Use this video to prepare yourself for some needed therapy to rid yourself of the trauma of having been a JW.

In this session we deal with the anger that we carry within.

In this session we examine the Bardot state in between the past lives. Fascinating!

In this session we examine the death of the person in the past life.

This is the next step in which we return to the womb. The next jump is to a past life!

This is the first in many videos designedto help ex Jehovah's Witnesses overcome their trauma.

EFT is a cure-all that can really help with trauma. Try it and watch how well it works!.

This is the first in a series of videos aimed at ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who need help to break the chains of their programming and trauma.


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This channel started out as a channel to help Ex Jehovah's Witnesses. It has since evolved into a general therapeutic channel that covers many ways to HealYourself.