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It’s all a scam. I hate that everything about the war we love is meant to enslave us and keep us under control.

Clip from Joe Rogan show where Elon Musk talks about the covid vaccine

Nobody knows who this guy is? Or maybe they’re pretending to not know?

‼️The elites’ plan for a One World Government and currency (aka The Great Reset) laid out explicitly by Jim Rickards.

Rabbi Weiss being interviewed in Turkey, June 2010. There is a difference between Judaism and Zionism.

Of course they did! It’s obvious at this point

IDF footage shows attacks on Palestinian fighters as they enter Israel from the sea

Smdh. This is bad

I call bs. This was a set up

‼️NOW - Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: "Citizens of Israel, we are at war. Not an operation, not an escalation — at war. Hamas will pay an unprecedented price."

All these monsters need to be put in jail!! Who do we allow this??

Israel’s iron dome defense systems at work

Lmao anyone who still believes this crap should go get their booster

This was all a setup and it stinks to high Heaven!! This is the next thing popping! War in Israel! This is the next bitch on their path to WW3

Your child could be next.
All children deserve to be safe and protected and our government is stealing our children for profit. This makes me so angry i could self combust…

So how much more of this American land does the royal family own??? The plot thickens!!

The truth in Comedy with Jim Breuer - Goes in on Bill gates, Klaus Swabb and Zuckerberg

Listen to this!! Could this be why Russell Brand is being targeted??

Meanwhile Americans are struggling to keep their heads above water!!


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