The Cure for Chronic Disease

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The Cure for Chronic Disease

DR Bill McGraw


In this video I go over the history and deceptive ideas on statins and cardiovascular disease. I present all of the info on how to use Spooky2 equipment in the correct way to get the most out preventing and treating this #1 killer. I include an update on how to use B3 to increase heavy metal removal with sweat therapy.
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Here I describe the real problem that exists as to why Pamama is currently shut down due to protests and road blocks and why people are so against this proposed copper mining project.

Here I talk about how EMF toxicity has been around for 100 years. I show how spooky2 scalar and quantum entanglement technology can prevent and treat EMF toxicity., contact me for consultation and training for Spooky2 Rife technology.
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This is the replay of the new Spooky2 Cancer Protocol and Update on Heavy Metals seminar that was hosted on 20-21, September, 2023. You can use the coupon "bill1019" to get 5% off any all spooky2 equipment at Check out my website for more info.

In this video I talk about how the terrain protocol by Spooky2 affects individual concentrations of heavy metals. I discuss how Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus absorb heavy metals and turn off the detox mechanisms making hard to detox. Spooky2 can remove them from the human body and turn on the mechanisms of detox!
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This was another spooky2 training seminar

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This seminar describes how to determine the underlying cause of insomnia and how to treat insomnia with supplementation, lifestyle changes and Rife frequencies using Spooky2.
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This is all the info from my research into these two toxins. I have been using spooky2 Rife tech for over a month to remove vaccine toxins from clients.
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This channel is about healing people from chronic disease through the diet, special types of water and minerals and Rife frequencies.