is Bill Gates Jewish? He certainly is hiding it if he is. What about Elon Musk. And what about that new "disinformation czar"? She sure looks and sounds and acts like a Jew, but nowhere on here Wikipedia does it say. Hmm.

Its time for an open source Wiki to clear up teh question and with accompanying browser plugins which automatically checks the name of persons in news against a comprehensive Wiki and clearly identifies the person so that we can save the time that we normally have to do every time yet another one of these Jewish operatives crawls out from under what seems to be every single rock and into our lives in ways that are not welcome.

The Jewish banking cartels profit whether the US wins or loses. This is the same story for the last 300 years. This time it's clear, the NeoCon Jews in the US State Department are sabotaging the strategic interests of the US. After all their founder was a deeply committed follower of Trotsky. They will have to pretend for a while that th wish to beat russia, but anyone who remembers the Jewish controlledState Department "war" against ISIS knows that they never even tried to defeat ISIS. Why not? Its simple, because people in US intelligence had a secret - ISIS they were told (and they believed) was on our side. But there was yet a deeper secret that they were not told, that ISIS was always an instrument to effectuate the shift in power from the west to the east, and the Jewish Neo Cons know this secret, because its their secret, and the rest in US intelligence were being duped and went along with the Neo Con scheme believing what they were told.

Ukraine is no different than the last NeoCon con job. And they have put marginal weak and stupid people at the helms of our intelligence apparatus to make sure no one catches on this this jewish plan for the sabotage of the west and the rise of their new partners the Chinese and Russians.

Always in depth, always original and not to be found anywhere else. I recommend his work and to follow his research and to join his channel. Here's the Link: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/3tdlROLokIiY/

Excellent wide ranging discussion of today's situation. The Ukraine War, Putin, Blackrock, Fink etc.

This design is guaranteed to turn people off and piss people off.

So I am seeing this shit getting posted in my telegram channel as if this fucking stupid shit is a good idea. If the ADL is not paying the person who designed this dumb shit a lot of money then that person is missing out. NO FLYERING IS BETTER THAN THIS DUMB SHIT. This is not activism, this looks like an Israeli intelligence operation with the cooperation of the ADL. In fact I am 100% positive. Nothing can be this bad by accident.

There's an "Innovation Gap"! Per capita innovation in the West has plummeted. The Jewish monopolies prefer it that way. So they took over the USPatent Office and transformed it into an engine in the further consolidation of power into Jewish hands.
This show was recorded on January 18th 2022. It is one of many hundreds of shows that gets recorded but never aired because the news cycle has changed or time never allowed the completion of the show. I am going to attempt to get these shows up whether or not they have any fancy end credits or not (the end credits sometimes take a long time to do and so these uploads will be raw shows with no end credits

They cashed in too hard. They gained too much control. They saw how successful their operations were. They saw how they are still not incarcerated or executed for their crimes. And so the criminals, Gate, Fauci, Daszak, Baric and the rest will keep on doing their crimes.

Dr. Baric bragging about his great new invention "Covid19 basically):

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The purpose of all major movements, policies, political parties, wars whether it is social or political is to consolidate power in Jewish hand. Whether it is an LGBTQP movement or a call for war, the underlying purpose is to transfer wealth and power to Jews.

The criminals in the US State Department. Intelligence and Military are so stupid that they actually think that people are as stupid as they are. Problem is that the world is obviously smarter than those scumbags in Washington and no one believe anything coming out of Washington and their master Israel. So as the US puts out these cheesy lies the world realigns with the Chinese and Russians because they don't insult and abuse the intelligence as the Americans are so eager to do.

The infamous Jewish pressure group that has control of the english language and can tell governments and corporations what to think, feel, and express was formed to protect a child rapist named Leo Frank in a famous case where Frank, had raped and murdered a young 13 year old sweatshop worker named Mary Phagan.

Leo was the head of the B'nai Brith Jewish organization so a lost was at stake for the reputation of Jewish power. He was convicted and sentenced to death but powerful Jewish financial groups bribed the governor to commute his sentence to life in prison instead.

The people broke in to the prison and got Frank and hung him by the neck on tree, The ADL was formed to bribe, blackmail, intimidate people to clear Frank's name.
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The plan is to destroy all hard copies of books that expose the Jewish destruction of our societies. In order to do this they will need to convince the populations of the world that hard copies of books in libraries can lead to the spread of viruses or other pathogens. This was one of the objectives of their Covid-19 crime as we saw libraries throughout the nation dispose of millions of books. Once the hard copies are gone it will be a simple matter to alter the text in the digital versions - all of which they aim to control.
Archive.org used to be a reliable source of books about our past but those days are quickly coming to an end as we see books relating to the Jewish control of teh banking systems of Europe being restricted under time "borrowing" restrictions and digital rights management.

There is NO CREDIBLE EXCUSE FOR A BOOK THAT IS OVER 100 YEARS OLD TO BE RESTRICTED UNDER DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT RESTRICTIONS. The only way this could happen is because Jewish groups object to the history that is contained within the pages of those now restricted books. There is no other excuse as to why books about the Jewish control of the banking systems would be put under restricted access.

We need to form a CITIZEN'S HISTORICAL PRESERVATION army to go out an preserve our history and start by preserving the books about the Jewish control of the money supplies throughout history because that seems to be the books that they definitely do not want anyone to access.

I need researchers who are self starters and who do not require to be taken by the hand - I need people who can provide results without the need for supervision. We need a database that can list the books that we have preserved and shared so that there is no need to waste efforts to duplicate efforts.

Please put ideas into the comment section on this matter and lets start to solve the problem of the restriction and destruction of our history.

It is no accident that the US dollar is quickly collapsing, that the US dollar as world reserve currency is being abandoned throughout the world and that the US petrodollar is being challenged by competing superpowers - this is by design. Everything is going as planned. Who are the planners? The Old Jewish banking cartels who are now operating through their shadow banking fronts Blackrock and Vanguard. How are the causing this global destruction of the Dollar? Simple, they have infiltrated the highest levels of the US State Department to kill off US power at teh exectuive level, they quite obviously control the Treasury Dept, and they own the Federal Reserve. They dumb down the people through their ownership and control of the media so there will be no resistance there. They have their agents at the head of the "Justice Department and their Shabbos Goy piece of garbage down at the FBI so there will be no possible investigation of this Jewish sabotage of our society and currency. And they have their poisoners in control of injecting poison into the children. So the only hope will be the people with the guns and the discipline to resist this Jewish sabotage - the US military & US military intelligence. It's our ONLY hope.

An extraordinarily clear message to America to wake up to this Jewish threat to our children, our families and our civilization.

Here are links to the original video and website of Pastor Chuck Baldwin:


As the Jewish controlled State Department steers The United States off a cliff, their Jewish partners in the shadow banking system are doubling their money. Why aren't there people in the US military and Intelligence structures doing something about this? The answer is simple, the Jews are promising them privilege and profit if they go along... and they give them this bullshit Jewish narrative about freedom, resilience and protecting the environment so that they don't vomit each time they look themselves in the mirror.

Do not comment on this video unless you have seen the end because this video's comment section is for research only.


The dramatic free fall of American strength, its economy, its standing in the world is no accident - it is orchestrated by the Jewish banking cartels in the shadows who steer the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of every single institution of any importance in the West. If the West is collapsing it is because the Jewish banking cartels want it to collapse.

Emergency - There is a massive coverup operation underway to sweep a breathtaking crime under the rug. Using the cover of Covid and now the Ukraine war a little news items slips by, "oh BTW," they say, "25% of home care products have "life threatening" levels of the carcinogen Benzene."
They are busy putting out a typically feeble and non credible cover story to placate the imbeciles who still watch the Jewish controlled American mainstream networks, but any thinking person knows, this is an INTENTIONAL effort. The Jewish groups who are doing this are well aware that their man at the FBI won't do a damn thing to investigate, and it would be no use if he did, because the conspirators already had in place an alibi built into the crime, ready to go, should their activities become public.
So this is a job for persons within the US military structures and also within these intelligence agencies who have not yet been compromised by the "fellowship" that these criminal networks dole out, to keep these agencies and military branches nice and and quiet about the crimes of the Jewish state, the Jewish banking cartels and the vast network of Jewish individuals in the shadows pulling these massive crimes against the American people.

It is important that this video reaches as many people in the US military, US law enforcement, US intelligence, and any and all persons who have the ability to take action and do something about it, to contribute in this war effort against this stealth parasitic enemy hiding in the shadows with trillions of dollars at their commands to make their agenda of the death of our children reality.

Original Quality of This Video Here: https://odysee.com/@Harry-Vox:d/benzine_poisoning_harry_vox:0

Meet Noah Harari, the official Jewish supremacist scumbag who is the golden boy of the Jewish banking cartels, the World Economic Forum, Aspen Institute and every other organ of the corrupt establishment. Hey as long as you are Jewish and willing to play along in the Jewish genocide against the world - you're in!

Deep in the shadows a Jewish intelligence operation steered Mr Ralph Baric and others to graft the Caucasian specific ACE2 receptor specific spike protein topology to the viral envelope containing the ultra virulent human Sars Covid virus. The intelligence community's "leadership" refuses to investigate the biggest MOST OBVIOUS crime in human history because they’re compromised by the system of money, influence, power and privilege that is waiting for them as long as the "play along" and do as they are told. In the shadows of the Jewish intelligence operation who steered the development of this Covid19 specific virus there is the almighty Jewish banking cartels who have placed every single player in place to allow this genocide of our people to continue with no interference. Our central struggle is to find units who can bring these criminals to justice. This can only occur at this point as a series of military operations against the criminals of this massive Jewish banking cartel run operation called Covid-19.

While the entire Jewish controlled media lies through their teeth that the US doesn't run hundreds of BioTerrorism / BioWeapons laboratories is the most corrupt nations of the world, their own Jew controlled puppets already let the cat out of the bag years ago and it is a simple matter for any real investigator to follow the breadcrumbs of the Jewish directed, US agency run bioweapons labs everywhere. The big question: Can the Jew banking cartels pay off, bribe and blackmail enough scumbags in the US government to continue the coverup or will a courageous group within US military and the Intelligence agencies fight back and put these Jew scumbags who are burrowed deep within the crevices of the US BioTerrorism complex and root them out like the termites they are. The race is on and the survival of the human race is at stake. God Speed.

Originally aired 2 years ago today. This was the first dissection of their "Event 21" where the sexually compromised Bill Gates was directed to put his name on this bioterror plan disguised as a "preparedness exercise"
The usual suspects are all there, Johns' Hopkins, Gates Foundation, Bloomberg, The bioterror ghoul Tom Inglesby, and an assortment of dupes and useful idiots all playing out the script written by the Jewish banking cartels and their Kahal so deep in the shadows that there are not seen anywhere, but when you follow the money to its origin, that money is Jewish money.

Fun with online medical videos.

We are being parasitized. In a world where they are quickly following through on the Jewish promise that you will own nothing, they still need a way to continue sucking the blood of the people. The NFT world is one such way. The minds of vast swaths of Americans have been destroyed by this pernicious Jewish idea of getting something for nothing. That's how the Jewish fiat currency systems works. But this system of free money only fills the pockets of Jews. For non Jews all these Jew scams like the stock market, Cryptocurrency and now NFTs amount to nothing more than an addictive drug for drug addicts who don't want to do an honest days work and think their best hope is to get rich quick by getting in at the ground floor of the next Jew Ponzi scheme. But the only real money in this latest con goes to the Jews running the con. For the poor bastards in the middle class and below there will be nothing.


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Join us as we deconstruct this hideous mutated monster that our political and social worlds have become. It's too perfect. Several generations now have suffered the growing onslaught of humorless self righteous The right wing's plans of sabotaging and dismantling the left and liberal class by pushing their proxy warriors with fake crusades of justice is executed flawlessly - effortlessly creating legions of easily gulled people who genuinely believe they are fighting for justice - these diversions from the very real institutional threats of Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, the corporatization of our minds in a surveillance state are precisely the intended effect of this new pseudo activist posing called the SJW.

The SJW Imposters and their moronic political correctness are the saboteurs of the true values of a liberal mind that our society was heading towards. They work directly for the ruling power structure and most are totally unaware who they are ultimately serving - the ruling power structure. They are in service to the very worst most dangerous threats to a free life and a free mind and most are eagerly cheering these ominous threats.

Rather than stew in our stomach acids we vent this spleen unto your ears and eyes and share a cozy moment of good old fashion hate, for the Hillary Clintons, George Bushes, John Brennans and all the rest of the utter pigs of this world. That right - the "H" word. But its OK - we're equal opportunity haters. :)

We're not here to tell you how lovely things are. We're just here to tear the head of this fucking glistening beast and shit down its neck stump.

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