Major Hicks from the NSM hosts Brown Pill Radio.

From Sinead on I will upload all the Tabitha related screenshots I have on the intel section at today. Slurpus runs

x6. From Murdoch Murdoch. Fed Ice was saying the gun grabbler is on a rampage in Virginia now.

Antifa free speech chat:
Slurpy's website:
(I can't see comments at the moment have to re-install browser tomorrow but I'll check my emails and chats when I do. Slurpy acts like it's still active so I appreciate you guys keeping it going while I'm gone, but if you want to get past slurpy with the comments you have to be more subtle and to get past call screening call while he's actually on with the host or doing his own show and can't screen you. Just a tip)

If you want to talk to Slurpus in Australia his number is +61 431 087 227 (best around 2pm EST) Let him know how you feel about him keeping the cuckaroos from Sue's bull (their father) and him harassing an NSM veteran.

For now people are saying I'm shoah'd by the bitjoo freedumb of speech ninja. I will try putting the mp3 up on my chat.

Pastor Lindstedt talks about Andre the N!gger, accuses Cholly of being a jew boy. Fat kike says something about 9/11

Fk lets Gaymon have it. Claims he's not the harmless tard he thought he was. Says he might be retiring. Charlie calls in and Lindstedt calls in for the last hour or so. his chat:

Taken from fatkike seems to be abstaining from Trump tweets and says he's voting for Elizabeth Warren so nothing against his show but I just thought this was one of Pastor Lindstedts better sermons. FK deserves the credit for giving him his safe space and getting him back on.

So simple a whigger could understand it.

humorous example of how to kick off helter skelter and the great whigger culling. Work smarter not harder whiggers. Republican jewtube needs to be less obvious fucking with my views too. Be more like democrat jewtube lol. I know you don't let my channel show up in the searches but I at least have my chatango audience.

FK is ready to go fight the reds. Moving back to Skokie. Major Hicks calls in at the beginning and Martin gives his thoughts on shootings throughout the ZOGland.

The deep state made him do it. Trump is actually a big second amendment guy just ask him. That's why he's going to support the Major Hicks MAGA march for darwinism he just can't say so right now. Q Anon may even be afraid to talk about this.

The ADL sent their trolls out. Proof the ZOG fears this info getting out. Ignore the hecklers fat kike.

Everything you need to know about the bow tie cuck....and he's a Christian. Another one that can be long-winded.

Pastor Lindstedt talks about the bowel movement post Charlottesville. Laments the dumb whiggers who followed Cantell and other Hal Turner financed zogbots. Lindstedt also takes a break to take another shit on fatkike.

Carolyn can be a bit long-winded. I think this is most of what you need to know about her in 16 minutes......and she's a pagan. Clip is from Sinead at I'm not affiliated with renegade.

Fatkike gets into the wignat vs cucknat. Cucknats like Andre the N!gger and CI Chris Cuckwell losing control as Trump is down in all the bathhouse polls. Cholly calls in and talks about Epstein
His chat is if shoah'd seek refuge at


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