The UK Ghost Hunts team enter Gresley Hall for a real paranormal investigation,

Tom O'Mahony joins paranormal investigator Tim Kelly and his team on an investigation of the infamous Loftus Hall.

The story of a 1970's psychology lab in Pennsylvania where a case of demonic possession took place.

In 1997 the Anderson family vanished from their home without a trace. No bodies were ever found. For 17 years the house has remained undisturbed... until now.

A psychologist and a police officer investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.

Following the Dead

Conversations with the Dead

Unmasking the Dead

Walking with the Dead

The clients are new, but the spirit is all too familiar as Ryan Buell prepares himself to battle the taunting demon that has been following him. He assembles his top investigators

Ryan Buell and company set out on one of their most dangerous cases to date--to help a single mother who is experiencing paranormal activity in a home that was once the site of brutal murders.

A worried mother calls the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) to help her son Matthew, a boy who sees dead people

S01 E03 The Real World

S01 E02 Infestations

S01 E01 The Exorcist


For years, the Hoyt Library in Saginaw, Michigan, has made headlines as one of the most haunted locations in the entire Midwest. Finally, a documentary film crew was granted access to investigate the numerous claims of paranormal activity. What they captured on audio and video will leave no room for doubt.

Four online friends meet for the first time inside the most haunted building in America to find proof for the existence of an afterlife. But they may have received more than they bargained for.

760 hours of investigation condensed into a hair-raising 90 minute documentary. The most thorough paranormal investigation ever conducted. A location so active, an exorcist had to be brought in. Witness the evidence unfold as paranormal researchers confront a malicious and powerful entity that inhabits a centuries old Saloon, in the heart of Saginaw, Michigan.

For the first time in history, a documentary film crew has been granted permission to enter the massive and mysterious Potter street station, of Saginaw, Michigan. ... Locked in over night, the investigators have 'til dawn to capture proof of the train station's notorious hauntings.

The Booth Brothers creators of The Possessed, Children Of The Grave This shocking new paranormal, documentary film continues the true hauntings of ghost children and their emotional stories of the supernatural.

Winner of Best Paranormal Documentary of 2008. Explore abandoned orphanages and cemeteries to uncover the tragic haunted past of thousands of orphans buried in unmarked graves. Acclaimed supernatural, documentary filmmakers, The Booth Brothers (Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures) and Spooked (as seen on the SyFy & Chiller) unearth the shocking existence of ghost children!

Model and musician Kay Nambier doesn't believe in ghosts. But he's always wondered what lies behind the stories. So, he's travelling to some of Europe's most haunted locations in search of definitive proof of whether or not they really exist. He's joined by psychic Ian Lawman, who claims he can connect with the dead; and high-tech paranormal investigators Chris Hawley and Paul Hobday

S01E08 - Toyah Willcox Pershore Worcs

S01E07 - The Grimsby Scratcher Grimsby NE Lincs


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A Selection of videos about the paranormal from over the years, some are old and not of the best quality
but worth watching .