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Source: Paul Saladino MD

Feb 17, 2022

Paul explains when seed oils came about and what they were originally used for. He also explains the correlation between the introduction of seed oils and the steady rise of chronic illness and speaks on the mainstream, misleading perspective of LDL cholesterol.

Source: 5 Minute Body
May 15, 2024

Iodine deficiency is the leading cause of thyroid disorders and cancer. Dr David Brownstein discusses the benefits of iodine and how much you need. Let our sponsor, BetterHelp, connect you to a therapist who can support you. Visit and enjoy a special discount on your first month.

Brownstein's IODINE book:

Iodine is needed for every cell of the body, and you cannot get enough from diet or food. Most of us are iodine deficient and this can cause many problems like autoimmune disease, cancer, thyroid disorders (hashimoto's) + more.

Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., is a board-certified family physician who utilizes the best of conventional and alternative therapies. He is the Medical Director for the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University School of Medicine.

May 23rd, 2021
Source: Patrick Timpone

Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D – The Magic of Progesterone; Covid Vaccines & Your Health Questions Answered

“So a little bit of progesterone is good for us all?” asks Patrick. “While working with progesterone in the lab, I would stop having hangnails,” replies Dr. Ray Peat.

Dr. Peat describes progesterone’s remarkable effect on a bedridden woman diagnosed with a degenerative brain condition.

Progesterone stops stress and puts the system in a “higher state of rest.” How is this state of rest beyond the confines of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems?

How does progesterone allow the body to reorganize itself, “sort of like political autonomy,” where cells can cooperate rather than becoming more active or quiescent?

“The strange thing about progesterone is that it’s pretty much good for everything,” affirms Dr. Peat.

There’s no worry about germs or viruses or cancer cells. How does progesterone stabilize the organism?

Progesterone can be used for cancers on the lips or ears. They either disappear or fall off.

Antibiotic research started with natural substances. Antibiotics are everywhere. How is an antibiotic from Nature safer and more protective than a pharmaceutical product?

How can an antibiotic be used without hurting the immune system? Can bacteria go into a spore state to survive an antibiotic?

Do reduced doses of chemotherapy have healing potential? Can reduced doses shift the balance in favor of the patient, not the tumor?

Why is the “seed that multiplies” not a valid theory of cancer? How can a “restorative healing process” be initiated and sustained?

When you cut our a tumor, you leave a wounded area that will produce more tumors. It recruits cells from the surrounding area to rebuild the cancer. The body keeps growing a wound that can’t heal.

Why does injured tissue become a powerful source of estrogen? How does estrogen signal for cellular amplification?

Sophie asks about blackheads and enlarged pores. Dr. Peat indicates the polyunsaturated fatty acid connection, and explains how to remedy both problems.

Vic asks about heart arrhythmia. A declining thyroid is involved, and Dr. Peat explains what to do about it.

Hussein asks about acid reflux and ulcers.

Can the nocturnal reversal of peristalsis transport anal contents all the way up into the mouth by morning?

The average American takes 76 hours from mouth to excretion, while in Africa it only takes 12 hours. What causes the difference?

Ellen asks about the FDA requiring a prescription for NAC (N-acetylcysteine). Dr. Peat explains why it’s both “excitatory and life-shortening.”

A listener asks about elevated blood pressure from drinking milk.

A listener asks about protecting the body from the Covid vaccine.

A listener asks, “Spike proteins are supposed to exist in cell membranes, but do cell membranes even exist?” The answer may surprise you.

Does a virus need a doorknob? Is there really a blood-brain barrier or is the brain just “a big ball of fat”?

Elena asks about edema in her feet. Dr. Peat offers a simple solution.

Michael asks about prostate cancer. Is “watchful waiting” the best strategy?

A listener asks how orange juice and Mexican Coca-Cola can help diabetes.

Mary asks about cold hands and infertility.

A listener asks, “When does Soul enter the body?”

What is autonomous awareness? Do the things we eat have personalities?

Source: NaturalNews
May 16th, 2024

Dr. Alphonso Monzo warns about implications of 5G and self-replicating nanocircuitry on the jabbed masses

To learn more, visit:

- The effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body. (0:01)
- The impact of screen time on children's neurological development, including the effects of blue light and artificial environments on brain chemistry and function (7:22)
- 5G technology and its potential health effects, including oxidative stress, neurological issues, and mineral depletion. (16:21)
- Toxic heavy metals in food and supplements. (25:08)
- Using touch therapy based on Hebrew alphabet for healing. (29:34)
- Using ancient Hebrew letter meanings for healing through touch and sound. (32:56)
- The interconnectedness of the physical and energetic bodies, with a focus on the role of acupuncture and nutrition in he (36:49)
- Natural healing methods and alternative medicine. (44:08)
- Hands-on healing techniques with a medical doctor. (49:14)

For more updates, visit:

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Source: Analyze & Optimize
Jun 4, 2024
The most potent medicine in your house is literally sitting in your cabinet and costs you next to nothing.

Personalized health coaching:

Our website:

X: @Outdoctrination

Instagram: @AnalyzeAndOptimize

For References see source link above

Source: Matt Blackburn
May 10, 2024

Mitolife Radio Podcast
Melatonin the Miracle Molecule for Mitochondria with Dr. Russel Reiter | Mitolife Radio Ep. #273

Dr Russel Reiter has been involved in melatonin research since its inception. He has been supplementing it everyday for the past 29 years.

In this interview he talks about how he became interested in melatonin, what happens to our melatonin production as we age, why humans not being seasonable breeders matters for fear surrounding hormonal dysregulation and melatonin supplements, the effects of light pollution on our physiology, how to use melatonin for jet lag, how melatonin can support menopause, why someone might feel groggy taking melatonin, how to find your optimal dose of melatonin, and more!

Russel Reiter's book:

My website:

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/ @mitolifeofficial

Music by George Henner:

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#MitolifeRadio #Melatonin #health

0:00 Show introduction
4:20 Russel's books
6:18 How Russel got interested in melatonin
9:15 Discussing melatonin supplementation reducing natural production
11:47 Night shifts
13:17 Impact of light on circadian rhythm
17:27 What Russel has to say to those against supplementing melatonin
23:02 Antioxidant capability of melatonin
26:15 Influence of melatonin on hormones
30:54 Talking about Doris Loh and phase separation
32:35 Melatonin for infectious diseases
33:47 How rat studies with melatonin translate to humans
36:03 How melatonin was originally synthesized
39:28 Light exposure at night
44:01 Melatonin for jet lag
48:31 Discussing melatonin studies
53:04 Testing melatonin levels
54:21 Melatonin decline with age
56:46 Breastfeeding and melatonin
59:38 Melatonin during the day
1:02:29 Grogginess morning after melatonin use
1:07:06 Russel explaining his melatonin usage
1:12:26 Topical melatonin
1:14:21 Which form of melatonin is best absorbed
1:16:48 Gut bacteria and melatonin
1:19:13 Nightmares and melatonin
1:21:37 Epilepsy and melatonin
1:23:53 Melatonin dependency?
1:24:45 Can supplementing melatonin help your body produce more on its own?
1:26:56 Melatonin and male fertility
1:33:00 Gardening with melatonin
1:37:49 Plans Russel has for his book
1:41:13 Can melatonin powder oxidize?
1:44:10 Melatonin's boost to glutathione
1:45:23 Where to find Russel
1:46:49 Closing thoughts/ outro

Source: NaturalNews
April 25th, 2024

Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals shocking use of venom peptides in cosmetics and the food supply, with NEW SOLUTIONS for foreign protein detoxification

To learn more, visit:

- Venom peptides in medicine, including their use in COVID-19 treatment and cosmetics. (0:01)
- Toxic weight loss drugs made from venomous lizard's venom. (7:27)
- COVID-19 origins and potential cures. (12:45)
- Nicotine as an antidote for various viruses, including COVID-19, with references to scientific research. (17:00)
- Venom proteins and their effects on the human body, with a focus on the Lobelia plant as a potential remedy. (20:21)
- Natural ingredients for detoxifying foreign proteins. (25:33)
- Natural remedies for COVID-19, including wormwood and salt intake. (30:07)
- Salt, salt licks, and their importance for animals and humans, with a focus on Mucuna Pruriens as an ingredient that (35:18)
- Plants' ability to neutralize venom toxins with added gold nanoparticles. (38:42)
- Snake venom's neurotoxicity and its potential for treating neurological disorders. (41:34)
- Snake venom and its effects, with a focus on ashwagandha and cinnamon as potential remedies. (46:27)
- Cinnamon-based supplements for health benefits. (51:28)
- A new protein cleanse product with limited supply. (53:39)
- Preparedness items, including gold backed currency, storable food, satellite phones, and firearm accessories. (59:37)
- Preparedness solutions for chaos and collapse. (1:04:50)

For more updates, visit:

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Source: Elwin Robinson
Apr 30, 2024

Rejuvenate Podcast
References from Hans Amato:

Increase DHT: the Alpha Maker -

T-Optimization Isn't Rocket Science Anymore -

Lower prolactin: become the alpha you desire to be -

TestoDiet exact layout -

You can find the complete list of Hans Amato’s courses here -

If you’d like to know which Genetic Factors are influencing your Hormones, go to

You can find Elwin’s recommended Hormone Supplements here:

And remember to use code “REJUVENATEME” to tell them we sent you and to get 20% OFF your first order.

Hans Amato website

/ hansamato

/ hansamato_testonation

You can follow Elwin on Facebook:

/ therealelwin And on Twitter @therealelwin

And you can find Krissy on Twitter @KrissyHawkes

00:00:00 Teaser Trailer
00:00:47 Introduction to Hans Amato
00:04:43 What inspired you to focus on male optimization
00:08:24 What made you go down the route of hormones for your anxiety
00:10:39 What led you to find Ray Peat and what’s been your experience with applying his teachings
00:13:17 DHT: What is it, how is it different from testosterone and what does it do in the body
00:17:16 Androgenic vs Anabolic: supplementing with DHT and growth
00:19:25 DHT: prostate growth and hair loss
00:28:03 Top three tips for hair loss
00:29:42 DHT benefits
00:30:42 Post finasteride syndrome and its side effects
00:35:56 Factors contributing to ED/ 5 alpha reductase inhibitors
00:41:17 DHT: motivation and focus
00:42:22 DHT: Cholesterol & blood pressure
00:43:41 What is the best hormone supplementation: DHT or TRT or something else
00:48:55 Estrogenic effects/ symptoms
00:50:44 Prolactin
00:52:14 Extended refractory causes
00:54:17 Hypothyroid and high prolactin
00:57:07 How to fix high prolactin
00:59:30 Practical advice from Hans/ where to start
01:04:44 Metabolic Flexibility/ NEAT
01:05:48 3 top lifestyle recommendations
01:07:35 Intermittent fasting/ body temperature
01:09:40 Where to find Hans

The Rejuvenate podcast is dedicated to looking at the real root causes of premature aging, and what we can do to 'turn back the clock' and feel younger and healthier again.
Each episode will focus on a different area of health.

To begin with, episodes will be quite broad and just an overview of a big subject, then later the plan is to go more in depth, both with our hosts, and also guests, on more specific issues and give a comprehensive plan for each.

Make sure you Like and Subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and if you have any feedback, questions or requests for future episodes, leave a comment underneath the video and Krissy or Elwin will do their best to reply personally.

Source: Analyze & Optimize
Feb 19, 2024

How is it possible that historically people consumed massive amounts of calories daily, including substantial amounts of sugar, without the obesity rates we face today? Discover the surprising dietary and lifestyle factors from the past that challenge modern perceptions of health and nutrition, encouraging a reevaluation of today's guidelines.

Get a FREE first consult at Prism (health consulting):

X (Twitter):

/ outdoctrination (@Outdoctrination)

/ analyzeandoptimize (@analyzeandoptimize)

All of our content, products and ways to donate:

For References see link above

Source: Craig Stewart
Feb 2, 2022

In this Podcast I interview Henry Lahore, founder and master of the Vitamin D Wiki - your one place for all things Vitamin D related.

If you liked this video, please consider subscribing to my channel, give us a like and please, leave me some feedback, questions or comments.

We discuss the Wiki and I ask Henry 20 questions about Vitamin D and he lays out the answers as only an aeronautical engineer knows how, in great detail!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice; this is a discussion and for educational purposes only. Always discuss any health related matters you are concerned about with your trusted healthcare professional.

Here are the 20 key moments in the interview and make sure you follow the link at the bottom to visit the interview transcript where you can explore the literature and data relating to each of the questions.

Transcript with hyperlinks and graphics is at

00:00:00 Introduction / Background & Disclaimer
00:00:56 Introducing Henry Lahore of the Vitamin D Wiki
00:04:21 Vitamin D Wiki - Languages & page conversion
00:05:29 Vitamin D WIki - Categories
00:08:06 Vitamin D - Is it actually worth having this conversation?
00:09:31 Vitamin D - Recommended blood level - why the variance? What to believe?
00:11:54 Vitamin D - Recommended daily intake. RDI / RDA
00:16:58 Vitamin D Deficiency - 1 in 7 Humans deficient?
00:18:06 Can you get all the Vitamin D you need from the sun? Surely?
00:21:25 Classical Vitamin D pathways - bone health, osteoporosis etc.
00:28:21 Vitamin D - How non-renal cells use Vitamin D
00:31:19 Vitamin D & Health outcomes
00:33:01 Talking to your Doctor about Vitamin D - a brick wall?
00:36:56 Bolus dosing & taking a loading dose of Vitamin D
00:41:01 Dose response to Vitamin D - why the variance?
00:45:31 When to take Vitamin D
00:47:16 Maintaining an optimal Vitamin D level
00:50:14 Consequences of keeping your level in the "summer" range all the time?
00:52:08 Cofactors of Vitamin D
00:59:38 Where does Vitamin D come from? Lambs wool grease?
01:01:09 Animals and Vitamin D - preening, licking, sun bathing?
01:02:52 Vitamin D3 vs Vitamin D2 & Mushrooms!
01:05:38 Different forms of Vitamin D (gel caps vs emulsions)
01:08:15 Topical Vitamin D3
01:09:43 Vitamin D and Genetic Polymorphisms
01:14:47 Parathyroidism & Vitamin D3 supplementation
01:16:28 Barriers to starting Vitamin D3 supplementation
01:18:41 Vitamin D3 Toxicity
01:20:43 Vitamin D3 is RAT POISON isn't it?
01:23:34 What other health problems are associated with low Vitamin D?
01:27:23 Vitamin D & Disease - Correlation or Causation?
01:35:55 Diabetes & Obesity
01:39:36 IBS & Colon Cancer
01:43:07 Vitamin D & Oral health
01:45:32 Vitamin D & Mental Health, ASD, Depression
01:49:34 Vitamin D & Sports
01:51:41 Inhaled Vitamin D3?
01:54:12 Vitamin D & COVID 19
01:58:05 Vitamin D & Winter Colds + Flu
02:03:14 Philosophical & Summary
02:16:34 Where can you get more information, take your next step?

Source: Christopher Walker
Jun 5, 2020

Learn more about UMZU's mission to make the world healthy again at

Misinformation has spread the lie that salt is bad for people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Salt is key to life. When most people hear the word ‘salt’ they immediately imagine table salt, or sodium chloride.

Sodium is not the only salt-forming mineral, however. Electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium also form salts.

Deficiencies in the electrolytes can have devastating effects on the human body. Limiting salt in your diet increases the risk of hyponatremia, mineral deficiencies, hypertension, poor neuronal functioning, fat storage, heart attack, and poor sleep.

Most of us don’t need to eat a low-salt diet; in fact, we need MORE salt in our diets to improve our health.

Stop ignoring your salt cravings while you opt for “low sodium” tasteless foods and bland meals - allow your salt cravings to guide you toward a state of perfect health. Your body is speaking to you - it is time to start listening.

It’s time to, Think Again.

Salt restriction, however, is extremely damaging to the prenatal development of the fetus in the womb, and it became well-known by more discerning scientists and physicians that these recommendations, especially to pregnant women, would lead to widespread damage to millions of newborn children.

By reducing salt intake during pregnancy, the developing fetus is not receiving adequate oxygen, due to the lowered blood volume, since sodium is essential for maintaining blood volume. The low sodium in the body also prevents enough blood from circulating through the kidneys, which causes the kidneys to release more renin, a signaling enzyme, which is a compensation mechanism the body uses to increase blood pressure in order circulate blood more quickly.

This lack of oxygen to the growing fetus, and the resulting reduction in CO2 production, not surprisingly, can lead to developmental disorders in the child and postpartum hormonal imbalances in the mother, which commonly symptomize in the forms of hair loss, depression, and skin issues.

The opposition to mass prescription of modern diuretics and low salt diets was mounting, however diuretic drug sales continued to prove massively profitable for the drug companies, and the low salt diet myth quickly became the conventional cliche, parroted in the popular media and throughout doctors’ offices around the country.

While it’s easy to find an array of studies demonstrating small drops in blood pressure with lowered salt intake, these results do not necessarily indicate any sort of causative role of salt consumption in high blood pressure. The results seen are typically so minimal that it becomes obvious to a scrupulous eye that there is a more intricate story at play.

For example, the Department of Health and Human Services funded an 11 trial salt restriction study executed by the Cochrane Collaboration in 2004, that demonstrated an average of just a 1.1 mmHg drop in systolic blood pressure and 0.6 mmHg drop in diastolic blood pressure with salt restriction in healthy humans. This is basically going from 120/80 to 118.9/79.4, results that can easily be achieved in any number of ways.

However, the headlines in popular media outlets chimed out the bells that “Salt causes high blood pressure!” further perpetuating the myth in the public’s mind and within the medical community, while continuing to ignore highly contradictory results from other wide scale population studies, such as the Intersalt Study of 1988, a data-driven collection of results from 52 international research centers, that demonstrated that the highest salt-consuming individuals (up to 14g of salt per day) had lower blood pressure levels on average than people who consumed half of that amount.

The results of the 2004 government-funded Cochrane study, and ensuing media attention, become even more tenuous when you understand that the Cochrane Collaboration had conducted a study just one year prior, in 2003, reviewing 57 salt restriction trials, and concluded that “there is little evidence for long-term benefit from reducing salt intake.”

A large study done in 1995 on 3000 people over 4 years led by Dr. Michael Alderman, and published in the journal Hypertension, demonstrated that individuals who ate less salt indeed actually had a higher prevalence of increased mortality rates than those who ate more salt. They also found that by adding more salt to their diet, the subjects had a 36% decrease in heart-related mortality events.

Three years later, in 1998, the Alderman team published another set of findings on a 22 year long study they’d been conducting with over 11,000 people that showed a clear inverse relationship between salt intake and mortality.

Source: Dr. Eric Berg DC
Dec 18, 2023

Download Summary of Vitamin D Benefits and Deficiency Warning Signs Here:

Find out why you should take vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 at the same time!

Check out Dr. Berg Vitamin D3 and K2 here:

0:00 Introduction: Vitamin D3 and K2
1:02 Vitamin D3
1:38 Vitamin K2
6:35 MK4 vs MK7
8:02 What is the correct ratio of vitamin D3 to K2?
8:36 Learn more by checking out the download above!

Let’s talk about the potential benefits of taking vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 at the same time.

Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 work closely together. Vitamin D3 supports the absorption of calcium in the small intestines. Vitamin K2 takes calcium from the blood and transports it to the bones and teeth. It also activates a protein that keeps calcium out of the arteries, joints, and other areas of the body where it shouldn’t be.

Vitamin K2 has many additional potential benefits, from supporting healthy blood sugar levels to improving wrinkles.

Animal fats are a great source of the MK4 version of vitamin K2. A different form of vitamin K2, called MK7, comes from bacteria in foods like cheese and fermented foods. People who cut fatty foods from their diet are at risk for a vitamin K2 deficiency.

Foods high in vitamin K2:
• Grass-fed butter and ghee
• Hard and soft cheeses
• Egg yolks
• Goose liver, chicken liver, and beef liver
• Hot dogs
• Salmon

If someone chooses to take a vitamin K2 supplement, they may want to consider the MK7 version. For every 10,000 IU of vitamin D3, I suggest taking 100 MCG of vitamin K2.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

Follow Me On Social Media:


Source: Analyze & Optimize
Aug 10, 2022

Is high fructose corn syrup the same thing as table sugar? Many people assume so, but the answer is more complicated than one might think based on what the mainstream media will tell you.

Our Website:

For References see link above

Source: Henry Lahore

Feb 10, 2015
Accurate translations available here:

Around 9 out of 10 people you know are deficient in vitamin D, which we get from the sun. Find out why, what that does to you, and what you can do about it, right now by watching this short, stunning animation.

And if you think you have any of your family or friends are in this 9 out of 10 people who don't get enough sunlight and vitamin D each day, why not share this video with them using the "Share" tab above this box / below the video.

We'd also love to know your thoughts about vitamin D in the comments below.

Learn more about the video and the vitamin:

To DOWNLOAD a copy of the video, visit: and scroll down to below the video.

Also please cut, edit it, remix to your heart's content. This is a video distributable under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and is therefore usable by anyone for anything (personal or corporate). Turn it into a hip-hop remix if you want to. We just want this message spread far and wide because we believe it's a big idea worth hearing about.

To find out more about the makers of the video, visit

Source: Craig Stewart
Nov 30, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This is a conversational style interview for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your Doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or any medical condition.

Here I interview Dr. Judson Somerville of Loredo, Texas; author of "The Optimal Dose" - an intriguing look into Vitamin D, "winter syndrome" and what optimal levels of Vitamin D may actually look like in comparison to current recommendations.

There are a range of topics covered from an introduction to Vitamin D, an explanation as to what it is and how it actually works and Dr. Somerville's views on serum levels, dosing, co-factors & more.

My interest into this area; if you have not watched my previous videos, is cluster/suicide headache - at levels above 80ng/ml - the headache attacks miraculously stop so I have personal experience that this isnt "snake oil" - there is something in it and I am on a quest to ask the questions and increase awareness and start more conversations about Vitamin D, the sunshine hormone.

Here are the links below to the websites and other references discussed:

The Vitamin D Wiki -
Judson Somerville's Website:
Judson Somerville's BLOG:
Vitamin D Advocacy Facebook Page:

Other authors mentioned in this presentation:
Dr. Stasha Gominak:
Dr. Cícero Coimbra

Source: Products of Nature

May 10, 2023
This was recorded at a live presentation by the late Dr. John Lee, M.D. , the internationally recognized expert on natural hormones, who found after 15 years of prescribing natural progesterone in his practice that there were no instances of heart disease or breast cancer among his female patients and a marked improvement in bone quality. This 90-minute presentation will answer all your questions about natural progesterone as it features the complete audience question and answer session.

Here's the link to the original video.
The comments are filled with amazing testimonials:

Source: Fit RX
Nov 23, 2020
Author Jeff T Bowles discusses his years of researching vitamin D and the many health conditions that high doses of vitamin D can improve or even reverse. We discuss his book: The Miraculous Cure and Prevention of All Diseases. What Doctors Never Learned. We also discuss vitamin D's affect on the immune system and how it can help with COVID-19.

Source: Rheumatoid Arthritis Solutions
Oct 20, 2020
In his book The Optimal Dose, Dr. Somerville shows the many benefits a correct daily dose of vitamin D can have on the immune system and health in general.

12:15 Vitamin D blood levels 100-140 nanograms/ml
13:11 Vitamin D to treat cancer
13:42 The pharmaceutical industry is trying to block this
13:54 Every illness we get is a function of vitamin D deficiency
14:58 Leaky gut
15:17 Dendritic Cells need vitamin D to function
28:32 K2: 25.000 IU to treat osteoporosis
29:48 Vitamin D3: 30.000 IU weight loss
43:03 Magnesium (400 mg/day, ramp it up, until loose stools) is the body's Valium
43:28 Vitamin K2 max 100 mcg/day
45:31 Magnesium
46:00 Bad bacteria in the gut

Source: Analyze & Optimize
Oct 17, 2022

The two founders of Analyze & Optimize sit down for a podcast with the distinguished Danny Roddy and Georgi Dinkov (aka Haidut) to discuss an assortment of topics.

Ask questions and donate: / analyzeandoptimize
Twitter: / outdoctrination
Instagram: / analyzeandoptimize

All of our links:

Guest info:
Twitters: @dannyroddy, @haidut
IdeaLabs Supplements by Georgi:
Find Danny:,

0:00 introductions

1:15 Georgi's take on his recent discussion with Tucker Goodrich about carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats

6:50 Evolutionary history in dietary choices

14:47 Is burning fat synonymous with health?

16:55 The importance of listening to your body and the controversy of hormesis.
Ray Peat's "Biological Balance and Addiction"

28:20 Culture, serotonin, gut bacteria and digestion
SSRIs turning animals violent:
All gut bacteria is bad:

58:00 Vitamin D

1:08:40 Health vs weight loss and how to achieve both through thyroid optimization
Intermittent fasting (IF) ineffective and may even be dangerous:
The obesity of middle age: a common variety of Cushing's syndrome due to a chronic increase in adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH) and beta-endorphin activity:
Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after "The Biggest Loser" competition

1:37:40 Supplementing pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA, the issues with other exogenous steroids

1:55:25 Contraceptives

2:02:25 Receptor and membranes in the cell

Source: Jodellefit

Jan 15, 2020
Georgi Dinkov, Founder of IdeaLabs, is back with me discussing all things Vitamin D in addition to discussing estrogen dominance. We talk supplementation, dosage, tips on how to get it naturally, tanning beds, and reptiles lights and much more!

Time Stamps:
2:04 Why Vitamin D is so crucial to our health
12:00 How Vitamin D helps your hormones
15:10 What is it crucial for
17:20 Side-bar on estrogen testing and the epidemic of excess estrogen
22:50 Two best tests to know if your estrogen is high
28:59 Symptoms of Low Vitamin D (What to look for)
37:20 My Theory on the health of Hawaiians
38:25 Vitamin D and Weight Loss
43:20 Why you should eat butter & other foods that contain Vitamin D
46:54 Tanning beds and reptile lamps
53:35 How to supplement Vitamin D properly
59:00 Good rule of thumb for standard Vitamin D dosing and what co-factors we need

Source: Christopher Walker
Jun 28, 2023 #ThinkAgain #Sugar #healthmyths

When it comes to sugar, it's time to "Think Again!"

In this episode, I explain the origin of the "sugar myth" and the actual science of how sugar works to improve our health. The modern demonization of sugar is entirely based on a complete and utter misunderstanding of what sugar is, and its vital roles in the human body. Even in the absence of legitimate scientific evidence to confirm it, the "sugar myth" pervades. The truth? Sugar is essential to health!

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Source: Analyze & Optimize

Jan 6, 2022
Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. We argue against him.

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Source: Danny Roddy

Oct 9, 2015

Listen to Georgi (aka Haidut) and I discuss the “youth-associated” steroids (pregnenolone, progesterone, and DHEA) in the real organism on Episode #8 of The Generative Energy Podcast!

"The true method of knowledge is experiment." —William Blake

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01:20 - The youth steroids and energy metabolism
02:10 - Glycolysis and oxidative metabolism — the difference?
02:40 - Cancer is so complicated no one can understand it?
03:57 - Oxidative metabolism supports youth steroid production
05:50 - LDL cholesterol, vitamin A, NAD+, T3 — steroid cofactors
06:08 - Youth steroids are produced in the mitochondria
08:17 - Pregnenolone — more than a precursor steroid
09:37 - Is “pregnenolone steal” a valid concept?
10:33 - The balance between the “youth” and “stress” hormones
14:50 - Cortisol can induce insulin resistance through FFAs
16:21 - Without supplements, how can we increase the youth steroids?
19:00 - Supplements that can help support oxidative metabolism
19:42 - Red light supports oxidative metabolism lowering nitric oxide
20:55 - Should you supplement pregnenolone, progesterone, and DHEA?
22:30 - “I haven’t seen anyone comfortable with their health with a prolactin level over 10 ng/ml.”
25:20 - The best time to take pregnenolone, progesterone, and DHEA
26:38 - Does the brand matter?
28:00 - Do dietary supplements contribute to various health problems?
28:37 - Lifestyle and the “youth-associated” steroids
31:30 - Story time with Danny
33:46 - Mitigating stress by doing something about it
35:21 - The “youth-associated” hormones — serotonin antagonists
36:43 - Where can we find more of your work Georgi?
37:28 - Next episode details

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Source: Paul Callahan

Jun 16, 2020

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The late John R. Lee, M.D. was a pioneer in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Dr. Lee advocated for using natural progesterone rather than synthetic hormones that raise the risk of heart disease and cancer. Listen to this informative presentation and consider trying natural progesterone cream to balance your hormones.

Source: Dr. Mercola
Apr 29, 2024

In this interview, Bulgarian bioenergetic researcher Georgi Dinkov discusses the downsides of estrogen and serotonin, both of which are generally considered beneficial for physical and mental health.

The drug industry is making a mint on the idea that depression is caused by low serotonin, for example. However, a closer look reveals both estrogen and serotonin can cause severe problems and you do not want high levels of either of them.

Estrogen is an obesity promoter and well-established human carcinogen.

The Women’s Health Initiative studies, which began in 1991, showed estrogen replacement therapy in menopausal women significantly increased the risk of heart attacks, strokes, dementia, Parkinson's disease and cancer, not just in the breast but all female reproductive organs.

The biochemical role of estrogen is to aid in wound healing. In cases of tissue trauma, estrogen reverts the differentiated cells in that specific tissue back to a stem cell-like condition, to repair the damaged tissue. In young, healthy women, progesterone will turn off estrogen’s activity. Progesterone declines with ages, but estrogen synthesis typically does not. Hence, if your estrogen is high and progesterone low, your cancer risk will rise.

Estrogen is antimetabolic and radically reduces the ability of your mitochondria to create cellular energy in a form of ATP.

Elevated serotonin destroys empathy, love and wisdom, and contributes to fibrosis, impaired thyroid function, reduced metabolism and reductive stress. High serotonin is also responsible for bizarre, recurring nightmares and may play a role in PTSD as well.

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