The Self-Aware Frequency

from: The Self-Aware Frequency (2020)

1. Plunder of Thoughts
2. Hiding from the World
3. My Temple of Pride
4. Face in the Crowd
5. Born Without a Heart
6. Scavengers Await
7. Soon to Be
8. Forgotten

from : Through Shaded Woods (2020)

1. In a Blink of an Eye
2. The Final Hour
3. Beat The Clock
4. Case Closed
5. The Mega Metropolis
6. Scarlet Babylon
7. Only Time Will Tell
8. Your Days Are Numbered


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All my channels are to promote good music. No expenses, but my own satisfaction.

666 albums vol. I - an excerpt from my music education,in short honest description few words about audio quality. Finshed, round 666 music-videos, but more than 666 full albums, no updates.

666 albums vol. II - Finshed 666, no updates

new channel: The Self-Aware Frequency - named after debut album Vitam Aeternam.

Enjoy !!!