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You knew who my daughter was on the last video (beach please) she got her braces off in this video me and her mom are divorced. her stepdad is really cool I'm not mad dad is first Haileigh is 13 going to turn 14

Satan isn't just one he's many he can communicate with his many faces the infinite illusion everything that isn't you can't tell the difference you have to know the difference

We remote project to London where we find Emma Watson she's having a wet dream and you're her focus

Trump loves Israeli Kazar pagans (Ashkenazi converts) fake Jews running our government his son in law is a Kazar look what he's doing to trump (the Omen) so when he gets in the white house, he'll start WWIII for money Kazar's worship money.

People don't know Rodney Dangerfield is Jewish this video shows how he sounded before he lost his Jewish accent

Let me explain what I'm talking about watch the video and find out why I like whiteboys too

Nero is sent to Zombie land for his transgressions will he ever make it back without being eaten alive

Rednecks want to have fun like everyone else they are what they are and love it so be a redneck

Putin breaking down the core of this whole saga the deception the lies the manipulation that which was hidden is now revealed

Mexican hooker Maria walks you through the streets doing her daily routine she keeps a good attitude.

Everyone thinks because a guy looks white means they are white, you could be wrong I could be a black man please don't judge people by their color.

Demi explains the difference between Hebrew girls and Israeli girls its like night and day

you don't see two gorgeous girls in one video thus two for one

Warning: disturbing content discretion advised graphic narrative and depiction of human mutilation

The God of War reveals the fate of Ukraine who knows better than the God of War who only speaks truth for I am the God of War

My daughter made it for me a couple of years ago seems like yesterday. She lives across country I see her 4 or 5 times a year she loves me, mother is a different story, replaced audio private

Do you really think ancient kings remained in Israel? your ignorant to the facts of the current world Israel is not a tiny piece of land on the Mediterranean let's delve into the truth of who we are, the people of the United States and Europe are the children of Israel

wake up world the digital dollar is here and there's no way to stop it and bitcoin will plummet to practically zero because it's to slow and unstable and not backed by government!

The Devil is not who you think he is its far greater than you could believe the Devil can seem so real

Nice ebony she talks dirty, but you probably won't care you like it, in fact you would encourage her to keep it up

You an infinite God have been sent to earth to pay the price for your transgressions you know why your here and what you did, you must realize your infinite God and experience the illusion of death God is the only one that doesn't die. Your God or die

The professor explains who and what we are in words we all can understand at least most of usthe professor breaks it down and it all makes sense

God doesn't need a choice there is no choice in perfection there is only what is infinite you can't comprehend the power bigger than God, think about it your God, it proves itself just be God.

Rasta man telling the secret to the universe if you could understand what the hell he's talking about

true story of how Jesus tempted Satan and Satan fell for the temptation what does that say happen to Jesus to be tempted is also to tempt can't have one without the other.


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