hello you all finaly have the final part ready this is the second and last video on our way from benzaldehyde and ethylacetate to cinnamic acid where we will free the cinnamic acid from its ethylester songs : nihilore "Dasein" and Bensound "the lounge" thx for making this music free so if anyone is reading this infos i have some bad news for you ... i am joining the military which means my time for the chanell will be reduced .... but there will still be some videos .. just not that often mfg hazelChem

hello you all this is an old video
in this video i show a method which saves HNO3 in the copper nitrate synthesis
please take in mind that this did not age well.....
mfg hazelChem

hello you all
now with a good resulution

this is a bitchute only video because i am frightend that you toube will give me a strike for this thus disabling my channel

in this video i am purifying dibenzoyl peroxide wich i am using to synthesise benzene carboperoxoic acid which then will be used to make styrene oxide

there for i had to find a suitable source for the dibenzoyl peroxide
so i ended up with a epoxi radical hardener

have fun and do not kill yourself

mfg hazelChem

in this video i am doing the synthesis of chloralhydrate by chlorination and direct hydration of ethanole do to the temperatures in my country the water in my lab is frozen so i can t do anything right now .... i hope you understand this
music by bensound
mfg hazelChem

This video is part of my seminar paper so it is set into german
I hope this is not to stressful for you to translate I'm currently very busy with school and therefore I have not much time for the channel
music by Bensound (thanks for providing free and good music)

mfg hazelChem

hello you all
if you want please send in translations :D
in this video I am recycling polystyrene into its monomer styrene to do this i am using the thermolysis process therefore the polystyrene is heated and dry destilled to reform the styrene the purification by fractional destillation will follow in a other video
tell me if you like the lab sound or if i should keep using music
mfg hazelChem

hello you all
this time i am synthesising trans cinnamic acid via the claisen condensation !
this is the first video of two this one deals with the synthesis of cinnamic acid ethylester from benzaldehyde and ethyl acetate catalysed over sodium ethanolate
the music is by ChemPlayer (sadly deleted) you inspired !!
have fun and do not kill your self !

IMPORTANT chemplayer are here on bitchute
I myself switched do to strikes on yt


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