5th upload...

Major Hicks from the NSM hosts Brown Pill Radio.
*By Slurpy Chomo's (Shaun Oneal) family I mean Sue and the cuckaroos
My last "movement" update:


Looks like he's quitting bitchute...
In case of freedumb of speech ninja: (everybody will be at the chat linked there or )

* Prepare for things to come. is also based outside of the U.S. so censorship resistant go and post what you want.
* Register on VK (peferably as a left leaning normie)
* Preparing for gun control
* Also Nick Fuentes is apparently a faggot.
Plus Slurpus slowly going trumptard at the behest of his yenta?

Opinion as a 33rd degree white nationalist. Register on

From Sinead on I will upload all the Tabitha related screenshots I have on the intel section at today. Slurpus runs

My email if you wanted to help with fitrom [email protected]

x6. From Murdoch Murdoch. Fed Ice was saying the gun grabbler is on a rampage in Virginia now.

* Fed Ice slumming it to not seem like Zogbots
* Lana may not be transgender after all
* My predictions for the New Year alt-kike red carpet

* Bile and Grenade from renegade (And Slurpus)
* Atomwaffen (Gadsden?) back in the news donating guns to ZOG
* Carolyn Emerick
* Murdoch Murdoch Xmas special
* Show ideas and Aryan mind control
* Harold Covington, John Doe #2 and the origins of "Benny buttfuck Klassen"

Antifa free speech chat:
Slurpy's website:
(I can't see comments at the moment have to re-install browser tomorrow but I'll check my emails and chats when I do. Slurpy acts like it's still active so I appreciate you guys keeping it going while I'm gone, but if you want to get past slurpy with the comments you have to be more subtle and to get past call screening call while he's actually on with the host or doing his own show and can't screen you. Just a tip)

Wendy/Robert Joos
Chinese food
Jewish ownership of professional sports

* Alt-kike 2.0 updates
* Trumptards claim someone tried to poison King Kike
* Carolyn Emerick didn't want to talk to me
* The Surge
* Also DuckDuckgo isn't open source either
(you will have to take gabriel weinbergs word for it)

E Michael Jones Alt-kike news and Slurpus censoring my friend Jill
Actual aircrack-ng commands for disabling access point:
airmon-ng start (interface name)
airodump-ng (interface name)mon
airodump-ng -c (channel number target access point is on) --bssid 00:00:00:00:00:00 (interface name)mon
aireplay-ng --deauth 0 -a 00:00:00:00:00:00 (interface name)mon

*Knocking snitch cams offline
*Cameras and Camcorders for auditing
*Alt-kike dead ends
*Dicky off his AIDS meds?

*Considering Infowars is covering this it could be fake news but still good for white propaganda
*(not mentioned) For first amendment audits Oscar will want a camcorder with high optical zoom, a large SD card and probably a friend at the DMV
*If anybody knows about digital scanners lmk
*Chemtrails and weather manipulation - Our pet yenta's wish list Incessant Goy (Juicy Smollet) in the comments trolling instead of being a crypto-aryan
Musings about relationships and women
Zog pig gets a $200,000 bond for murdering darkie, alt-kike whiggers with Stockholm syndrome rush to ZOG pigs defense sub to his channel for some good news if you're tired of all the doom and gloom from Andre the n!gger.
Cuckwell takes kvetching international
If you are a woman who comes across this who is interested in being a guest on a show I'm planning email me at [email protected]


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